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Snoop Dogg Disses Lil Wayne + Birdman Interview With Westwood

Sat, Oct 17, 2009 by

Snoop Dogg Disses Lil Wayne + Birdman Interview With Westwood

Wow, I didn’t see this coming… Snoop Dogg disses Lil Wayne in his new song called “Protocol“. Listen to the song and check out the lyrics below:

Gangstas don’t kiss, we get old and die rich
I smoke till I’m sleep, crush these niggas with my fist
Your Daddy was a coward, you’s a son of a bitch
So back to the glock with the infra-blue clip
We hit licks and gang bang, you on some T-Pain shit

I hope not, but I wonder if 50 Cent had anything to do with this. Also, hit the jump below to watch Birdman‘s interview with Westwood part 1:

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  • weeziana

    that soundin’ fucking gay of snoopy

  • grand buzz

    why da fuck did snoop do this smh

  • Lil Zly

    Hope it is just a joke to weezy

  • weezy

    I have to say fuck snoop dogg
    he uses ghostwritter
    he doesn’t even know what he talking about
    never liked him, gangsta luv is his best song since whatever but just because of the-dream

  • WeezyC

    wtf that was damn stupid of Snoop:(
    I hope Wayne will react on it;)

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    Doggy did this because Wayne is claiming to be a blood

  • young nas

    dam no one will ever forgot that time time wayne kissed baby will they

  • Ooohhh

    Lil Wayne won’t respond to this wanksta 😆

  • Ooohhh

    And lol at Birdman… he needs to have surgery and remove some tats on his head

  • asser

    i dunno but that was a bitch move from snoop… not because ima wayne fan.. but that nigga hopped on 3 songs with wayne (wayne murked him 3 times).. look at the picture they’re standing next to each other then he diss him??

    ur on some t pain shit??
    shit man.. half of his last album was auto-tune.. i like snoop dogg alot.. but he’s the bitch..

    in his last interview he said something like i got 50 cent and eminem behind my back.. this nigga is a bitch..

    wayne drop that no ceilings nigga.. niggas forgot who the fuck are you

  • asser

    maybe its a publicity stunt.. cuz snoop ain’t that relevant now days..

  • JMB

    uhm oke hahahahaha
    snoop just focus on your gay porn industry don’t try rap you suck

  • Slay

    Fuck Snoppy,
    Lil Weezy is better than him,
    that’s the reason why he’s talking shit

  • RSandhu

    Shiit why did he do that?!
    I wanted to see Weezy & Snoop on the same track, cause there are both fuckin siick!
    But wtf?!
    That can’t be some gang shit because Snoop is also friend with The Game

  • ImSo504

    He Didnt Say Wayne Name, SOOOOOO How Is This A Diss To Wayne????????? FOH People Always Tryin To Make Something Bigger Than What It Is….ugh

  • ImSo504 if you dont think thats a diss to wayne then smh cause its obvious its at wayne
    is there a snoop album coming up anyone??

  • F U

    fuck wayne….west coast niggas for life u dont like it come down to long beach or compton or LA shit any of the west and get yo face lifted bitches….we dont kiss doooooods on the west…must be a down south thang….lmao…bunch a emo ass fuck nutz…….niggaz is scared to come to the west to visit the original gangsters…niggaz got mohawks, skinny jeans….rap niggaz turnin into cupcakes….

  • weezyanimal

    weezy will eat snoop alive

  • youngmoneyent

    He is dissing Wayne and Birdman in that diss.
    You should add that in the healine.

    Because Gangstas Don’t Kiss.. thats to both of them.
    Your Daddy was a coward, you’sa son of a bitch… thats not really dissing Wayne, only Birdman.
    and the Tpain shit is Wayne… but wasn’t it him who used auto tune on sexual seduction?
    get out of here SNOOPY

  • wow that is fucking stupid. fuck snoop

  • milsy

    i think snoop maybe doing this just to make himself more relevant because he know wayne is undeniably at the top of the game and he just wants to show he aint scared of the newer artists, but he should be of wayne. it may also be that wayne has been calling himself a true/raw blood and snoop probably disagrees and wants to hit back by bringing up wayne kissing baby but wayne dont care like he said in we takin over remix-
    damn right i kissed my daddy
    i think they pissed at how rich my daddy is

    so he also hittin at baby probably because he pissed at how rich they are.

    ima big wayne fan an im stickin with wayne on this one even though i like snoop but there was no reason for him to start bitching around, snoop is just fake cos he wouldnt say it to his face cos he act all cool around wayne in the photo

    three words – fake ass nigga

  • I remember before… I believe Tha Blue Carpet it was, Snoop saying how he was comin harder because of an interaction with his son. He had asked his son to name his favorite MCs and Snoop wasn’t anywhere on HIS SON’S list.
    Ask any kid today who his favorite rapper is and Snoop prolly wouldn’t be on their top 20, let alone their top 10.

    So do I think this is a publicity stunt? Hell yeah. This is a move straight outta Fif’s book. The difference between him and 50 is that it works. When 50 takes verbal shots at someone, the kids and his stans stand up for him.
    This just makes Snoop like kinda dumb. After you T-Pained all over Sexual Eruption and went in on 9mm w/Weezy, all of a sudden you’re on some him kissin Baby shit…and 3 years later no less?

    Come off it. I grew up a Snoop fan, but he’s fallen off. I’m no Weezy stan, but Weezy 1, Snoop 0. Snoop’s been riding his early-mid 90s wave for years now. He needs to spend more time trying to recapture his pre-No Limit glory and stop being salty about New Orleans.

  • Did anyone catch that Snoop said gangstas “get old and die rich”?
    He’s not even making sense. Gangstas get locked up or die. Or become rappers.

  • alfady

    wat the fuck. fuckin idiot. hes prolly mad wayne killed it on 9 mm and he didnt lol

  • wtf

    haha he calls birdman coward
    but made songs with both of em weezy and birdman
    and act like they good friends or something like that so who is the fucking coward please
    thats just another fucking hater shit
    why they waste there time dissin weezy at the end of the day he made history


    FUCK WAYNE….west coast niggas for life u dont like it come down to long beach or compton or LA shit any of the west and get yo face lifted bitches….we dont kiss doooooods on the west…must be a down south thang….lmao…bunch a emo ass fuck nutz…….niggaz is scared to come to the west to visit the original gangsters…niggaz got mohawks, skinny jeans….rap niggaz turnin into cupcakes….

