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Feature Friday #103: Trae Tha Truth – Screwed Up (Feat Lil Wayne)

Trae Tha Truth Screwed Up Feat Lil Wayne

It’s that time of the week again! This week’s “Feature Friday” installment is Trae Tha Truth‘s “Screwed Up” song featuring Lil Wayne.

The Mr. Lee-produced track appears on Trae‘s fourth studio album, Life Goes On, which was released back in 2007.

“Yeah, we cut the ears and the tail off Mickey Mouse; Never been a rat, never had ’em in the house; Call me Captain Kangaroo, but I got money in my pouch; And I don’t mean loose change when I say money in the couch”

You can listen to “Screwed Up” below.

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Feature Friday #102: Ciara – Roll Call (Feat Lil Wayne & Lil Jon)

Ciara Roll Call Feat Lil Wayne & Lil Jon

The “Feature Friday” edition for this week is Ciara‘s “Roll Call” collaboration with Lil Wayne and Lil Jon.

This song, which surfaced online in early 2009, was rumored to be recorded for Jon‘s Crunk Rock album even though there is a solo version from Ciara online and Weezy is rapping about CiCi in his verse.

“I gets straight to my goal like kickball; And I’m so high, if I come down there’d be a pitfall; Walk with a limp not like a pimp, but like a big doll; And yes baby, I’m on fire like a menthol”

You can listen to “Roll Call” below.

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Feature Friday #101: Nu Jerzey Devil – Pimpin’ (Feat Lil Wayne)

Nu Jerzey Devil Pimpin Feat Lil Wayne

I have chosen Nu Jerzey Devil‘s “Pimpin’” song featuring 2 verses from Lil Wayne for this week’s “Feature Friday” installment.

The track, which was first released in 2008, appears on Jerzey‘s The Introduction project that came out in 2009.

“That’s right, Young Wayne that shit; Got a life time for dough and not a second for a bitch; Recognize the presence of a legend from the crescent; Got dope, you smell me, call it obsession”

You can listen to “Pimpin’” below.

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Feature Friday #100: Jamie Foxx – Number One (Feat Lil Wayne)

Jamie Foxx Number One Feat Lil Wayne

For this week’s “Feature Friday” installment, I have chosen Jamie Foxx‘s “Number One” song featuring Lil Wayne.

The Just Blaze-produced track can be found on Jamie‘s Intuition album that was released back in 2008.

“They call me Mr. Carter, I fly over water in my own charter; Baby I can turn you on like a phone charger; Baby I can hit it like a motherfucking dodger; If you want a soldier baby, I can be your sergeant; And girl if your gay, umm I can be your Marvin”

You can listen to “Number One” below.

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Feature Friday #99: Juelz Santana – Make It Work For You (Feat Lil Wayne & Jeezy)

Juelz Santana Make It Work For You Feat Lil Wayne & Jeezy

It’s that time of the week again! This week’s “Feature Friday” edition is Juelz Santana‘s “Make It Work For You” single featuring Lil Wayne and Jeezy.

The DVLP-produced song appears on Juelz‘ second studio album, What The Game’s Been Missing!, which was released in 2005.

“Ugh, you can smell it through the wrapper; That’s that shit nigga, sit it in a pamper; I still got two sittin’ in the hamper; I let ’em sit and air out, or else you want them dampers”

You can watch the official “Make It Work For You” music video below.

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Feature Friday #98: Ludacris – Last Of A Dying Breed (Feat Lil Wayne)

Ludacris Last Of A Dying Breed Feat Lil Wayne

The “Feature Friday” installment for this week is Ludacris‘ “Last Of A Dying Breed” song featuring Lil Wayne.

You can find the Wyldfyer-produced track on Luda‘s Theater Of The Mind album, which was released back in 2008.

“Never had a holster, I keep it on my lap; And hip-hop ain’t dead, it just had a heart attack; But you see I keep it pumping, yeah I got that heart back; So just call me Little Carter or Little Cardiac”

You can listen to “Last Of A Dying Breed” below and read the lyrics here.

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