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Chris Brown’s First Single From Graffiti Is “Transformers” Featuring Lil Wayne

Mon, Sep 7, 2009 by

Chris Browns First Single From Graffiti Will Be Transformer Featuring Lil Wayne

There has been so much happening for Lil Wayne lately, and we can now add a new single and music video to that list!

Chris Brown tweeted this earlier about his upcoming album titled Graffiti:


Breezy also announced that his first single from that album will feature Lil Wayne on a track called “Transformers“.

Weezy and Chris last collaborated on a single called “Gimme That Remix” from his debut album. Also, Wayne did a remix to Chris‘ “Forever” with Lupe Fiasco.

The single is set to be released in the next couple of weeks… who’s looking forward to this ❓

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  • yuhhu

    m!!! dis gonna be so cool
    i love chris brown and wayne of course<3

  • Martian

    haha, niccee!

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  • YoUnCaRteR

    damn! guna be dope dis collabo!


    they spelled graffiti wrong on the artwork

  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    WOOP WOOP cant believe how much waynes about to give us in like what, 2 months lmaoo

  • Diesel

    Wayne and brown also did a song on his last album exclusive called gimme whatcha got.

    • @Diesel – Yessir

      @carter yeahhh – Nope

  • carter yeahhh

    Did forever remix come out yet nodj cdq?

  • Ooohhh

    I can’t wait, I am a big fan of Chris and that thing he did to Rihanna doesn’t bother me anymore

  • Seb

    Gimme that song 😛

  • Sherman UK

    this shit it no doubt going to be dope. Cant wait for this

  • dc

    if this album flops chris is done..if it doesn’t he’s back.

    Alot is riding on this single. I like the album cover. Good luck

    Damn wayne is EVERYWHEREE! lol

  • YoUnCaRteR

    and yoo @Danny M ,ceelow said that THE CARTER4 its DONEE!!

  • dc

    “ceelow said that THE CARTER4 its DONEE!!”

    say whaaaaat?

    damn it

  • trevor

    i have a feeling things are gonna get better, when wayne’s Bday rolls around:)

  • JMB

    can’t wait
    but i wonder if that seventeen track with wyclef will come out today or not… i hope so

  • Sherman UK

    wayne is everyhwere cus everyone knows that its going to be hot.

  • YoUnCaRteR

    yup dc…birdman was broadcastin live n ceelow said dad!

  • mike

    hi danny , one of my friends told me about an old song of wayne called (never get it) produced by david banner , may you upload it ?

  • DR. Carter

    i physically can not wait for november, young money compilation, rebirth, all the shit the tour bus has been working on for a couple years noW!.

    ps: where the hell is that second Pre-rebirth mixtape at danny???

    FEED ME FEED ME FEED ME. no homo., 😉

  • DR. Carter

    thin k about this young mulians!!!!!
    wayne’s birthday is september 27th, which is coming up soon, and it is his twenty seventh birthday, which is called a “golden birthday”, and his album is called “re birth”. do you think cause wayne is such a genious he will release it on his birthday? just surprise everyone.

    thats how wayne thinks, triple meanings in every thing. just somthing i have been thinking about. also…… Nicki Minaj = NI-NA


    nina is so sexy boi, and she’s feeling desperate boi, dontmake her molest you boi, preasure preasure boi.

  • Breezy’s_Girl

    Keep it up, Chris baby 🙂 Weezy, you too!

  • Breezy’s_Girl

    And no…that’s not hisalbum cover. That picture his hella old (was done for the Exclusive album) and that would be fucked up if the NAME of the album was misspelled lol

  • Yep!

    Who gives a damn. I personally think Chris has a long way to go to redeem himself. Beating some girls ass and people not caring because you’re cute, is a fuckin problem with today’s society.

    Groupies don’t care about what Chris did to Rihanna, because they wanna suck his dick, and that message to young girls worldwide is f*cked up if you really trip. Nobody will notice just how messed up until a few years from now. Yep!

  • WeezyMula

    I wonder what this song will be about cause it can’t be for the movie lol

  • yo chris brown should join young money for real, whos gonna fuck wit him when he rolling with them??? this song will be crazy, probaly have young money there chilling, wayne is going hard now, there shooting money to blow today, forever today, who knows how many videos there already shot. damn, wayne is always the nigga to go on niggaz albums thats fo sure.

  • i can’t wait for the single to come out.

  • Dr. Carter.. Nina Means His Pistol

  • jepperson

    finally i have been waiting for him to finally get a new single out…graffiti is gonna be off tha chain

  • gazz

    I’m a big fan of chris brown so I’m excited

  • that motherfucker probaly be one of the hardest songs crisbrown would ever make

  • i like the music of Chris Brown but he is just an abusive boyfriend. poor Rihanna.

  • Mrs Brown

    Omg! My boy CB is FINALLY BACK!!! Greaaaat 2 hear from yu again boy! 😉


  • Whatz up Guru, what entice you to post an article on rown’s First Single From Graffiti Is “Transformers” Featuring Lil Wayne | Lil Wayne HQ? This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Friday.

  • So basically its a song exploiting hype over transformers, damn people can really milk and recycle an idea till its just a joke. As far as I’m concerned that song is quite shit, sorry

  • If you love R&B music then you gotta love Chris Brown also. He’s been my music idol for the past few years. ;