  • Ace

    The whole rap game right now is fake. Snoop only sayn’ that to get some attention. Soon enough they gonna be doin’ a callabo and what not.

  • d_weezy08

    Song was kinda str8 tho.

    Snoop will define it was about wayne tho

  • damn didnt see this one coming, there has to something behind it, cuz snoop aint really doing noing now, and who the fuck cares about that wayne baby thing now, damn snoop is that nigga, this guy was backstage with young money on the tour and shit wtff would he diss him??

  • TCJ

    This is the second time I had to write some shit & I’m like the #1 WeeZy fan in Poland. Believe that!
    I used to love Snoop before he’s sold out.
    Now WeeZy should eat both fifty and snoop muthafackas alive.
    WeeZy should isolate himself for a bit, then release 2 mixtape’s with dissin bitch out of them on fifty’s & snoop own tracks, and you Know WeeZy is the best on the verse and on them bets. Back on my Grizzy, Stunnin like my daddy,…and you can name them endlessly. On pure beef&rap terms WeeZy would outplay them shitheads, rat-squealer, mutherfuckers with eeaz, coz he’s dropping that sick hits like bombs, i dont even fuckin mention that fifty wack cunt, I love you Snoop, but You can take that sexual seduction back to yo babe momma, & get the fuck out of da game, stay in reality shows where you belong now….
    Anyways besides rap-eating mixtapes, WeeZy should go public beef & say some shit about putting some bounty heads on them bitches, & that new orleans niggas are on it, right as we speak…

  • Seb

    What the fuck is doing on with Snoop Dogg?!

  • brent f baby

    fuck snoop, he’s the biggest sell out in the game, he would do a depends commercial if they paid him enough. he’s obviously two faced as fuck

  • ak_wfb

    F U …. shut the fuck up you hater.. weezy kissed his dad.. you boys from down your place suck cock.

  • um.can someone tell me what’s an infra-blue clip ??
    and glock?

  • jay money

    niggas hatin on wayne kuz he killin dha autotune shit ya dig….when that no ceilings drop its a rap for niggas real talk…wayne gonna murder dem beats nigga

  • plus snoops best hit, the nigga used autotune so how they fuck the nigga gon b dissing now?? lost a little respect 4 him, even though i really never thought he was that nice.

  • Yep!

    Ace is absolutely correct, the game is fake as hell! I really don’t know or care whether or not this is a publicity stunt, because I’m too busy trying to get more money than I already have. Fuck Wayne and Snoop when it comes to this Red and Blue rag bullshit. These niggas need to grow the hell up.

    Just because they were on the same song, doesn’t mean that they were actually in the studio together. And just because you see two people in the same picture together, doesn’t mean they like each other. It’s the nature of the business, and sometimes you end up in the same building as other celebrities. No biggie. Both of them are bitches to me. If they really wanted to beef, something would’ve already went down. I think Wayne has proved time and time again, that he’s not a REAL gangster. He’s got all you numb skulls fooled though that’s for sure. Technology is amazing isn’t it? Wake up kiddies. I agree with somebody up there that mentioned skinny jeans and mowhawks, Alot of these rappers act like women, but like to pretend like they thugs. They can’t fuck with the west coast either. Nope!

  • chillinn

    yooooo r all of yall stupid?? snoop used a VOICE BOX on ONE song not dat auto–tune synthesizer bullshit nd he tryna get all deze stupid mainstreet niggas erry1 sayin big homie fell off nd da only reason he bringin up ol shit is because he never said anything about him b4 he tryna bring bacc the GANGSTA rAP musicc nd not these fake ass part time hip hop/part time r nd b singers come onn mane…..listen to kat williams ft snoop nd lil wayne diz nigga weezy succin snoop off “and big snoop dogg tol me never love them hoes damn rite i listened bitch my ears wuznt closed” weezy dont want it

  • chillinn

    thiss nigga wanye been auto-tunin for a minute

  • yoo

    and all yung niggas talkin about snoop was never nice?? who had two songs on the top 100 hip hop songs of alll timmee….. i aint even peep jay-z weezy kanye on that list come on and his biggest hit auto tune??? u never hurd of gin nd juice… nuttin but a g thang… what’s my name…drop it like its hot.. fucc wit dre day…

  • dis big old fuck need to go sit his bitch ass down

  • SMH…

    F U you say ppl on the west dont kiss but do i need to remind you about san fransico and the castro?

  • dw

    What is a snoop dogg? West Coast been irrelevant since Pac passed.

    Fukk em.

  • sampsonooog

    lol yall know wat happened 2 biggies bytch ass out west wayne an his crew better learn some respect snoop been gangsta since wayne was wearing diapers eastcoast rappers aint neva been shyt fuk yall wat!

  • So0o NASTY 69

    they keep hatin on weezy cuz hes da best !

  • Karu

    Who gives a fuck? It’s a free country and everybody can say what the hell they want. If Snoop felt like dissin Wayne let it be so then. He ain’t gonna respond anyway.
    But yeah, it might be a publicity stunt. Snoop isn’t relevant at the time but Weezy is. Probably nothing personal, just sport.

  • Sonic

    fuck snoops irrelevant ass no rappin ass nigga hatin on the best go do another reality show hes like 50 years old man gtfoh this nigga wishes he could rap like wayne

  • lol, i was liked snoop, but that words.. i think he is jealous (:

  • FREE willy


  • Omareezy

    Ya’ll motherfuckers who hate on wayne… keep hating.
    That goes for 50 and snoop dogg now. They just can’t get at his level.
    They had their chance, but now it’s Wayne’s turn to let the world listen to his music.
    Weezy aint stopping, so why even bother talking shit about him??
    He’s the best rapper alive if you like it or not. period.


    snoop is a prick wayne aint said anything bout him and he wanna start. hes just like 50. and he needs to stop making songs. And fuck F U ur a cunt u bitch ass nigga. LIL WAYNE IS DA BEST RAPPER EVER AND NO ONE CAN FUCK WID HIM HE IS A LEGEND AND 3 PEAT IS DA SHIT!!!!!!


    i used 2 like him

  • MotherfuckDeathRow

    You’d expect Snoop learned his lesson like a decade ago when Eazy E put him in his place with Real Muthapphukin G’s. Either way I really hope Lil Wayne reacts to this. Kinda odd that he’d pick out Wayne and Birdman i thought they were atleast neutral considering they did a collabo together.

