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LL Cool J Co-Signs Lil Wayne & Drake [Video]

Sun, Jul 19, 2009 by

Hip-Hop pioneer LL Cool J recently spoke on the impact of Lil Wayne and Drake to the rap game and why the duo make more than just a hot “chorus.” 😆

Despite speaking on an overall lack of authentic hip-hop as witnessed during his era, LL explained the strengths of both Weezy and Drizzy.

“It’s a lot of talented guys out there,” LL explained in an interview. “Lil Wayne is talented. He seems to be the dominant figure in this particular era of hip-hop. So you know, he’s doing his thing. I like Drake, you know, that ‘You The Best’ is a good record…It’s a good song. There’s a lot of talented guys out there so you know, kudos fellas.”

Shouts out to SOHH and it seems everyone is co-signing Weezy and Drake now-a-days 😮 😀

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  • jmb

    “lot of talented guys”
    but weezy f baby still on top!

  • wow that was a great video. and there are lots of talented guys out there right now. and lil wayne is still on top. that his tight. and i agree lil wayne and drake are talented guys.

  • grand buzz

    lol at him doing that chorus thing on the video…

  • Hahaha Twista said something the same the other day too =]



  • thank me later coming soon go get when it comes out. as of right now drake is better than wayne

  • Dat kid

    Wow my dude prince drake ain’t better den Wayne…drake is raw dnt get me rng but Wayne is better

  • drake is not better than lil wayne yeh drake is cool but lil wayne is still the greatest and (i thank that Yep! changed her/his name to prince or they are best friends) think about it lil-wayne’s-fans they both hate lil wayne

  • ant3 u^p

    you like my chorus lmaoooooooooo.

  • yorled

    weezy F

  • Darren

    you like my chorus!! hahaha that shit was funny

  • me

    i snap my fingers, you like my chorus?

  • drake is proably not better than wayne. but in singing drake is better. and candy this is a boy named prince. just to let you no

  • dc

    ^good thing wayne aint a singer huh?


  • Lil R.O.B

    Just signed to Young Money Ent. Follow me on also on