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Lil Wayne – My Darling Baby (Feat Drake)

Wed, Sep 9, 2009 by

Lil Wayne My Darling Baby Feat Drake

NewMusicCartel just premiered a Lil Wayne record called “My Darlin’ Baby” which features Drake. This track was played on the radio earlier, but in case you missed that you can listen and download it below:

PS: Be on the lookout for a new Lil Wayne and Lloyd collaboration coming soon:

In the lab. Just got a killa verse from Wayne. Y

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  • weezy


  • atwork

    Can someone link me the direct zshare link? I’m at work and for some reason linkbucks is blocked under the category “Sex”….

  • Ooohhh

    No lie, but this is wack… what happened to tracks like Ransom, Man Of The Year, Brand New and Ignant Shit?

  • I like Lloyd =] Girls around the world and You where hot =]

  • jminor01

    omg this is FLAMES more of this plz wayne and drake went hard on this

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    You should say in the content that this song is in no way dedicated towards Birdman aka Baby 😛

  • tbreezy


  • holayyyyyyyyyyyy this shit is illllllllllllll, thats the old wayne right der, ill shit right derr. this should be a single our something, these 2 niggaz are the shit, but wayne next level woww.

  • pie148

    this shit is trash

  • Samser

    Rebirth? Carter 4? Thank Me Later?

    This gonna be on any of those ^

  • grand buzz

    this the wayne we all love……. da drought 3 shit right here…… and i heard more drake than wayne on this song

  • Pestrator

    damn first ggood wayne track i hear in a while they killed it

  • This shyt go hard

  • goon7

    this shit is sick!!

    haha check this out

    wayne fans only

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  • YoUnCaRteR




  • dc

    c3 sessions wayne flow. gota loooove it.

    Drake was weak honestly.

  • Catherine

    I must bump Get It Shawty Remix every day



  • Ooohhh

    Did anyone else hear Wayne go “Your the best” 😮 haha

  • dc

    drake was weak on this.

  • GoodGuudGooodgirllll


  • RebIRth69

    haha, I love it!!

    goon7 been lookin for this song to hit myspce thnx, haha

  • Weezy F Kobe

    woooow this shit came outta nowhere good lookin out danny!

  • wHsick

    Fuck. Wayne “07-08” flow? samples? smiling hard right now. no homo btw DRAKE was weak!

  • Darren

    This is real nice wayne in on this track drake was wack as always.

  • Weezy Murdered His Line
    But Drake Was Weak

    & In Other Newsz
    Weezy Isz Recording A New Track For Miley Cyrus’s New Album
    Coming Ina Couple Weeks

    Dont Know Tha Title Yet But I Just Got An E-mail Form A Source

    So Look Out For Weezy ft Miley

  • abc123LOL

    Drake didn’t go hard??? ARE you KIDDING me????!

    “The things im willing to do to her, I wish I could have a threesome with two of her”
    That shit right there go haard…

  • diz track go hard, but yo yall betta look out for that lloyd track wayne goesssss harddddd, yo lilwaynehq post the stuido tape its up and poppin of waynes verse.

  • I heard this is a YM album throwaway

  • Cli-City

    Lil Wayne HQ. yall be slipping I swear…Yall need to put up that Lloyd ft Lil Wayne “Pusha studio preview I just heard it its incredible… Wayne flow on that and My Darling Baby seems to be showing signs of Carter 2 Wayne and thats a good sign..I’m getting hyped about the Carter IV now….

    I think this is what he says on it but you can’t hear it that well..

    “And this your Wayne on drugs
    I be running round getting high on love
    too much for you yea you know thats right
    but she got that crack and I got that pipe
    now if she’s the pusha and I’m the hustla and loves the drug
    then its a ?????
    one time for the boys in the streets with it
    and me and shorty we be hopping in the sheets with it
    she got me on fire
    so only when the drug dies out I feel like ???
    she bad
    I think I’m about to go in rehab…




    your boy aint know killer
    she’s my pusha
    she’s my killer..

  • dc

    ^^”and only when the drugs are done, I feel like dying”

    just a correction 😉

  • it bang

  • Cli-City

    Thnx DC

  • Lil Wes

    I don’t like the beat

  • mike

    oh my god , this shit is hot

  • JMB

    don’t really like it but maybe it has to grow on me

  • gazz

    Fuckin love it

  • the b0sss

    Drizzy and wayne both went in for the full five minutes..this is straight fireeeeeeee.

    this is drought 3 weezy and classic drake..idk why you guys said he was going weak!!!!

  • waala

    fuck drizzy
    his overrated

  • carter yeahhh

    Danny, did the CDQ version of this come out yet because it sounds like the bass is stronger in the right ear and sounds like it’s going to blow it haha

  • Soul Singer

    Lil Wayne & Drake sample the original baby makin soul singer Linda Jones My Darlin Baby you can hear it on her cd Soul Talkin song “Can I Dig It on Itunes. Now the mystery vocalist is solved!

  • heyy uhm when i try to download it from rapidshare there’s an error. and when i do it from the z share one it’s uhm like it doesn’t download the whole thing. it’s like a minute of the song ? anyy helppppp 🙂