    Either way, THEORETICALLY if Lil Wayne were to respond with a song, Snoop would refrain from ever dropping an album and most likely retire.

    done deal.

  • Jay

    Just lost respect for Snoop

  • Juanka

    lol @ all the stans over here hahaha

    snoop >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> wayne

    wayne hasn’t even do shit, he’s a product of the industry. yeah, snoop it’s not the doggystyle snoop anymore, but he can kills wayne in a few bars.

    fuck wayne

  • luiseezy

    if snoop was dissing weezy let him, his only making wayne look like da best his not hurting him

  • yoo

    diz nigga lil wayne dissed him before and snoop put out another tracc with young jeezyy and LOL at da nigga that sed eazy e put him in his place…niggggggga derez only been two niggas in da game thats been stupid enuf to beef wit snoop onez dead easy e and one went 2 jail nd…well i relli dont know thats how bad it was soo stop succin snoop off like weezy did callin him bigg snoop dogg

  • moe dollas

    remember wayne dissed snoop in the whole song of This Aint The Remix

  • Louis

    This is so funny. Let’s get past all the crap about their lifestyles cuz we all know wayne ain’t a blood he ain’t killing shit rite now but he may be affiliated wit the bloods. And snoop’s a crip and all but he getting old and irrelevant so he did something to let everyone know he ain’t scared of nobody. Now to be real wit you I don’t care if wayne’s real or not but I know he spitting and if you compare just lyrics wayne got snoop. I mean really forget the autotune lsten to any wayne song and a snoop song and wayne is just better. Look at snoop’s diss up there and a wayne line “call me mister kill em all bitch nigga don’t get involved”,”ay drizzy drake what the lick reed we make magic boy roy and siegfried”, “and I’m a throw some D’s on that bitch looking like I got a diamond disease on my wrist”, and “Swizz I’m in gear homes they in trouble finna bubble lik beer foam”. Come on just compare man Lil Wayne over Snoop easily

    Snoop Dogg < Lil Wayne

  • z-eezy

    F U…

    you realize that the bay is where the skinny jeans and vans shit all started right? and san fransisco is like the gayest city in america.

  • WeSTcOAsT

    aight all yall ” wayne fans” on the realz i bet yall neva even listened to wayne befoe he blew up like how he is now…and when he changed his style yall hopped on that wayne bandwagon…did yall buy his CD back then? some of yall did but most of yall DIDNT…thats why homeboy changed his style and his CD aint sellin…i aint a big snoop fan but he jst talkin real shit…why wayne all of a sudden reppin his “BLOOD” status..he neva done that befoe…i like wayne dont get me wrong…but you jst dont come outta nowhere on your song sayin you’s a “blood” get off that color shit n focus on yo steez son!..

  • WeSTcOAsT

    z-eezy -im from the BAY..come to EAST OAKLAND ..we’ll show you whas good…and about the ” BEST RAPPER ALIVE ” status..yo …yall heard of NAS…EM…JAY… they might not be sellin as much CD as wayne is right now but foesho wayne aint the “BEST RAPPER ALIVE” get on they level first then we’ll see.

  • jminor01

    why would snoop even do this, hatin ass nigga.

  • YungGinge

    Snoop’s Doin this to gain some of his fame back, which died a long time ago, Snoop’s lost his postion in game now, Bye Bye SnooP!

  • Sonic

    Look at fukin snoop doggy dogg got his arms around wayne in that picture nigas will smile in your face and talk about you behind your back i call that a bitch!!!

  • Richii

    Snoop why the fuck did you go and do that for??
    Snoop is cool, but he lost it with this,
    Stop hating on a nigga for real!

    And you got 50cent behind you, that nigger is the biggest BIATCH alive,. for real i cant stand that on steriods using motherufcker!

    My expectations for “No Ceilings” is high!

    And if i think its going to be hot! like wayne said, and Tha Carter IV is killing it!

    Wayne if going to be and stay the best rapper alive!

  • cheezy23

    finalii sumone sumone kallin out wayne… i wana see if lil wayne guna do anythin bout it kuz nevah duz!!


    snoop is a crip, wayne is blood . wasnt long till they clash. idk yall im new orleans 5 0 4 9thward wayne what you gon do. dont let him talk about baby like that ya heard me

  • Murdered Wayne, like Snoop said he’s all talk like Geraldo. Wayne ain’t real, he just talks, doesn’t walk the walk.

  • jc.weezy

    Dudes saying snoop had better songs. Some dude said drop it lime Its hot…. Umm who’d he swagger jack that line from?

  • Y.T

    a glock is a gun but i dunno what a infra-blue clip is.
    sorry dude.

  • dw

    just to make it clear, snoops music is still cool with me. But as for him dissing wayne? Might aswell throw stones at the moon lol

  • Let me start this shit off by saying, how do you diss a muthafucka that you did a song with in his prime. The fucked up part about it, I listen to both of these niggas music and I’m realizing that in this rap game, niggas throw rocks then hide behind them. To me that’s like hatin’ on a nigga cause he succeedin without yo help or even acknowledging a “G”. Muthafuckas ain’t gotta speak on you “Snoop”, niggas know you a “OG” in the game. Don’t give me wrong, I support both you niggas but, don’t get shit twisted: Weezy is the man right now. If you so worried about what a muthafucka is, then put mo people on from the West Coast instead of the “Doggy’s Angels” and the EastSidaz. This is the main reason why fans jump ship on niggas and never return back! Put on fo yo city like Ye’ did. Chi-Town Representative. Two months ago, I remember you apologizing to Soulja Boy for something similar to this shit 2 months ago. Get back to yo craft and stop sayin bullshit that doesn’t add up to be who you are. You bigger than that Big Homie

  • T.F.K

    For all yall dumb asses makin sum out of nun he didn say wayne or birdmans name.who knows who he cud b talkin bout but if he iz takin shots at wayne it probably had nun to do wid 50.n it aint like wayne got time fa beef anyway he tryna make money he aint worried bout shit.

