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Young Money CEO Cortez Bryant Speaks on Drake’s Distribution Deal

Tue, Jun 30, 2009 by

Cortez BryantIn one of hip-hop’s most drawn-out bidding wars, Drake has finally inked a deal with Universal Republic, according to Young Money’s Cortez Bryant.

Bryant says the Toronto rapper was already signed to Young Money Entertainment, but signed his distribution deal on Sunday. “We were looking for all the creative control and all the say-so over the project,” said Bryant, “the person who gave us the sweetest deal.”

Drake, who Bryant says is ecstatic about the signing, will appear on one of two follow-up singles to Young Money’s hit “Every Girl,” slated to drop in the next two weeks.

Drake’s debut album, Thank Me Later, has no release date, but Bryant says the Young Money group album is expected to drop late this year, on the same day as Lil Wayne’s Rebirth.

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  • omg is there a new ym song??? will it be sacrifice

  • ABC

    LOL at the pic and congrats again to Drizzy – Young Mullahhh baaabbbyyy



  • Weezy Wee

    Its not gonna be Sacrifice, cus it said Drake is on it….. unless the song is extended with a drake verse

  • Ooohhh

    Remember what Wayne said about it being bigger than Every Girl???

    Shit, I am so excited 😀

  • Shitttt i hope its that song lil twist, chuckee, millz, minaj and gudda played on video =]

    But that means no wayne =[

  • Carter Yeahhh

    when did lil wayne speak about it being bigger then every girl? and new single on like itunes? DANNY: you should start posting young money songs too like tyga, gudda, maine, millz, drake……

  • cheese-pol

    omg bigger than every girl… this gon be massive then lol

  • I thought Mack Maine was the CEO now?
    Don’t think its too smart to have both albums dropping the same day!

  • I think Cortez is just Wayne’s manager and Mack is the president of all of Young Money

  • grand buzz

    young money are taking over the game period

  • SH4D0WN

    What i dont get is. Why would they wanna drop both on the same say. i just dont get that

  • Ooohhh

    At “Carter Yeahhh” – Weezy said it in some interview and he said be on the lookout for it, because it will be bigger than Every Girl

  • Young Money!

    Young Money group album is expected to drop late this year, on the same day as Lil Wayne’s Rebirth??? That will b crazy.Why both at da same day?? I think its a good idea.1 for Lil Wayne and the other for Young get Wayne n Young Money material.After we been waiting for ever for Rebirth,only makes sense to drop da Young Money album for our waiting.a 2 for 1 deal.i like da plan.

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cool. news.

  • Carter Yeahhh

    “Ooohhh”, i didn’t read that one i guess ha thanks

  • K MOSS

    Young Money need to sign that artist out of Brooklyn who goes by the name of John Sportin. He sounds like The Notorious B.I.G to me.

    His flow ,style and delivery is crazy. Just google his BK Baby music video on you tube or his myspace site. This guy is a real rap star.

    K. Moss

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  • check this guy out he good
    you wont be disappointed

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  • hey cortez im a real a big fan of young money productions the artists are off the chain i love it u a sexy grown man and ima young woman whos gettin on her feet i attend nc a&t and would love to meet up on your time get at me.

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