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Reginae Carter’s Performance At The BET Awards Was Not Planned

Tue, Jun 30, 2009 by

Young Money's Performance At The BET Awards Was Not Planned

I just heard from a source close to Tiny’s camp who informed me that the appearance of Tiny’s preteen group OMG onstage with rappers Lil Wayne and Drake at the BET Awards was neither planned nor rehearsed.

My source said the group’s appearance onstage was a last minute decision by Wayne and no one else.

According to my source, what happened was Wayne’s daughter Reginae, 9, was upset that she didn’t get the chance to accompany her father, Lil Wayne, to the stage to accept his award because she was sitting too far back in the audience.

Once backstage, the youngster began to cry. And Wayne, who they say is a great dad, hated to see his little girl cry. So he told Reginae she could come out onstage during his performance with Drake. Reginae, being the team player that she is, asked the other members of her group to go out on stage with her.

So there you have it.

Also, remember that the 2009 BET Awards was pre-recorded on Saturday afternoon. So the girls were not up past their bedtimes.

Shouts to Sandra Rose and because it not being planned, this might explain why it wasn’t their best performance and why they performed the songs they did.

Update: Shout outs to Rain for the heads up 😉

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  • First Commenter

    Thats explains alot of things why it sucked and there were preteens up there! =)

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  • Young Money!

    Theirs always 2 sides to da story.This side put everything together.Now i understand.Wayne a good dad.

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow that really sucks

  • Ooohhh

    Thank god, cus this performance certainly didn’t sound good (it was weak)

  • Vante’

    Damn, too bad tha audience most likely doesn’t know this.

  • young money

    i agree wit Vante’ this shud be announced to tha world..

  • Samser

    you could tell it wasnt planned anyway – music was too low especially the beat and bet shouldnt of allowed any of it… they fucked up too

    oh and reginae seems spoilt… smh at her crying cus she was too far away… she was still in the same place… she has no idea how lucky she is

  • MY post ain’t coming through, but im SMH at nobody Reading the actual article.
    It’s not YM’s performance that was unplanned, its the performance of Reginae Carter & COgroup.

  • wait!!!! can some one please answer my question.who was that little girl who went up to collect the award with wayne

  • Thanks Rain 😉

  • Carter Yeahhh

    what is “smh”???

  • hey

    That was Birdman’s daughter that went up there with Wayne when he got his award. His daughter was with her mother that’s y she couldn’t get up there fast enough n was upset.

  • Mr.DeyRok


  • Carter Yeahhh

    what’s “smh”?

  • dat boy ocho

    i knew there was a good reason behind this, i would’ve did the same thing

  • zaya

    it means shake my heAd @ CARTER YEAHHH

  • WeezyBabe

    i missed the awards. does anyone know where i can find the clip of lil wayne reciving his award? i really wanna see it

  • Carter Yeahhh

    you can look it up on youtube ,its there….but since when does smh mean shake my head? hahah i was smh at her?

  • Glad to see that

    Weezy is a great dat!

  • YMBaby

    … I knew it all along… his daughter just wanted to share the experience wit Weezy… so for all those people sth (lol just found out what that was) at Weezy because his daughter and entourage were up on stage i smh at ya’ll thinking Wayne is a bad father… he just wanted to see his little girl smile and share a special moment with her

  • WeezyF17

    then that`s explain everythin .ya digg

  • Kelly

    tomorrow weezy goes to Paris !!!!! oh yeahh

  • Weezy Fan

    hey I dont know if its a problem with my pc or this site but when I click on previous entries it doesnt work, it loads but it stays on the newest stuff.


    i kinda think the performance wasnt their best to be honest…i hate to say it though. it was so slow down beat i like it when weezy baby jumps around and gets the mood going

  • youngmoneyent

    Wow.. spoiled?
    She had to watch ALL Young money go up and birdman and her dad who won the award watch it go down … she should of been up there so no she was upset and Wayne then worked his magic and let them come up


    Mr.DeyRok Says:
    July 1st, 2009 at 12:00 am


    NO IT’S ACTUALLY NOT CUTE, NOT CUTE AT ALL (Cute would be leaving the kids at home for this adult themed award show.) ☼

  • nothingbutagthng

    you people are serious when you say because your kid cries over something you would against your better judgement have your preteen placed in an adult environment and with adult subject matter give in to your better sense of judgement? smdh maybe thats why parents today are so fucced up. I HINK ITS BOUT TIME FOR PARENTS TO BE PARENTS AND STOP TRYING TO BE THIER CHILDS BFF

  • smh

    smh. that excuse is beyong lame. good father my ass. your a good father yet ur talking bout miley cyrus holla at me in 3 yrs. wtf is that? These dumb ass rappers need a better excuse or take some damn parenting classes. smh. i was beyond embarrassed.

  • Rafeeq

    Yea that was a shiity performance

  • pamiibaby

    awh,that’s so sweet of him.
    he seems like a REALLY good dadd.(:


  • wow

    omg i understand y he did it….. but i dont think he should of done it plus doesn’t Reginae go on stage with him like every year so y was she upset wat was the point of crying shes 9 years old and crying cause her dad didnt take her on stage with him 1 time smh thats sad she rly doesn’t know how lucky she is if it was my dad he would be like stop crying suk up stop being a baby and walk away

  • LaLa

    I know they weren’t suppossed to be up there lol, but there outfits were still cute as hell tho >:D loool.

  • dan

    this site sucks cock

  • Blahhhhh!