Birdman – South Side (Feat Lil Wayne) [Listen & Download] [Dirty]

Fri, Aug 14, 2009 by

Birdman South Side Feat Lil Wayne

Another new Birdman track featuring his son Weezy F Baby! This song is called “South Side“, but unfortunately Wayne‘s verse is recycled from his “I’m From The South” song. Baby has been doing this lately with Weezy‘s old choruses on new songs like he did with “Dem Jeans” and “Always Strapped” etc. Well here is another song for that collection and you can download it below:

Download: Rapidshare | zShare [Updated with dirty version!]

Enjoy 8)

PS: Incase you missed Omarion moonwalking and performing with Young Money on the AMW tour, click here.

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  • ak

    recycled yet still dope .

  • So0o NASTY 69


  • Ooohhh

    I just wished Wayne had a hook which was new

  • Samser

    Maybe birdman will do a remix like he did with always strapped and wayne will have a verse lol

  • Malcolm

    ohh man lil wayne could callabo wid any one swooooooppp!!!

  • tight song. i love it.

  • Frankthetank

    i thought wayne was from uptown?

  • Mrs Carter

    Its aighttttt buh it culda been beta :\

  • Nothing special =[

  • young money king nation

  • John doe

    The song sucks.
    birdman sucks.

  • weezyfbabiee17

    i fucks wit dhis


    id rather cut my dick off and shove into my ears then to listen to birdman!!!!!!

  • keenofosho

    love wayne
    this is terrible. birdman is an awful rapper

  • Good Looks on the song man.

  • true that birdman is an awful rapper. it like you’re hearing trash.

  • birdman sucked on this track. weezy killed him on the track. and just to let you know this song will be off of birdman’s album. which is priceless. a garbage ass album. so birdman sucked on the song.

  • brf

    diz music is very hot

  • IReallyLovesWeezy


  • @IReallyLovesWeezy – The zShare link still works 🙂

  • Yeah!

    fuck lil wanye and birdman


  • youngmoney816

    well damn i think birdman did pretty coo, yall are forgetting lil wayne writes all birdmans verses so, if u dont like stunna a tad bit you dont like wayne,i can say tired of hearing the same thing on a different beat, its getting old quickly

  • Birdman Sucks

    Get this clown Birdman off any song. He ruins it by just having his name appear in the title of this post, shit is disgust

  • birdman should get a new job he cant rap

  • dc

    I swear Ive seen this post before hmmm

    you guys being sneaky again?? :O

  • What do you mean?

    We are just updating the post with the dirty version… no need for a whole new post

  • Weezy doesn’t even have a verse, how can it be recycled. You propably mean the chorus

  • dc

    Oh ok. I thought I slept in a time machine and woke up 2 months earlier thats all.

  • this on babys album?

  • sick song i love it.

  • Yep!

    I don’t even consider Birdman a rapper. He’s just some pot bellied guy, that stands next to Wayne while he spits fire.


    it’s alright not bad but i hope they remix it and give weezy f a verse…

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