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Drake – Best I Ever Had [Official Music Video]

Thu, Jul 2, 2009 by

I wasn’t going to post this, but I know a lot of peeps wanted it posted.

This is Drake‘s official music video for his hit song “Best I Ever Had” which was directed by Kanye West. Young Money, Fabolous and Trey Songz make cameos, but unfortunately no Weezy 🙁

Don’t forget to leave a comment after you have watched the music video telling us your thoughts on it and I just got to say to Kanye – Very well done at the beginning 😉

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  • b

    bouncing titties!

  • Mr. Heard

    funny video i like it

  • jugnaut

    I love drake but this vid is wack. It doesn’t go with the song at all. The song is about sex and the vid is about basketball???

  • a.m.g.

    *sigh* u guys r just da best lol

  • okk. alot of ppl might wonder y in the hell would he make this his video. but i think it was intended to be one big joke. give drake a break. geesh.

  • Ooohhh

    OMG did you all see them boobies at the beginning 😆

  • ha

    lil chuckee! ahbaha funny vid i like it

  • Samser

    This video is wack especially for a great song and I still cant believe that this is only a mixtape song lol

  • grand buzz

    disappointed… the vid was boring… but good song

  • Sexy girls and why no Wayne =[

  • cheese-pol

    video was lame but the titties and booties made up for it



  • thomas

    Very nice song!

  • The song’s smoove…
    But the video wasn’t what I expected…
    It was still hot tho…



  • MOB


  • DaDopest Nigga

    wow da video was completely fukked up……dey even lose by so much…..only good thing was da YOUNG MONEY crew, lil weezy!!!!!

  • DRizzy Do

    this video was a disappointment.the performance at the bet awards and now this.makes me second guess his potential.they shoulda waited to do a funny vid like this until after he BLOWS up.not for his first real single

  • Vante’

    Damn, drake had all tha bitches on his roster, couldn’t help lookin at tha titties tho.

  • YMOB

    Kanye fuckin up Drake’s career. lol jk

  • king2945

    this shit was fuckin weak!!! i love drake but this shit is pointless!


    I like the concept but i think it was a little corny lol like when he was talking “drake am i the best?” lol but ya i like the vid and the song!

  • So0o NASTY 69

    i love them boobies hanging at the beginning , but seriously dis song is hot but the video is kinda stupid.. it doesn’t make sense to me ;P

  • D.R.A

    ahhh luvd da BOOBIES (.)(.) 😀
    but coach u only thought us how to stretch lmfao!!!!

  • Pestrator

    i love this vid its hilareous
    good job Kanye lol

  • tight music video

  • cartercartel

    pointless yet, so so amazing im gunna say rake laid his funny shit on this and kayne keep the interest peaked with lotas of titties and bo-donka-donk lol 😀

  • Frankthetank

    drake should of done more rapping and less acting. But i was pleased, got a good laugh out of it. Lil chuckie and lil twist in the stands- i lol’d.

  • cheezy23

    drake fukin hilariuz in diz video…lolz

  • Cal

    the slow motion part was great with the tits. and the ending wen drake was talking about the mighty ducks and wat the girls can do in 2 minutes was funny

  • k-zillah

    Why is Kayne fukkin up Drizzy .?
    no jp .

  • WeezyF17

    this video really nice ^ ^. your fuckin best ^ ^.

  • Lil Waynah

    Very disappointing. The video was not at all relevant to the songg and its lyrics. Especially as this song has soo much potential to have a wickedd video. Hope they re-make it! (Y) 😛

  • karen =)

    young mula baby!!! thats all

  • Weezyiswayne21

    Good song!

  • brEEzy

    this shit is waaaaaack.. da song go hard thooo

  • amin

    The video is stupid but at least he got some sex tits in his vid !

  • good video and good girls but why wasnt wayne on the video he is like his dad and his boss. fabolous is a good producer

  • YAY!


  • u guys just dont understand…it obviously could of been different. but it is the way it is same messgae.

  • they just all the best hahahah

  • Young Money!

    Video is boring,looks like a homemade video,i could of done better wit my da song is sick of course.Expected a better video.But DRAKE is goin BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tha illest

    haha! when they put that D (dick) on you, take that D. hahahahah!

  • iRamon

    Girls is hot

  • me

    You people act like you never seen boobs before. You sound like fucking idiots. “Boobies!!!” Smh. Morons. The video wasn’t that good. Like people said it was completly offtopic. But hey, that’s that.

  • george

    yep!awesome butts,titts……..

  • george

    wow!those girls are….great boobies…awesome

  • Veiti

    this video is trash

  • Rafeeq

    Drake! where u find these bitches…GOD DAMN

  • LAMAR215

    dis vid is crazy upps 4 kayne

  • LAMAR215

    wish wayne was n it doe

  • Punk’d

    This will totally go on video on trial

  • nWa

    the girls on the video r a metaphor to his girls nd how they r the bst in his eyes

    dumb shits

  • nWa

    nd o yea kanye is the SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • weezy signed me now the FEDS cant find me remind me why im still on this gansta shit because i dont rap about pussy and dick if ya like the flow the comment it if you dont think its off the dome then comment it i know i repeat my self im raceing me and i w0nt beat my self my girl didnt bop me as if im going to eat myself o shit C.I.S. checkin my place and my momma checkin myspace well its time to go momma said its time to eat like drake and weezy im a motha fuckin beast

    HIt me up yotube feardataco7 you know what it is

  • hey

    nice video

  • S A boi

    I agree wif those who think Drake should have done less acting and appearing more as the rapper he is.. was a little confused at the beginning if “Drake” was the guy in the vid.. but no luv lost.. great stuff Yung Moola ( that’s how we spell in in South Africa)

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  • Kadafi_213

    this us the stupidest fcking video sh!t