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Mannie Fresh Discusses Lil Wayne’s Genius, Talent & Career With Talib Kweli [Video]

Mannie Fresh Discusses Lil Wayne Genius, Talent & Career

In the latest episode of “People’s Party With Talib Kweli“, special guest Mannie Fresh made an appearance to chat with Kweli himself and co-host Jasmin Leigh.

During his conversation, Fresh spoke all about Lil Wayne‘s genius, talent, and career by revealing how Wayne is “super creative”, how he was always the first one to arrive to the studio and the last one to leave, and his competitive spirit.

Mannie also chatted to Talib and Jasmin about how Tunechi didn’t start cursing in his music until the “Fuck The World” song, what it was like working on Tha Carter album, wanting to still get their Tha Carter/Fresh Files joint project out, and much more. You can check out the interview below!

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Mack 10 Recalls Telling Birdman To Bet The House On Lil Wayne & Calls Wayne “The Most Influential Rapper Probably Ever” [Video]

Mack 10 Recalls Telling Birdman To Bet The House On Lil Wayne & Calls Wayne The Most Influential Rapper Probably Ever

Mack 10 recently sat down for an interview with Vlad TV to discuss Cash Money Records giving him a “crazy deal” and his personal experience with the record label.

During their conversation, Mack revealed he was the one who told Birdman to bet the house on Lil Wayne as “he was special”, a “real talent”, “super solid”, and something he “had never seen before”.

The Los Angeles rapper also had more praise for Wayne by calling him “the most influential rapper probably ever” and that “there is a whole lot of Lil Wayne’s” in the rap game right now. You can check out exactly what Mack said after the jump below!

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Tory Lanez Believes Lil Wayne Is The Most Slept On Artist Of “This Time”, Says He Is “Crazy Talented”

Tory Lanez Believes Lil Wayne Is The Most Slept On Artist Of This Time, Says He Is Crazy Talented

Tory Lanez recently did an interview with Power 106 for their “Now You Know” segment and at the 0:20 mark of the conversation, he was asked who he thinks is the most slept on music artist.

The Canadian rapper revealed that he thinks Lil Wayne is most overlooked artist “right now” in “this time” and people are forgetting “the great things” that he has done in hip-hop. He also mentioned that “Wayne is crazy talented” and people are sleeping on how “nice he really is”.

You can watch Tory speak on Weezy in the clip after the jump below!

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LL Cool J Co-Signs Lil Wayne & Drake [Video]

Hip-Hop pioneer LL Cool J recently spoke on the impact of Lil Wayne and Drake to the rap game and why the duo make more than just a hot “chorus.” 😆

Despite speaking on an overall lack of authentic hip-hop as witnessed during his era, LL explained the strengths of both Weezy and Drizzy.

“It’s a lot of talented guys out there,” LL explained in an interview. “Lil Wayne is talented. He seems to be the dominant figure in this particular era of hip-hop. So you know, he’s doing his thing. I like Drake, you know, that ‘You The Best’ is a good record…It’s a good song. There’s a lot of talented guys out there so you know, kudos fellas.”

Shouts out to SOHH and it seems everyone is co-signing Weezy and Drake now-a-days 😮 😀