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Lil Wayne Explains Concept Behind New Project Called “Bread Over Bed” [Video]

Tue, Jun 5, 2012 by

DJ Scoob Doo, who is Lil Wayne‘s videographer aka the guy who stole everyone’s money from pre-ordering The Nino Brown Story 3 DVD a few years back, will launch a new website next week showing exclusive footage of Weezy working, so we can all witness his amazing work ethic that I am sure most of us already know about. The project is called “Bread Over Bed” and in the clip above, Tunechi talks about the concept behind it.

“There’s no quit, there’s no stopping, there’s no such thing as a break and the best part about it is there’s no reason why, the reason is you. The reason why I don’t stop is because of me, the reason why I don’t sleep is because of me, the reason why I don’t take breaks is because of me. I don’t have to. It’s natural.”

In other Wayne news, you can watch some footage of him at Macy’s store in Beverly Center in Los Angeles, California on June 1st with Stevie Williams launching the TRUKFIT and DGK clothing lines after the jump below!

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  • Daniel


  • lilme

    first but fuck pusha t too

  • homey

    bred over bed? Wtf is that??

  • Gabriel


  • Matt

    Wayne talking about not sleeping but he looked extremely tired in this vid haha.

  • Respect Me

    Weezy the best rapper alive….his verse on new gunplay track is bananas 😉

  • Paul Rosenberg

    why even start work on a new project when the fans have been waiting for niño 3 forever, smh

  • IZZA



  • F is for Finisher

    @Danny M you gonna get in trouble for saying that hahaha

  • Fernandez 17

    does this mean nino brown has been scrapped ?

  • Weezy

    Man when will the nino brown story part 3 launch? scoob doo needs to hurry up.
    People always push back things WTF!!!!

  • Envy

    Scoob Doo trying to make us forget about it with this new DVD

  • hmm i wonder if wayne gonna sleep again hahaha

  • to mad

    Hey @Danny can we Sue if we pre order and still have not received the DVD

    • Yeah. A few of us was discussing on the forums whether we should sue him or not 😆

  • bang bang

    nobody wants to see Bread over Bed, we want NBS3.

    This Bread Over Bed crap is gonna be mostly skating clips, we want the footage of I Am Still Music tour and before jail.

  • Mj

    Nah don’t sue, niggas got enough problems. Plus warned next documentary will probably end up being free cuz of that shit

  • Ibrotunechi @nigeria

    *sigh* Nino brown ??

  • Darknite

    No breaks his ass got time to skate he could be sleeping

  • WeezyWayniac

    Maybe you should take a break and have some life experiences instead of rapping about the same bullshit over and over. pussy this, dick that, gun this, murder that.
    And you act like you dont have time to break to go to games/skate/hangout/make stupid videos. take an actual break and come back with good material.

  • ineye gabriel

    That Dj scoob doo should be shot right in between the eyes for not delivering that nino brown ish.


    the word succession has no similar meaning to the word success.
    what a complete moron. and where the fuck is he? i hate that mother fucker.
    if there is one little bitch on the face of this earth i would like to brawl with its little wizzle babydick tunechi lee


  • Wesel92

    Wayne should get rid of scoob Doo from around him

  • Wet

    @bang bang u damn right we dont want to Bread something iam sure its gonna be abt skating stuff we want the Nino Brown 3

  • BlazUp

    Fuck Scoob Doo & anybody that love him

  • ThankGodImFresh ( TGIF )

    Fuck Bread Over Bed, Where Nino 3 at ?! I wanna fuck that nigga Scoob Doo Up…

  • Kay B

    Thank u God Weezy is not retiring or stopin any time soon, nd his verse ws crazy I felt it(NO HORMO).

  • Xicano101

    Trukfit mentioned before Young Money Cash Money? Uh-Ohhhh…

  • Dr.

    ok for real sue that bitch he had obligations to for fill and he didnt thats his fault who gives a fuck if he got problems everyone does and all you know if one of us woulda dont that we would have already been sued im just get your mney back obviously nino brown 3 isnt comin out people just need to face the fact so if you want your money back sue otherwise shut the fuck up and quit bitchin

  • Dpz

    Lil weezy butthole for sheezy

  • Michelle

    I really don’t understand as a human race we hate to see people succeed no matter what the they feel they need to do to earn more money,if Lil wayne wanted to call his project,he ain’t asking neither person on this web site for nothing.if u feel like his business moved are crap Show us Wht you can do and stop hating on the millionaire an show us what u can do BROKE PPL

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  • Ryno

    Follow me @SueDjScoobDoo on twitter n lets get our fukin money back from this snake. suits r poppin up everyday dude shouldnt get rich off stealin money from the #NinoBrown3 preorder thats fucked up


    Follow @SUEDJSCOOBDOO let the voices be heard….. i been speakin out for 2 years waitin for this dvd to drop