  • darion

    Yall Niggas On Here Knockin Wayne R Ridiculous

    All This Nigga Do Is Get Money, Make Babies, Rap, N Smoke Alot Of Weed n yall knock a nigga for that

    N Since Yall Niggas scan his lyrics so hard then u would kno he aint neva said he killed nebody just said he dnt have a problem doin it n tha whole world is like that n u cant say he dnt fuck wit guns bcuz he facing jail time 4that

  • nyc

    drop it like it’s hot was some shit dat wayne prlly said once but other niggas said that shit to.. nd this nigga snoop had sum gangsta lollipop song out here way b4 wayne nd his auto tuned ass and like a month after snoop’s sensual seduction shit blew up this nigga wayne gonna fuck wit it…im not hatinn but i just wanna see some gangsta muthafuckers rap about wut they do not sum studio gangsterz

  • babyboo123


  • tae

    snoop fuckin sucks he aint no more real then wayne
    and wayne would murder him lyrically cmon now


    wayne a funny style down south rapper… take a shit here and shit there….ALL HE RAPS BOUT IS TAKIN A SHIT…just like his city is in right now a fuckin sewer…lol WESTCOAST BABY……all wayne fans are bout 13-19 and most are from uk that be comin up in here……dont know shit bout the us…lamers

  • tae

    and yall can try to hype this stupid shit up but wayne wont even pay attention to this washed up skinny piece of shit

  • tha sickesttt

    snoop is a fucking bitchh!

    fuck the westt frealll!,we went therw hurricane katrina nigga we been threw it all,ive seen more shit then you ever will in the west,nd the cmnt about skinny jeans you just mad cause you cant fit them bitch ass nigga,fuck you,wayne wears em and so do i so go jock on yur baggey ass jeans cause that was like some 2001 shit,

    wayne is gonna come back i bet hes done came up with tha thing bet he was makin it before he even read it,who da fuck likes snoop?
    fuck him and who ever supports him waynes and beast and hes just mad that waynes takin ovaa!

    snoop you like 87 yuu needa get a life and quit rappin cause you anit good at alll nigga frealll,

    and wayne is a true blood so fuck you and the bloods are the badest gang eveaaa!

    so you haters fuck youuu!

    Suck My Dick And My Cup Bitchh!

  • youngmoney816

    Damn Uncle snoop got a bone to pick, this could be interesting lol

  • FREE willy


  • alex

    it dont sound like a weezy diss it cud b aimed at neone

  • lil weezy baby

    wayne is a murderer
    he killed rap
    he killed autotune
    he killed rock
    and he will kill snoop dick

  • kaycee

    ok seriously…wayne kissed birdman…like forever ago (i think it was like in 2003)…that’s nothin new. just goes to show they don’t have anything else to hate on wayne for. wayne said himself “damn right, i kissed my daddy i think they pissed at how rich my daddy is; and i’m his kid, i stunt with my daddy; call ms lee, she with my daddy; so diss me and don’t diss my daddy cause who was there when no one wasn’t, just my daddy; who was there when i needed money, just my daddy; so who’ll be there when i see the money, just my daddy; who said i’d be the one? just my daddy. HELLO hip hop, i’m home, it’s your daddy” HATE ON WAYNE- HE DON’T EVEN CARE!

  • fuck snoop dogg is bith fuck fuck fuck snoop chienne.Lil wayne the best.fuck 50 cent.Lil wayne the best.fuck g.unit.Lil wayne the best rapper alive.fuck 50 dogg. Lil weezy.these nigga (50 cent +snoop doog) bitch.Lil wayne va vous faire de real shit.fuck you nigga(50 dogg).il va vous va vous écraser comme une mouche.le rap de lil wayne est mortel.

  • mandem

    Snoop is funny. Wat gangsta obeys to his wife. He spend all his time begging his ugly wife 4 sex. Wayne produces bitch.
    Who is the hottest chick he’s ever had, Wayne is way too gangsta 4 snoop and 50 cents even eminem. It’s wayne’s time now so everybody in his dick no homo!

  • weezyanimal

    who the fuck would want to actually be hood when ur rich…tell me u stupid fucks…this isnt biggie and tupac….get it striaght…wayne would lyrically eat snoop 50 eminem anyone alive im sorry…the metaphors are too strong the punchlines too great…u dont sell 1.5 million cause u suck…wayne has the best marketing as well which doesn’t hurt…..numbers dont lie even jay z sed that and its the present and wayne sells…..made like 50 million on tour….why the fuck would he wanna actually kill people…no point u dumb fool Yep! goes on a wayne site to criticize cause he sits at home with zits n a small dick ha

  • YoUnCaRteR


  • Lil wayne

    fuck snoop shit.your rap is morphine.fuck you nigga.snoop bith dogg.lil wayne is the best.50 cent is bith.not snoop dogg:snoop jiraffe.but weezy is best rapper alive.fuck 50 monkey.snoop weak+50weak.but lil wayne quick.snoop cheap.

  • RSandhu

    Love Lil Wayne, Love Snoop, ain’t gonna change let see what happen now …

  • illy-eli

    fux snopp puppie…that shhhhh was WACK! he needs to get his flow up….ppl aint gettin no younger….Y KEEP HATIN???

  • brixxzy

    yo wayne dat ish was messed up what snoop did u needa tlkk 2 him or sum ish gon pop off n u da best rappa out dere no joke so u needa watch him cuz he iz buggin right now hes hatin cuz he aint sellin lmao


  • Aaron Yeboah

    snoop get the FUCK

  • mr hit dat hoe

    snoop is a bitch he did da same shit tuh soulja boy

  • Jordanfromdeep

    snoops trippin…that nigga better pray to god wayne dont respond to that on a track…

  • wayne who?

    hes not gunna do anything hes not a thug hes a fucking homo!!!

  • Real

    the faggot over me
    is a son of a bitch
    pussy faggot get out this site you pussy

  • Yeee go Snoop! you’re the real rapper.

