Tiny’s & Toya’s Reality Show Episode 4 & 5 [Videos]

Wed, Aug 5, 2009 by

Here are episodes 4 and 5 of Tiny and Toya’s reality TV show. If you missed episodes 3 and 2, click here or episode 1, click here. In episode 5, you see a lot more of Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter and the group she is apart of, “OMG Girls”. You even see Reginae do a rap, so she must have some Weezy genes in her haha. Anyways check the episodes out below and be sure to leave a comment on what you think of them and Reginae’s rap 🙂

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Enjoy 8)

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  • Lovveeeeee that show on BET 🙂 x



  • Bazelle

    Wow, are you telling me that she freestyled that?… It was very upsetting when she started to cry though 🙁


  • wow Reginae would be stuntin like her daddy cool she was a bet shy but the rap she did was hard go reginae

  • i love it. thanks. can’t wait for more

  • dc

    Young female weezy?! :O

    Reginae will carry on Tha Carter series from C10 on 😀

  • masha

    Reginae is soooo cute


  • trickal

    this shit aint shit, its a mothafuckin garbage, dont be stupid people


  • WEEZYf

    trickal fuck you. keep your opinion to yourself dont watch it next time, im willing to bet for someone who just beat on the show you jsut watched episode 4 & 5. so shut your mouth and go to one of those haterblogs where someone gives a shit.

    sick show not feeling the change in media players though i got some bullshit coming uo on my screen now.


  • Weezy 25

    i did dat outward bound shyt for 3 years lol not fun…damn toya is 2 sexi 2 b single…she shud b wit me

  • trickal

    dog, these chicks aint shit, they just are makin money for being wifes/ex wifes of great rappers, they should be doing something like care of their men and cookin meals and i aint hatin, i just dont like people who didnt work for their own fame


  • love young carter

  • Miss-Waye

    I Luv This Show =D !!
    Thaanks !! <3

    Reginae looks Like her Daddy ^^ !


  • Princess


  • VZ fan

    what time i can watch it on BET?

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  • macsayso

    Mayne I Love the Tiny & Toya show these some real azz Women, I love Afro-American Sarlets. Oh Yeah This that Big Bad Azz Baton Rouge Hogg Macsayso, keep posting the Episodes.

  • i think da group will b successful
    im 14 n i sing too as a hobby sooo..
    gud luck gurls

  • KKayla

    If you are illiterate, ugly, stupid, a product of step and fetch it then you would love this show! it should be band! A has been and a never was! People, we have got to do better!

  • leka

    I think that both Tiny and Toya are just real women. They face problems and deal with them. They have their ups and their downs. I think the show is genuinely great. I enjoyed the first season and look forward to the second season. You go girls I love country talking people.

  • shona

    woow i love this show. toya your such an inspiration, your such a strong women keep doing what your doing you have been through so much but that has made you the person you are today! more women should be like you and lil wayne you lost such a special thing there you wont find no one like her!

  • keyia wyatt

    toya i comend you for tryin to get your self back on your feet and still me a family oriented person.But the thing is you can live for your family you have to live for you and your baby girl!!!!!!! MAN I LOVE the show you keep on doing you and dont worry about the haters cause they every were

  • Jennifer

    I never thought much of tiny until I watched a couple of episodes. I actually didnt like her too much. Sometimes we forget that these people are human. This show has revealed a side of her that a lot of people dont know about. I actually like her now and realize that TI got a good lady. Good luck to the both of them!!!