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Why Did Lil Wayne Cancel Young Money’s Set At Summer Jam 2012?

Mon, Jun 4, 2012 by

Why Did Lil Wayne Cancel Young Moneys Set At Summer Jam 2012

Yesterday, Lil Wayne sent out a tweet half an hour after Hot 97‘s Summer Jam 2012 had begun at the Met Life Stadium in New Jersey saying that his Young Money crew will not be performing at the show.

“Young Money ain’t doing summer jam.”

The reason behind Weezy cancelling Young Mula‘s set at the concert was because one of Hot 97‘s radio personalities, Peter Rosenberg, called Nicki Minaj‘s “Starships” song wack and not real hip-hop at the start of the show.

“Now hold on, before I get to the real hip-hop shit of the day, cause I see the real hip-hop heads sprinkled in here, I see ’em. I know there are some chicks waiting to see ‘Starships’ later, I’m not talking to y’all right now. Fuck that bullshit, I’m here to talk about real hip-hop shit.”

My personal opinion is that Tune was right to pull his YM artists from performing at the show. If Nicki was the headliner (meaning most people bought tickets to see her) and the Hot 97 DJ’s are calling her tracks wack, then she and Tunechi have every right to feel disrespected and not perform.

Minaj tweeted that she was going to bring out Lil Wayne, Birdman, Tyga, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, Foxy Brown, Beenie Man, Nas, 2 Chainz, Cam’ron and Lauryn Hill during her set too, which would of been crazy for both the audience and even Hot 97 themselves. So basically they f’d up!

Jae Millz also went on Twitter and sent out a tweet directed to Peter Rosenberg:

“Radio personality with NO personality… fuck nigga!!! & u ain’t even black… But u still a FUCK NIGGA!!”

So what are your thoughts ❓ Do you agree with Lil Wayne pulling his label from performing at Summer Jam 2012, or not ❓

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    Luv 4 Wayne

  • derick G

    Seriously you cant talk shit before they perform maybe after. They have all the right to not perform.

  • Dada

    first finally! πŸ™‚

  • Dada

    guess not lol

  • Weezy

    They done right in not performing, haha i bet they was mad like F**k

  • Rickvkorven

    If someone disrespect you, you disrespect them

    Love for ymcmb

  • What lil Wayne did was right, coz if u disrespect one of the family it means u

    disrespect all of the family.

    If want to learn to be a good leader learn it from the best which is lil Wayne and bird man.

    Respect to YMCMB family

  • Xicano101

    On June 4, 2012 at 7:14 pm real-talk responded with…
    Your about 24 hours late with this news….. smh RapRadar dot com is a real blog this LWHQ blog aint shit

    If you already read this then why are you here? GTFO. And if it’s shit why are you here? You are REALLY cool for hating, you just amazingly cool.

  • step

    Loooool jae millz killed ittttt!@@!@@

  • Swallow my thoughts

    Fuck Peter Rosenberg and anybody that love ’em

  • ???

    …….but starships is a sell out record tho

  • polskii

    man wayne is smart!!!! cancels hot 97 summer jam and doesnt show up too game 4 of the thunder f u harden

  • YMCMB!

    Weezy Wee a bitch for that move, smh

  • Terrence aka TEZ

    Flex dissed Nicki too Danny

  • Doesn’t matter

    Honestly ,,Starships” sucks, but fuck Peter Rosenberg he’s just jealous that he cant taste nicki’s ass

  • anela

    lil wayne is just take care and looking after his artists so i respect his decision.

  • anela

    taking care and looking out for his artists***

  • Mrs. Tune

    FUCK PETER ROSENBURG! lol looks like he aint gettin no job now haha

  • aily

    Thts wassup weezy,, show ’em hus boss,, Young Money Baby

  • Peter

    @ Danny M, When will French Montana drop his ‘Pop That’ single and Game’s F.I.V.E. single ???

  • Swag

    Nicki is bullshit pop and it sound like Wayne headed the same way fuck em both

  • Jays

    I understand why they where pissed, but what about the fans? dilemma

  • Hqja

    Really though peter rosenburg who called you president of real hiphop ?