  • MrszCarter4eva

    I get sick nd tired of ppl hating on wayne, jus ley wany edo himself….if ur a tru weezy fan you kno dat no matter how much shit tlkn HATERS do he still rises which is one of the many reasons he is tha best. I hope dat weezy fires back by killing snoop lyrically. LOVE YOU WEEZY!!!!

  • lol snoop killed his fake ass wayne wont respond cause he cant rap he doesnt write shit and cant freestyle and he is on some tpain shit

  • jay

    Anyone who Siddin with Wayne is under 20years old. Wayne is straight garbage. Snoop is a legend. Wayne aint shit.

  • jay

    and whoever says snoop can’t write shit, peep his freestyles. Wayne cant rap for shit. No grown ass man like lil waynes man kissing fake blood ass

  • jay

    wayne never even dissed anyone before..Has he ever even had beef? Snoop gonna eat him alive

  • Calinigguh909

    fucc all yall on wayne dick he a homo thats all 2o crip cuh

  • Calinigguh909

    and yall talkin all that shit about nobody like snoop no more thats cuzz he choosin to do otha shit but dnt get it twisted wen that nigga put in work yall was on his dick too wayne not even a fake blood he is NO blood i got bloods and crips in my family so thats his fault nigga you false claimin you get checcd cuh thats how it go on da west if u otha muthafuckaz (wayne) wanna do sum west coast shit then b 100 bout it but dont expect to b able to claim an then nobody say nuthin to u that aint how bangin work and wen wayne came to cali he got checcd by 40 glocc and them n aint even do shit yall talkin all that shit about rap fucc rap and rap stars snoop checcd his bitch ass on sum bangin shit through the form of music but he didnt get on the track an say im the best rapper but he did let em kno dnt try an b like us and expect not to get treated the same

  • Spirit of Violence

    Weezy Fag Baby is a queer/// str8 up

    I honestly dont think Snoop made a real diss to him, just cause hes tryin to portray that “peaceful gangsta” image or whatever u wanna call it… its more like a hidden diis, just like the one he did to Cube, sayin “if you tryin to check my homie, you best check yourself, cause if you diss Dre, you diss yourself”..
    u digg?

    on the contrary…. everything Snoop said waz true:
    1. Wayne iz a queer and no G, cause Gz dont kiss no man.
    2. Baby aka Birdman iz a bitch for how he did his label mates, plus hes a fag… And since Wayne calls Baby his Daddy (disgusting) that makes him a son of a bitch.
    3. As for that “TPain shit” comment, true as well… lil Wack used this whole TPain hype for his song Lollipop.. when if You take Snoop for instance.. he didnt bite no TPain thing.. more like Roger Trautman.. But he knew the MAN, did songs with the MAN, and always was true to the fact that uses talk box as a respect to the MAN.

    Now……. to all you stupid-ugly-lil-Wayne’s-little-dick-ridin-queer-monkey-fuckerzzz hear thisssss…..

    1. Aint NO WAY lil Wayne can kill Snoop dogg lyrically. He doesnt suck bad, but he aint even close to Snoop’s level. Check your info muthafuckazz.
    2. Aint NO WAY lil Wayne’s fan base can touch Snoop’s fan base… Snoop got fans in places Wayne never ever heard of, and will never ever go to.
    3. Aint NO WAY lil Wayne will get support from any relevant figure in HipHop, cause ALL Gz, OGz, Legendz and Dope Rapperz will back up Snoop. Aint no doubt about it. You know it, I know it, everyone knowz it.
    4. Lil Wayne will NEVER respond to a diss, cause there are tons of shit on him that can be used by even a mediocre rapper to kill Wayne’s carrier. Nevermind Snoop Dogg aka king of the WestCoast, the best freestyler EVER.
    5. Snoop Dogg has killed otherz on diss trackz b4, he can do it to ANY MC out there. But he wont do it, and he aint doin it. It iis just a smart move by him to promote the album. He didnt drop no namez, and he will not admit to dissin Wayne. Although we all know he didnt say it for the hell of it. He respects Wayne’s success and talent as Snoop Dogg, the peaceful Icon, but he hates Wayne for being a queer and for that “Drop It Like Its Hot” issue as Snoop Dogg, the Gangster.
    6. And last but not least. Snoop is affiliated with Rollin 20s, but he aint active… Just like DJ Quik for example and lots of otheres. lil Wayne is just a red rag wearing punk who aint affiliated with nothin but Birdman’s dick.

    Chuuuuuuuuch! Muthafuckaz

  • Di M1 to di M16 +Tech9


  • moonbeam

    Crrrrriiiiiiiiiiip gang, and if u aint wit it then u in the food chain. wayne a faggot ass dude kissen bitch, we all know he a fake wanab blood. he talks about dumb random shit! Ahhhhh bite into a slim jim? fuck that! The legend Snoop Dogg should b respected by all. he could say what the fuck he want to. snoop=mature fans wayne=imature

  • that_dude-187

    naw fuck that snoop dogg has every right to say fuck wayne
    if you kiss a guy your a FAG, and birdman aint waynes daddy
    snoop dogg is a mathaphucken OG, more than 16 years deep in the rap game
    and wayne is way to full of himself….snoop dogg bringing the westcoast back baby!

  • Kane

    First of all west coast sucks and down south is where its at snoop should be respected cause of the years he’s been in the game but Wayne shoulder worry bout it let it die over its just to sell records

  • Please!!!!

    wayne ain’t shit he just put a bunch words together that makes no sense and u fools just suck on his ball all day praising him i like snoop but does have some shitty ass songs too and the west coast can lyrical murder this fool anyday

  • Hibba

    lil wayne does not give a shit about anyone of you guys coming up for him, he is getting his money this or another way. and people who say “i used to like him”
    here is some newsflash ; snoop never gave a fuck about you guys. so go wank on your skinny jeans you 14 year old faggots.

