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Video: Wendy Williams Speaks On Lil Wayne

Tue, Aug 25, 2009 by

“Fuck Wendy Williams the bitch look like a dude, her body look chewed and her hair looks glued”

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  • Ooohhh

    “Fuck Wendy Williams the bitch look like a dude, her body look chewed and her hair looks glued” – Brilliant lol 😀

  • JMB

    fuck her

  • Samser

    Does she have any idea why Wayne’s album is being pushed back 😕

  • fuck this fuckin bitch calling weezy a virus…… shes a fucking virus herself…… i hope wayne makes anotha diss track towards her!

  • JMB

    the label and him have issues? he is the label

  • me.

    stupid biatch.

  • Alex “aka” Lil Wayne

    Hey this fucking bitch looks like a freeky monkey. She don´t know anything bout Wayne and she said this fucking shit. Man why do some fucking people say this bout Lil Wayne. I can´t understand it.



  • zay012

    i kno this bitch aint callin nobody virus…with that man jaw


    u felt like i was just watching a moving barbie doll… actually you no the who’s in the grinch? that what she looks like lol

  • yungnitto

    stupid bitch lol yea thats wat the kids are watching not u dont be jelous….his album is being pushed back cuz songs keep leaking his building up hype u stupid bitch. Cosign @ JMB. Dont hate Lauren London is a classy girl and a good actress shut the fuck up. Weezy F. Baby for life lets hear that weezy em darke and ye track!!!

  • Weezyiswayne21

    Is this dumb monkey bitch really gonna try to put wayne down? I know she’s mad because she could never get with a guy, see’s wayne with all his success and just has to put him down, i should go to her 9 year old son and blast some “I feel like dying” or “Million Dollar Baby” in that lil fuckers ears “FUCK WENDY WILLIAMS THE BITCH LOOK LIKE A DUDE, HER BODY LOOK CHEWED AND HER HAIR LOOKS GLUE” Weezy F and the f i s for FOREVER BITCH!!!!

  • ImmaBeastImmaDawg

    rly? she is on tv?
    she even gets serious questions about ‘how to rais my kids’
    but i gues thnx to idoit bitches like that you have even stupider bitches that
    like her, bitches that give pussy when you need it

  • weezylover3

    DAMN! why everybody sucha a damn hater && than at that she call him a “virus” WTF does that mean she is a mad bitch….&& she call him ugly when she looks like a damn dog with makeup…COME ON NOW! this bitch is old && dosent realize why everybody loves wayne so much that bitch could go to hell!! I HATE HER THATS FOR SURE ♥

  • Yep!

    I personally don’t like Wendy Williams, she comes off very judgmental and plastic. However, she didn’t say anything about Wayne that wasn’t true. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but die hard Wayne fans don’t like it when you say anything negative about him, even if it’s true. Nobody makes up shit about Wayne, his actions say alot about what kind of person he is as a man, fuck Lil Wayne, I’m talking about De’Wayne Michael Carter.

    I wouldn’t want a son of mine growing up like Wayne at all and I would’nt want my daughter growing up talking like the teeny boppers on here, waiting around for a nigga with money to fuck me, so I can get rich by having a kid, that he will not be around to help me raise. I buy his music because it ENTERTAINS me, not because I want to fuck Wayne or because I take it seriously, or I have some kind of crush on him. Ladies be honest, you like Wayne for the same reasons that Lauren and Nivea and all the other hoes like him for. MONEY! If a random nigga out of any hood tried to holla at you, and he had 2 kids, and 2 on the way by two different women, drank cough syrup like kool-aid, and popped pills like vitamins, 9 times outta 10, you wouldn’t bring him home to meet Mom and Dad. Yet, when someone gets on here and isn’t on their knees praising Wayne, they’re considered a hater. Some of you clones need to discover who you are, and worship God the way you do Wayne. Then you might be as rich as he is. “Fear God” idiots. Even Wayne’s eyelids know that. Yep!

  • janea

    man fuck him he trying to call sombody a virus…he probably caught a virus fucking other dudes. and yes emphasis on him and he because wendy is a fuckin william!!!!wack ass bitch shut that shit down wayne got 2 girls pregnant cuz hes a beast ya cant fuck wit em!!!!

  • Yep!