    Stop living in the 90ties you fake wannbe nigger
    All people agree with this dick should put they self on fire

    I would be the fuck out of this dude if i ever see him
    Pathetic ass get a time machine and got the fuck outta here
    You look like a fat bubba sparx

  • BDL

    TYGA did his set…. just sayin’

  • lilsandy_

    never make weezy angry!!
    i think he did the right thing…..

  • Real nigguh

    Yeh that’s my nigga
    Ym business fuck em haters

  • Gahaha

    P rosenburg:I only listen to underground real hiphop All that shit on tv aint real dawg

    Just listen to good music in general
    Hiphop is fucked up anyway today so i dont even listen to it anymore

    Just know that underground artists are broke

    #peterrosenbergrealhiphophead #superunderground #ilikebrokerealhiphop

    Fuck you kyke

  • Boehoeboheo

    I see wayne is getting more unwelcom in the media

    A few more months and this gremlin will forever be forgotten, icant wait

    Just take that fake barbie and homo with big eyebrows with you

  • Birdman

    Danny M, is lil wayne going to gife a concert this year in amsterdam?

  • domonique goodman

    @lilbthebasedgod FOR PRESIDENT!!!! SWAG

  • Norim

    I remember when Peter Rosenberg used to be a HUGE fan of Wayne.

    WTF happened dude?

  • LuvNickiMinaj

    Daz right! Don’t disrespect the queen! Even if starships isn’t “real hip-hop” Nicki has other songs THAT ARE “real hip-hop”

    And that nigga ain’t even black so WDF is he talkin shit for?!?! Bitch just dug his own grave dissin Ms.Minaj!

    Wayne did right! #YMCMB #TeamMinaj #PFRR

  • wtfizzy

    Lol Wayne fucked up.if this nigga was “hip hop” lets face the truth star ships is a shit record from a sell out artist

  • TunechiFan

    Paul Rosenberg just speaking truth

  • YMOE


  • Dumb

    Goulish Part 2 coming soon πŸ˜›

  • keven cooper

    all your minds need real sychological help its so sad to see you all in a fucked up space>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YMCMB fuck anyone one who does not respect your work and artists and WEEZY i apload you for action SOUTH AFRICA

  • Stunna $$$

    Respects for Tunechi for this.

  • Anonymous

    Big up to Young Money, simply conducting business properly when confronted with a tactless challenge. Disaster for HOT97.

  • jonathan_ym

    every right fuck summer jam

  • tuneeeeeeeeeeeeechi

    yes, show em what theyy be misssssssssssssssssinnnnn

  • weezybaby

    why did tyga perform though?

  • okay lets get mad cause radio and personell said lets put summer jam song starships on hold then and be mad for no reason because of that yll aint performin goodie and your mad cause iam starting beef tell that to the voices that said well get back to that in aminute for real and start rappin

  • no really just doin his damn job for sumer nikki please respect what he does and quit being so personal to your music then

  • josh

    woooord. starships aimt no hiphop. that presenter did right. copying cascadas type of music and lyrics and expecting us to be wowed… thumbs dwn to that stuff. shes getting faker than her ass and hair (yes im hating) song from im nt a human being is good though.

  • he did the right thing! are you serious they were gonna take their lovely time outta their day to prefrom for them & they talk shit? wayne dont do bulllshit, neither does the team….love you guys

  • LP

    I don’t blame Wayne for pulling his crew out after the hostitility, but I have to agree with peter rosenberg. Starships is classic cookbook recipe pop bullshit

  • Dove

    Nicki Minaj is a wack low self esteem biting bitch…. What happened to 100 Mothafuckas can’t tell me nothing???? she turned off her twitter account because of criticism, Now she don’t wanna perform. God have mercy on her the day her replica ass is finally played out close down the bridges because that pussy is gonna jump!!! It’s showbiz keep getting them M’s and fuck what people say!!!

