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Lil Wayne Featured On Shortyo’s Upcoming Album

Mon, Jul 6, 2009 by


Shortyo is releasing his debut album titled “King Of The Kounty” on October 13th, 2009 and we have also found out that Weezy F Baby will making a guest appearance on there:

Shortyo‘s premiere album, “King Of The Kounty“, features rap icons Nate Dogg, Too Short and Lil Wayne. Platinum artist, Yung Berg, also lends his vocals to “King Of The Kounty‘s” first single, “Stripper” which can be heard on college and Philadelphia area radio stations. Shortyo‘s upcoming single, “There He Go”, featuring Reed Dollaz, is a “hard thumping street anthem” aiming to give Philadelphia the lyrical fix they’ve been looking for. (antiMusic)

So, this is another Weezy song to be on the lookouts for and who knows, it might actually end up being a single and a music video coming with it 🙂

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  • jmb

    never heard of him
    but do it with weezy and everybody will hear of him

  • AllLilWayne

    can’t wait for this to come as usual weezy will kill it

  • who the fuck is shortyo rofl

  • LilWayneFan4Life

    never heard of him either.
    pretty sure Wayne will murder it!

  • cant wait!



  • yeah i can’t wait to hear it.:)

  • >>DMC

    It will probably leak then next month 😀

  • Young Money!

    lookin forward to this!

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HAHAH i appreciate the love. Im a rapper from philly whos album is coming out under E1 (formerly Koch) The track with me and wayne is craaaaazy! We are actully talkign about it being a single if the feedback is right from the fans! I hope you enjoy the record and hopefully become a fan of my music as well!

  • Jesus”Hardbody”Christ

    Sitting at the table with a homothug from a 2-parent suburban family, that has a state trooper as a father isn’t a good look for your rep fam.
    Don’t know why you’d associate with such swine.