    I’d also like to add, that the Burberry worn by Wayne in the picture above, still doesn’t stop him from looking like the true junkie that he is. That’s sad.

  • Mr.DeyRok


  • alfady

    fuck herrrrrrrr
    shes a nasty ol bitch

  • Catherine

    Lauren London gonna smash her up for saying that



  • Simon

    First time i’ve seen this woman’s show (I’m from the UK) and she’s fucking retarded, not just saying that because of what she said about Wayne but she’s just fucking dumb, can’t even string a sentence together and she’s an ignorant moron, how does someone like that get a TV show…

  • Devin

    this dumb bitch is a fuckin nasty skank. i have never even heard of her until this. lil wayne could fuckin murder her. mentally and physically. they say people evolved from monkeys but looks like she missed out on the whole evolution part.

  • hey @Yep! im not like u lets be honest i dont like lil wayne 4 his money i like him cuz he’s hot sexy and cute and i love his music so who agree with me
    ——————————– wendy thats what u think im not mad at that but u dont know but his real personally

  • will

    FUck that ugly ass hoe wendy bitch ass williams

  • Lil Wayne

    that bitch is fuckin ugly

  • ThaCarter4


  • Yep!

    What candy?

    Secondly, Wendy looks like fucking Halle Berry compared to that picture of Wayne’s face.

  • YoUnCaRteR

    FUK THAT STUPID BITCH!!…DAD WHORE EVEN KNOW HOW DO A FUCKYN SHOW!, SHE ALWAYS FUCKEED UP!… the bitch look like a dude, her body look chewed and her hair looks glued! LMAO

  • fuck her!

  • fuck that stupid ass ugly big fuckin bitch

  • dylan


  • honor


  • weezyfreak

    she has no idea about who wayne really is or what he does. hahaha

    grammys 2009 lookout young mulah baby its time for a new hop hop era.
    haha shes so fake.
    tv these days

  • John Doe

    Dumb bitch is just hating on lil wayne.

    “Fuck Wendy Williams, the bitch looks like a dude. Her body looks chewed and her hair looks glued”- The Greatest

  • Zly

    I hate this mafuckin’ bitch!
    damn~look at her….I have nothing to say…

  • wow..fuck her..she jus hatinq..dat bitch iza man..fuckn transvestite….”Fuck Wendy Williams the bitch look like a dude, her body look chewed and her hair looks glued”

  • weezy4lyfe

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy f. babyyyyyyyyyyyy! LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • hey Yep! r u shoked because i like wayne for wayne not 4 his money
    secondly have u lost ur mind miss ugly . wendy does not look like Halle Berry hello is in body there dahh

  • gazz

    Ahaha she an ugly whore

  • Oh .. My .. Fucking .. God! Seriously, how is it even possible? She’s just talkin’ shit about Wayne cause she trying to have people watching her show, i bet ya. she looks like a freakin man, and i thought she was dead ugly the minute i saw her. stupid ass bitch talkin shit bout the best rapper alive, she got no FREAKIN clue what she talkin bout.
    wack ass bitch, got nothing else to say about her. WAAAAAAACK AAAAAASS!

  • quitaqwee

    I love lil wayne..I love wendy williams but thats fucked up how she comming at him…now she gone wish she hadnt said nothin when weezy go hard on ha ass cuz at tha end of the day he’s tha best rapper alive and he get paid 4 times as much as wendy she should respect solely for that reason cuz tha man is gettin PAID in 09!

  • KharliMichele

    “Fuck Wendy Williams the bitch look like a dude, her body look chewed and her hair looks glued”…I hate her! >:(

  • Yep!

    Hey Candy…I’d actually be more shocked if you were over 15 years old. Honestly.

  • obscene19

    fuck her, she herself knows waynes hot and thats why shes talking bout him on HER SHOW.

    and speakin of viruses im gettin trojan warnings everytime i come to your page (started today) so everyone who doesnt have a virus protection check your shit!!! fuckin nerds and their viruses….

  • CHRoNiC WeeZY

    man fuck this wendy bitch. nvr even heard of her.

  • Lil weezy fan


  • Alex

    Yep! man come on. Who cares how old she is. Kids use the internet, there’s no problem with that. I personally, being a guy, i think Wayne looks pretty cool. He has his own “Swag” and you shouldn’t hate on someone for that bro. But your guys’ typing does need to get a little bit better lol.