  • tha infamous

    thats some bitchy shit to pull.
    not only are concerts for fans, but one person’s opinion should be irrelevant. i mean if he cares what people think so much i got some advice for him, shot urself and never make another song in ur life.
    this is just another example of how little weezy lets his emotions get the best of him (cocaine does that to people)
    this is a foreshadow of whats to come…
    weezy will fake his death (cuz he’s to pussy to man up) and then he will be forgotten by hiphop rather quickly, only to be remembered by queers and sluts as the worst musician (wannabe musician) alive.

  • Phantom

    Nikki Manaj isnt real hip hop. She is only a commercial rapper meanig she looks good and make music that sound good. Going off of lyrics she not great or outstanding and with all of this said she could never be the female rapper version of lil wayne because lil wayne dominated the rap game with albulms like carter one c2 c3 ( c4 sucked) and mixtapes like the drought The drought is over the dedication no ceilings and other releases. What have nikki manaj done beside pink friday and not mention her newest one had mainly pop songs. And also the first one was better than the second and she has garbage like Bees In The Trap. That song suck donkey d|ck and she has other dumb song like stupid hoe. She is nothing compared to MC Light. When I listen to her music i think she rap just like and sicker dudes currently now in this rap game. Dood should have kept his oppion to him but also I do see where he is coming from. Nikki is childish. You hear it in her music. She need to change her tone and start having lyrics ( and tryna copy lil wayne style and be original) so overall based on the history of rap music and hip hop . She puts shame on it after greats like (PAC BIGGIE JAY ARE THE BEST AND GREATEST) – wayne eminem red man method run dmc wu tang clan 50 and other hip hop spitters came along. I personally cant take her music seriousy but dood should have still shut f*(k up and let her do her.

  • W$

    GOOD SHIT WAYNE BUT I GOT A ? why all the people thats not lil wayne fans come on this site and down grade this man like seriously? like you looking dumb ass fuck you literally talk shit about this man and his crew but you on his fan site smh dick riders lmaoo #YMCMB


    Go team YOUNG MONEY. I support that

  • fuckeminem is retarded

    the dj spoke the truth nicki is a fake rapper how can wayne get pissed off



  • Maze

    just shows wayne aint takin no shit 7 that him & ymcmb dun even need these motherfuckers $$ ahaaaa

  • Maria

    Yes i think Lil Wayne Did the right thing to pull his YM Artist Fr.o.m. Performing at the show.

  • weezy shoe em what you got and shut up fuckin haters mouth


  • Cat-Tryna

    I was at Summer Jam 2012, and feel that it’s an artist responsibility to their fans not their ego to put on a good show, i respect wayne, but nikki could of stood up for herself onstage n seeing as i was on the floor and didnt hear the comment says a lot about the commment, there was a lot of “real hip hop” but if i was wayne or nikki i would of shut the whole party down n played “starships”…rosenberg wouldnt of had a thing to say when 50,000 ppl were singing along, plus i heard busta doing a sound check but he never came out and that broke my heart

  • Chris

    This just shows that young money is the tightet crew in the game they have love for each other. Whoever made that comment is getting fired, he just lost them alot of publicity and business, what an idiot. Young moneys the top, why would you make a comment like that to an artist who’s performing at summer jam! Dumbass, there bringing then an audience, bringing them money. Wow.

  • Dove

    Fans make celebrities rich…. never let your fans down!!!! Keep burning bridges you gonna find yourself stuck on the wrong side!!! Since when did opinion=hate?Cut that shit out! Lil wayne addicted ass stay missing appearances!!! But don’t sabotage the team!!!!! I personally love Wayne as an artist; but that decision I don’t agree with they shoulda turned that shit out thats how you serve a hater!!!!

  • Michaell

    But tyga & nicki performed???? :S huh?!

  • Trizz

    Honestly, I agree that Nicki’s music…isn’t real hip hop, however, they shouldn’t of dissed Nicki. C’mon that’s just wrong, especially if she’s the headliner

  • iAmNotAStar

    Peter Rosenberg is going to probably end up getting himself shot.

  • weeeezy f

    does anyone know why tyga performed?