  • Eddie Dennis

    fuc u n ya lil crew young money.
    we on dat grown shit, we be gettin grown benjins

  • Eddie Dennis

    I’m always on guard, don’t even try to creep.
    It’s ya bedtime and i m bout to putcha ass 2 sleep.
    Fake ass niggaz thinkin they fuckin deep.
    Nicki cool but all ya niggaz r week.
    how can she be the hardest person in yall clique
    I though you’s a blood or are you a bitch
    Always screamin SUWU but you’s a bitch, n boooo you.
    You going 2 prison so don’t drop da soap.
    Niggaz gonna be sliding dicks through ya throat.
    I bet when u found out u wuz happy as shit.
    U thought it wuz goin to give u street cred i bet u did
    U r gay like a pig, cheap as a wig
    and u can suck my dick.
    U say u a g but u don’t kno da g codes
    In prison ya azz gonna be treated like a ho’
    ya daddy can’t save u now cuz he’s a crook
    using ya azz like a fuckin ho.
    You’s a prostitute
    man look atchu
    bitch ass can’t even tie his own shoes,
    rumble wit me and ya azz gonna loose.

  • oh wayne why u mad

    lil wayne sucks his lyrics are elementary real gangsta rap cant be made by a vodoo doll, studio gangsta ass nigga. real niggas bump that real shit not this nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Ya’ll fucking stuck in your fake ass rap scene developed by Lil GayWayne
    cant yall see hes fucking gay?

    lil wayne is the reason hip hop was dying

    lil wayne is just fake, claiming to be someone he isnt, and never will be

    big UP to snoop, finally an OG talking clearness

    fucking wankster lil wayne fans killed the whole rap industry

    Yall too blind to listen.
    fuck that new school, keep it real!!

    and calling snoop a sell out what the fuck, while lil wayne only raps for money, talking about his money bitches and cars,
    he aint got no lyrical skills, his texts are for kids

  • Anonymous

    snoop=mature fans wayne=imature


    i only uploaded one song on youtube (“So Fly – 213” (Snoop, Warren & Nate)

    one day i was looking who listens to it,
    what i figured out was 100% of the listeners are
    between 20 and 30 years

    now do yer fucking math, those people are those who listened to that
    real hip hop back in the 90s

  • snoopyy

    fuck all haters snooop is a legend , weezy cant beat him and either lil wayne fuck em all

  • Lil Wayne

    Nigga u a damn bitch. I can free style betta den u can get a rap from dat nigga jay-z

  • Rick Rikard

    Lol, I think Lil’ Wayne deserves this because lately he’s been getting pretty lazy on his rap. But nonetheless I think Lil’ Wayne is a good rapper but a horrible MC. I see people here calling Snoop Dogg a wannabe and a wanksta, and I just laugh. I mean seriously? Don’t you know who Snoop Dogg is? He’s one of the most influential rappers that have ever lived and has contributed enormous amounts of music to the genre. He can saw whatever he wants, plus after Jay-Z dissed Lil’ Wayne (in the same manner), it was pretty clear that Lil’ Wayne was doing something wrong.

  • Juice

    Lil Wayne is over-rated. all he does is uses the same damn analogies in his songs. Snoop did this cause Wayne claims to be a blood, and he mentions award shows cause that bitch performed at the VMA’s wit white pants and a red flag out his right pocket. Bitch made nigga.

    And fuck T-Pain, that nigga looks like a black winnie the pooh.

  • All i got to say is after katrina bloods and crips came try to take over the hood and got straight merced. N.O. holds it down for the south and all you niggas wanna be like us. Get off our nuts and worry bout yourself bitch we aint bout no drama faggot ass talk this talk that ya heard me come speak into this mouth piece click clack m f. Southseea4lea

  • Look,to all yall niggaz ridin on Weezy pleaaasse get off his dick!! Snoop getin on Wayne because he tired of these fake ass niggas trying to be the west coast when niggas like snoop is the west coast. I dont give a fuck how good the nigga wayne can rap, if you is a fake ass gangsta stop trying to pose as a real one. Yall Wayne fans know that Weezy is a bitch made fake ass blood. I mean come on, this nigga rich as fuck trying to bang blood and he was even wearin crip bandanas when he was with the Hot Boy$. ( I mean come on show me a video where Snoop rockin a red bandana.) Lil Wayne is a studio gangsta. Real recognize real. Fuck Weezy. Snoop 4 Life!!!!

  • IR

    Kill that motherfucker snoop. that nigga ain’t worth shit

  • maui

    why are you motherfuckers hating on snoop? nigga rolled with pac and is the story teller of the real fuckin hip hop. snoop was right ‘gangstas dont kiss’ and if youre mad at his opinion which is a fact then dont get a him but ask lil wayne to clearify whether he’s gay or not. i don’t care how many people are down with weezy because after all it is the truth that matters. birdman and lil wayne done kissing each other and birdman said he can do it anytime he wants because weezy’s his son. first birdman is NOT lil wayne’s father but if he’s a father figure how the fuck did they get on records and say bad words together? such father and son relationship is in appropriate and stupid because fathers want the best of their son. no father on this earth would encourage his son to say crap shit and stuff or back his son to scream shit like ‘hello world im your muthafuckin troublemaker’. probably there might be some but very rarely and these type of fathers are stupid. lil wayne & birdman are gays thats whassup so don’t hate on Snoop who just stating a fact.

  • IR

    Lil wayne gonna get shot

  • AdRock

    Haha. I can’t help but get my laughs at you youngsters that were in diapers (if you were even alive), when Deep Cover dropped, wanting to talk about Snoop like you know what he’s about. If you only old enough to have EXPERIENCED what Snoop can do, in the last decade, then you need not speak on the man. Ya’ll don’t have a CLUE. Whether you like his skills or his style or not, he helped put Hip Hop where it is on the Map (& that’s MAJOR). You can goto any country in the World, name-drop Snoop & people know who you’re talking about. Lil Wayne, he’s good, but “greatest rapper alive?” That’s just insulting the art you all love by even giving that man the title…. Bottom line, most of ya’ll are too young to know what Snoop can do. Just because you can read articles and listen to records from the mid 90’s, don’t mean you know SH!T about it. If you didn’t live it, you can’t possibly get it… But, ya’ll go ahead and hate on legit rappers & keep pumpin’ up your generation of Weezy, Jeezy, Skeezy and the rest of them… but the cats you hate on are the LEGENDS of this game… in 10 more years, if Weezy isn’t in a mental hospital somewhere, get at me and tell me how strong his game is then… But we ALL know he won’t be around… so that right therrrre, is the 1 and ONLY reason you need to back up off the Boss Dogg. Dude been doin this shit for over 15 years & still going strong… Like I said, lemme know when Weezy can say the same… THEN I’ll give him props and put him on that level…