  • deshaun1

    FUC WENDY WILLIAMS DA BITCH LUK LIKE A DUDE,HER BODY LUK CHEWED AN HER HAIR LUKZ GLUED…an y she tlkn bout ppl kidz listenin 2 wayne i bet u her 9 year old son listen 2 him…datz prolly wer he heard abou queefin n all dat utha stuf he asked her abou

  • etp

    this magilla gorilla hatin ass bitch
    fuck her

  • woddle1000

    I hope Wayne doesnt do anything to retaliate, anything to keep that tramp out the spotlight, she’s a glorified TRISHA (UK thing) that gets her audience from bitchin housewives, leave her too it I say! she’s a bitter old witch and I’m sure if she was offerd she wouldnt say no! slag! lol

  • word

    What song is that on i forget.

  • weezyfan01

    i know this thing aint tryin to call wayne ugly! that bitch look like a fuckin transvestite lol. the only reason why she tryin to talk shit is because she want more ppl to watch her show. she kno wayne is hot and if anyone say somethin about him anywhere most ppl will watch it read it whatever. nobody watches her boring ass show because shes a hater and gives the lamest and stupidest advice ever! i cant wait til this DUDE get canceled hahahha bitch!

  • weezyfan01

    this bitch isnt even famous. this my first time hearin her [[his]] name lol. like what channel do she even come on?

  • lala

    lol she is funny..lil wayne his raps are pretty ok now , he doesnt even try anymore, he just laugh kus he got so much money..not really a big fan as before. wendy williams i cant hate on her, she is entitle to her own thoughts….

  • JaKobe24

    Are you serious? I’m betting Wendy got a wayne in her pants and i ain’t talkin DMC Jr. She a tranny that kept her d, look hard enough i bet she’s in a porn shoot f’n another guy up haha


  • AY, Ay people………..

    QUITE BITCHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN

  • All you wannabees are lacking so serious direction in your lives. Get a grip and realize LIL WAYNE sucks balls and they’re probably Wendy’s.

  • 1(L)

  • ricky

    Man, fuck this hoe! Who would actually take her advice?

  • Fuck Wendy Williams…if Rupaul And Shaq Had A Baby, And Da Baby They Had Met Chewbacca And Fucked…Dey Wud Give Birth 2 Wendy Williams…dum bitch HER HAIR IS GLUED!!!

  • h8tethisbitch

    its funny how i woke up this morning and turned the tv on and the frist thing i see is… wendys fugly face telling “hulk” to say that DUMBASS LINE she has.. “how, u! doin’..” thinkin to myself.. damn this bitch is pissing me off!!!! i dont know why but just hearing her voice and seeing her fugly face is just making me wonder.. who is this bitch? was she on flavor flav? wtf is with that lame ass “how u doin” crap..? sooo annoying!!! and how did she get her own tv show?!?!?! her?!?!? WTF is wrong with televison today!!! im sure im not the only one who was thinkin all this.. its funny how i just woke up and searched in google, “who the hell is wendy williams?” and all these other links came up asking the same questions and comments that i was thinkin of.. guess im not the only one who thinks shes a dumb cunt with her own stop trying to be Oprah!!! BITCH!!!! leave that job to Tyra Banks!!!! @least shes bangin!!!! XD



  • Lil Wayne is the most annoying rapper i hav ever heard. I hope all u fans no that he doent really write his own rhyms type in swagger jacker and u willc. Imnot hatin cuz its true..he is a fuckin Short fagget who kissis guys

  • HEYA

    You all are very lame I’m 18 and wouldn’t waste my time listening to him. What job in the real world will hire you with tats like that? He lives in a fantasy world you all don’t. He doesn’t pay our bills his existence is not needed what is he doing for man-kind? Polluting!


    thats the same bitch who was sayin pac got raped, fuk dat bitch

  • jonthebaptist

    fuck wendy / fuck wayne

  • Gavin

    Wendy Williams? What fucking talent do you have… long island, fran dresher soundin, entitled white bitch. Yeah, you heard me… you aren’t even half an Oreo, u creamy lookin douchebag.

  • Flirt Ru

    She buggin she has no idea what wayne will write about her