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Brisco – Thinking To Myself (Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman)

Wed, Oct 28, 2009 by

Brisco Thinking To Myself Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman

This song previously leaked as a Young Money track, but here is the official CDQ version which is now a Cash Money track. Lil Wayne also re-does his parts which I think seem worse 🙁 Anyways see what you think by streaming/downloading it below, and don’t forget that we do have No Ceilings to play if we don’t like it 😛

Download: Brisco – Thinking To Myself (Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman)

Enjoy, and props to OnSmash

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  • young money

    the young money track is better

  • WeezyC

    Great song;D

  • WeezyC

    oohh yeah agreee

  • sick song:)

  • J

    Download isn’t working for me… says “sorry, wrong ip…”

  • PaulKush

    shits nasty

  • Weezybaby.

    weezy sounds clearer and better in this version.

  • beezyboyy

    weezy better in YM version. NO CEILINGS DOPE

  • J

    finally got downloaded an dits pretty sik

  • WayneBurressJr


  • idkidk

    WOW…..wayne needs tht autotune but ym version is better

  • bushe

    sounds like the same wayne part but the YM version has autotune on it

  • this nigga

    wow im a huge wayne fan but this shit is straight up wack. i cant belive the brisco the goon hopped on this track

  • Kush

    Weezy fucked up this version is real toy the YM track was 100x better :/

  • MWeezyBaby

    YM hands down specifically with waynes part but brisco went off…. fuckin birdman is all i have to say

  • Slik

    Ill listen to this version wen i get home. Its unfortunette Weezy fucked this up (according to everyone else). I like this track

  • ollxar

    both are garbage.. sooooooo wack..

  • This sounds like the same verse only without auto-tune, i don’t think this was supposed to be released without autotune

  • Wayne on some auto-tune dick riding…..he even said it on Ice Cream Paint Job….”wish I had autotune on dis one…”



    what you talkin about?
    at the beginning he says “is the autotune on?” (which it isn’t) then he says “good” LOL what you listenin to?


    Must’ve been that lemon…hahah listened to the full tape at once on that sticky….haha…could have sworn that’s what was said my bad

  • JMB

    both versions didn’t worked for me

  • ajbd

    prolly one of the worst lil wayne tracks i ever heard……