  • Shon-T

    Lil Wayne said he was the best rapper alive, which is not true. personally, i hate him and i dont like his music. Snoop Doggy Dogg 4 life, sides that he is actual gangster. Fuck lil wayne

  • fuckwayne

    youre a fuckin dumbass wayne uses more ghost writers than anyone i know. birdman sucks and cant rap. lil wayne cant rap worth shit he changes the pronunciation of words to make it rhyme. this shit is straight up pussy shit what the hell happened to hip hop man. the good old days with snoop dre pac eazy biggie eminem. wu tang eminem and snoop are the only good rappers left man. and papoose

  • malweezy

    fuck ya allllllllllllll bwhat the hell is snoop getting to,

  • Adriano Dogg

    All you moterfuckas dissin on snoop, eat a fat dick! Y’all just some kids who do not even know what the fuck hip hop is. Snoop is one of the pioneers of gangsta rap, what the fuck did that faggot wayne do anyway?

    Snoop for life, fuck wayne and you lil hoes!

  • robrt

    Snoop is the legend and he will stay as a legend. if wayne responds to the diss then i feel sorry for him, because west coast gonna crush him – TOTALLY. Snoop has got the lyrics, the flow, the freestyle and the experience thanks to being in the game fo so long. wayne is a just a bitch ass nigga with a really fucked up voice and making some featurings aint gonna make him the legend. SNOOP WOULD CRUSH WAYNE IF HE WOULD BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO RESPOND!

  • streets of boston

    lil wayne can suck a dick snoop will kill him in anything gang related and music related u stupid fuckin niggaz all on waynes dick u cant tell hes fake ur all fags lil wayne is no blood he never been in no gang he never sold drugs never killed anyone its all bullshit. snoops been around he fuckin MADE RAP with dre nwa all the old shit that was real gangsta rap lil wayne is shit if he was the only raper i would prob have to listen to fuckin garth brooks or some bull shit lmao


  • streets of boston

    im with rob snoop is a legend wayne can ryme ill give him that but must of his shit u got to go back to his lyrics and be like wtf did he realy say that?….. he is fucking soo god dam bad it pisses me off wayne is a studio gangsta and thats what he will be forever tricking all u dumb asses to thinkin hes hard lmao snoop has flow and knows what the hell hes talking about

    im glad he dissed that pussy and i hope lil wayne trying makeing a diss back i bet it will be shit ……. and after that its snoop shiting on him in freestylein beats and fuckin flow wayne aint got shit on snoop hes been around for too long he is a OG!!

  • african don

    fuck snoooooop

  • lord`z breath

    yall stop dat bulshit diz z BIG SNOOP DOGG dat lil kisser start runnin wild not carin bout bosses whoz built diz rap shit

  • Weezy Fucked Baby


  • WEST COAST Home of the real BLOODS the rest of yall are fake

    Fuck that bitch Dwayne he aint a real Blood real niggaz know whats the fuck is that nigga Dwanye gonna rep somethin he don’t know about so fuck that ranker..he’s a false flaggin homo just like Birdman, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana…and I put that on Piru my nigga…its a damn shame a Crip nigga had to be the first to speak on this would have perferd to see a Damu diss the fuck out of these fakes..fuck TJ Rogers the founder of this whole Damu shit diss all those niggaz so if any nigga sayin these homos is real they need to get there fuckin heads mashed in..these fake portrayin a life they never lived I take that as disrespect..these fake are disrespectin everythin i stand for and all my homies that i lost to this shit…


    Screw it… Snoop is AWSOME!!! SO IS LIL WAYNE!!! i dont think there is any hatred involved in the situation… probably and publicity stunt… So PEOPLE!!! Dont go hating Snoop because of This!!!





  • BiggMac

    Just because snoop claims it wasnt a shot a wayne’s bitch ass doesnt mean it wasnt. bottom line, lil wayne is garbage, and has been garbage ever since he dropped Carter II. Most of the lil wayne fans i know never even listened to rap before they listened to lil waye, cause people who know what real rap is realize that waynes shit is straight fuckin up the hip hop and rap game. Im not pleased with Snoops newest album, but hes fuckin SNOOP DOGG. an honest legend with a level that lil wayne will never be on.

    Im so glad I found a forum about lil wayne, so i can tell a huge bunch of his fans at the same time… ur fuckin stupid for thinkin lil wayne has any talent at all.

  • BlueisTrueSouthSideX3

    Lol look at these people raggin on snoop like he did something wrong…the picture…pure fuck lil wayne he sounds like hes taking a shit when he and as for that kiss birdman and lil wayne are fuckin fags for real…i bleed blue but i aint a crip tho..fuck bKlood..for real lil wayne says he can drop anyone anytime…HAHA hes two foot nothing…thats why when people throw shit at him he has to bring his gat out stupid motherfucker…im not a big snoop fan but i hate lil wayne hes such a lil bitch…i gotta admit he has SOME good songs but other than that he aint shit…and besides wtf hes a lil hood hopping bitch…he went folk, crip, then bKlood LOL

  • Sean Hausey

    Yo i feel wayne but never forget a west coast legend like snoop cause he was a founder in the corner stone between old-school and modern rap/R&B. Respect both artists cause im sure even though they got beef, both them get influence from one anothere, dnt bellieve listen to both all there music

  • MCD

    I think it was a poor choice for Snoop to just start beef, but idk. Maybe he feels he needs to speak on it.

  • LIL WAYNE IS A FAGGOT. okay? wtf. Snoop is KING<3 like really? maybe, now a days Snoop ain't all that, but come on? look at his oldd music, how DARE you say lil wayne is better? Snoop dog is real rap/hip hop. Lil wayne's just a fake ass faggot. that little dumbasses obsess over. i mean, ew. lil wayne? really? that's like saying justin beiber's the best. okay, maybe snoop was being a bitch up there but fuck it, i would be a bitch to lil wayne too. LIL WAYNE SHOULD STAY IN JAIL


  • yuu knw what? fxck weezy; he ain’t shxt. snoop doqq is one real mothafxcker. weezy couldn’t beatt snoop on freestyle? yuu cnt even understand what he says most of the time. atleast snoop used to be qood; weezy was never qood. whoever is sayinqq weezy’s better doesn’t know one thinqq about real rap/hip hop cause bxtch lil wayne ain’t shxt. he’s tha one who needa stop “rappinqq” he ain’t even rappinqq in his sonqs hes fxckinqq mumblinqq. ahah. FUCK WEEZY ALL ABOUTT SNOOOOOOOOOOP

  • ME.


