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Lil Wayne Does Not Like His Chorus On “Yuck!”, Speaks On Drake vs. Chris Brown Situation

In the video above, Lil Wayne explains to MTV that he can’t believe 2 Chainz put their “Yuck!” collaboration as the intro on his Based On A T.R.U. Story album and that he thinks his chorus was “wack as hell”. I don’t know about you, but I actually liked Wayne‘s part on the song. Tunechi also congratulated 2 Chainz for his album reaching #1 on Billboard… maybe this means you can now drop that Dedication 4 Weezy? Haha!

“I’m very upset about that just to let everybody know: He put me on that, I sound wack as hell on there. He did not tell me that was gonna be the first song on his album.”

“We were just in the studio and, man, I just did that. I was in there just messing around and I come back and hear it’s the #1 track on his album. Please don’t judge me from that — my bar game is way higher than that, man.”

“Yo, Tity Boi, if you got the #1 album for real, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart, dawg. That’s some awesome shit.”

Hit the jump to watch another clip from Tune‘s interview with MTV were he chatted about the Drake vs. Chris Brown nightclub fight that took place back in June.

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Why Did Lil Wayne Cancel Young Money’s Set At Summer Jam 2012?

Why Did Lil Wayne Cancel Young Moneys Set At Summer Jam 2012

Yesterday, Lil Wayne sent out a tweet half an hour after Hot 97‘s Summer Jam 2012 had begun at the Met Life Stadium in New Jersey saying that his Young Money crew will not be performing at the show.

“Young Money ain’t doing summer jam.”

The reason behind Weezy cancelling Young Mula‘s set at the concert was because one of Hot 97‘s radio personalities, Peter Rosenberg, called Nicki Minaj‘s “Starships” song wack and not real hip-hop at the start of the show.

“Now hold on, before I get to the real hip-hop shit of the day, cause I see the real hip-hop heads sprinkled in here, I see ’em. I know there are some chicks waiting to see ‘Starships’ later, I’m not talking to y’all right now. Fuck that bullshit, I’m here to talk about real hip-hop shit.”

My personal opinion is that Tune was right to pull his YM artists from performing at the show. If Nicki was the headliner (meaning most people bought tickets to see her) and the Hot 97 DJ’s are calling her tracks wack, then she and Tunechi have every right to feel disrespected and not perform.

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