  • Annaelle

    Yoo I’m fucking in love with Lil Wayne for standing up for one of his family members. That’s what you call a good leader. I completely agree with the decision he made. Like wtf?!?! Obviously when a dude talks shit about your family you diss him, you don’t make him a favour!! Like now that dude is gonna learn his lesson and is gonna be like fuck what did i just do? Nicki is an amazing rapper, person and performer so fuck him if he disagrees.

  • kabee

    yeah fuck that boy that is talking shit about young mulaa members !

  • WAYNE IS fAKE and soo are YOU


  • LilTunechiFan

    Jae millz shitted on that nigga. And @Wayne is fake… You a fuck nigga too!!! FAGGOT xD

  • hahaha “you aint even black but you still A FUCK NIGGA!!!”

  • Dave Jr

    Well, Wayne did it right cause you can’t miss respect for artist before they have not even perform yet. But We must admit that this song is big commercial ass shit, wich have nothing to do with hiphop. the last Nicki’s albumis just a sell out. Hope that Nicki will do real rap again.



  • Ma Nigga Tune Did Da Right Thing, N Like Millzy Said Des Mafukrr He Ain’t Even Black FUCK NIGGA! YMCMB, Rich Gang, 5 Star

  • Terry Slim

    thats de best tin to do

  • Fuck peter rosenberg, fuck ya black nigger…YMCMB for life

  • htown AD

    FAM OVA GLAM. WAY 2KEEP 100!!!

  • SWJR


  • philip amankwah

    is realy good dat lil wayne pulled out der show ,fuck dat presenter

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  • Lil Wayne did right!!! Love that man!!

  • i’ma B0$$

    fuck people who don’t like Nicki Minaj cuz i luv Nicki Minaj

  • I luv wot lil wayne did n fuck whosoeva it is dat dont lik nicki,she is adorable n i luv her n her music. Lil wayne did wot a gud leader shud hv done.

  • Dr.

    ok well first of all why does it matter if hes black or white and jesus christ wayne your stupid what you shoulda did was went spit out a good freestyle diss to him while you were onstage but instead you had to be a lil bitch and dissapoint fans oh btw i aint a fan of this new wayne youve changed your last good album was rebirth after that shit has sucked go back to writing and all you people if you really respected wayne you would let him know what songs suck not just be like oh that shits so fuckin dope no you need to let him know or else were just gonna be listenin to shitty music forever

  • Ymcmb

    U did right wayne disrespect one of the fam u disrespect all the fam

  • Lil Tun3 13

    Tunechi Did The Right Thing If They Dont Think “starships” Is Hip-Hop Fuqk Emm. . . :))

  • Lil Tun3 13

    ‘nd Wayne Fuck Them Hater’s They Dont Likke Your Song’s Sooo Wtf Dont Listen To Them All The Album Are Mf Great I Havent Heard A Wack Song From You , You Mf Go Beast On All Them :))

  • never disrespect y.m presidend and his crew…..fuck ya’ll haterz

  • men lil wayne that was purely right thug cos hw can u say someones track is nt tight fuck’em all hater of nicki wish them death

  • Tinaphoo

    =-Ox-(Thats Crazy I love that song and its so versatile an the colors are beautiful on the video its so different like lady ga ga so I would have did the same thing I’m sure it wasn’t a show with out them :-/

  • Nanna Kristine

    I think he did a good choice to cancel. No one should talk shit about YM!

  • Freddy MAK

    its good the didnt get to preform their the wakest of wak they show off alot like drinking alkinds of drinks it like dam niggas u fuckin alchoholic and all the money they make like dam talk gangsta shit their not g their only wanna be’s pinchis pendejos its all about spm if u dnt like to bad if you dont got love for spm he dont got love for no player hatin joto. Fuck Illuminati to their biggest of pussys

  • chcukee

    u call her track a wack shit….buhh u dont even have stable job…..peter…u juss a white stupid motherfucka……carry ur white ass to perform for themm….gud decision Nino Brown……….YMCMB all dae babe

  • I understand that he was looking out for Nicki, but at the same time Summer Jam only happens once a year and her fans was looking forward to seeing them perform

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