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Lil Wayne Explains Concept Behind New Project Called “Bread Over Bed” [Video]

DJ Scoob Doo, who is Lil Wayne‘s videographer aka the guy who stole everyone’s money from pre-ordering The Nino Brown Story 3 DVD a few years back, will launch a new website next week showing exclusive footage of Weezy working, so we can all witness his amazing work ethic that I am sure most of us already know about. The project is called “Bread Over Bed” and in the clip above, Tunechi talks about the concept behind it.

“There’s no quit, there’s no stopping, there’s no such thing as a break and the best part about it is there’s no reason why, the reason is you. The reason why I don’t stop is because of me, the reason why I don’t sleep is because of me, the reason why I don’t take breaks is because of me. I don’t have to. It’s natural.”

In other Wayne news, you can watch some footage of him at Macy’s store in Beverly Center in Los Angeles, California on June 1st with Stevie Williams launching the TRUKFIT and DGK clothing lines after the jump below!

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DJ Scoob Doo Going To Have A Lil Wayne TV Show On HBO?

DJ Scoob Doo Going To Have A Lil Wayne TV Show On HBO

Lil Wayne’s videographer DJ Scoob Doo is known for his popular Nino Brown street DVDs—candidly documenting the New Orleans superstar—but the one-time DJ for Jim Jones is ready to take his series to the next level.

In an interview with XXLMag.com the New Jersey-bred documentarian said he was in talks with several cable networks, such as Spike TV, Fuse and HBO to showcase his behind-the-scenes footage of Weezy.

Scoob has already released some clips on MTV, collectively entitled Road to Rikers, that showed Wayne as he got ready to serve time behind bars for gun charges. But the Young Money general’s longtime confidante says he’s waiting to find a network that can display his content uncensored.

“A media network like HBO could have the best impact because they won’t try to censor it,” he said. “They push the envelope of what they show.”

And Scoob Doo has a lot to show. “You could just imagine what I could have just being with the team, and being with Wayne on his countdown to jail,” he continued, “and even when he didn’t know he was going to jail. Ever since No Ceilings came out, and even before that, it’s a lot of shit that I’m trying to catch people up with behind the scenes in what’s goin’ on.”

I heard DJ Scoob Doo was going to release 13 parts of The Nino Brown Story, so I know for a fact that Scoob Doo has more than enough footage of Weezy to show us while he is away.