  • fuckweezy

    fuk lil wayne thank god sumone finally disses that nigger rat looking motherfucker

  • Greg

    Lil wayne sucks dick, more people need to dis his stupid ass

  • rollin 100’s

    FuCC wayne that nigga been fake. Wearin a blue bandana on his album Covers, then he throwin up bklood? Ay CheCC leather so soft he got Caught wearin his flag on the wrong side.. thats a hood no no.. but let that nigga rep he makin niggas look weak with them skinny jeans haha fuCC weezy

  • DPG.. !!

    those people who are making a comment on snoop’s track .. people are you blind to see that the guy is dominating the stage of hiphop rap .. he’s a straight g .. complete with everything .. so it’s that easy to claim that you’re a blood.. guess not that’s why snoop cleared there minds .. SnOop Dogg dominates the game .. don’t talk shit like wayne is good he’s sh*ttt..

  • Shitt… haters gonna hate. Snoop dog still the BIG dog, if ya know what Im sayin.

  • HAHAHA FUCK LILY WAYNE HE SUCK A FAGASS! yall dumb or wut? the only thing wayne good at is to rap about girl money and everything. FUCK LIL WAYNE. snnop just tooo notorious 4 him.

  • im dreaming abt a mef diss on lili weezy pussy. oooh FUCK LIL WAYNE ! FUCK GUCCI FUCK SOULJA BOY FUCK ALL THOSE 2000’S PUSSSYYYS RAPPERS.

  • Koga

    Honestly, Y’all kinda advocating for Wayne. Truth be told snoop still hot. I just wanna let ppl know, snoop still hot. Now as for him coming at Wayne, it’s cool. Just hope Wayne got shit to say back–cause we all know Gillie Pissed on that nigga…and what i’ve discovered is wayne do a lot of secret shit he don’t want no one to know about. Point in case, like how he didn’t want no one to know baby was fuckin wit trina before him, but gill pointed that out. That being said, I’m sure snoop got work for that nigga.

  • Bryant

    I think snoop dissed him for a reason coz snoop is already big so I don’t think he he just hates him.

  • D

    lol waynes a pussy snoop own his ass

  • WuckFeezy

    Fuck Lil Wayne, bitch ass fake poser. Birdman is the second worst rapper ever, Soulja Boy being first. Lil Wayne is so weak it’s unreal. Then again an OG like Snoop shouldn’t even be thinking of Lil Wayne.

  • You muddafuckers! Lil Wayne Is better than dat Fuckin’ Nigga Who diss 4 nunthin’… Fuck dat shit… Fake Or Real, Lil Wayne Stay At thA tOp muh’Fuckass!! Punk Ass niggaz liKe Y’all(Snoop Dog Fuckin ‘ fans) Have To kNow Lil waYne’s Best Muh’fucka, Birdman Stay at tha Top, so Stop fUckin’ Wit Da Kings Of rAp MusiC! Kiss weezy’s Ass shit muddafuckass!! I’d Rather Shoot yall in Ur muddafUcckin’ hEads… It’s A CASH MONEY THANG fake aSS shit… Soo’Woop… Throw U’r Fuckin’ Hands in tHe Fuckin air!! Suckas!!

  • Fly Dungas

    this is so old but i gotta say it…waynes my favorite rapper so dont take it the wrong way but i think its kind of weird that not one of you has mentioned dedication? have you guys even listened to it? a wayne fan site with people that dont know dedication?? “I rock a red flag representin uptown, only on the right side, fuckin with them bloodz now” ring a bell?? clearly wayne is better but this isn’t for no reason……lol how can you listen to that song and not see this coming

  • jordan

    glad snoop dog dissed him its about time real rap came back and put a stop to all this silly pop music with people rapping over with lyrics that dont make sense that is about pussy bullshit and one of the ppl doing this is lil wayne


    You’re all a bunch of fuckwits, fuck lil wayne he is a faggot anyways.

  • lil wayne is a fagg man he just a object , product of industry who claimed to be a blood he’s the one whos fake hes a 99% image guy thats all he works by.
    as for snoop wasn’t necesarry but how can you even compare the two guys or even hope for a reaction from weezy he doesnst have the level snoop has been out since the early days he’s part of the story of hip hop .
    TAke ice cube or any body else they all think the same of this mainstream shit .
    If 2pac biggie eazy e , big pun or any of those guys were still they would all agree with snoop you can be sure of that.
    the point it the diss wanst necesarry and dont think its jealousy because snoop has had his days he was famous before wayne even grew up altough when you hear him talk you can be sure he has grown up yet 🙂 think about it guys no hate but facts are facts

  • Anybody if you like snoop or wayne better you have to agree weezy is a poser and snoop well he’s had his days made his mistakes and done some good stuff but any of you guys who claim to support REAL hip hop well even if none of the two fit that latch for you you know the which one is closer too it. 😉

  • Snoop Supporter

    Wayne Is Nothing But a Illuminati Dirty Gay Puppet !
    At Least Snoop Dogg Is A TRUE Gangster CRIP !
    Were The Hell Did A Ugly Looking Short Ass Homo Come From Anyways ?
    Kissing On The Lips Tattooing His Face With Tears N Shit What The Fuck Is That Wanna Be Shit?
    Fuck Wayne & Any 1 That Supports That Wanna Be Blood Fake Ass Nigga Bitch !
    Illuminati Puppet !
    Snoop Dogg GANGSTER !

  • wes wes yall

    Ok ok,this was surprising, but a good thing for snoop…clearly lil wayne is a fake blood, not only did his kiss his pops, but he shot himself when he was younger…dumb ass!!! Lyrically he’s garbage…eminem has been out the game for 5 years and has smashed wayne on every track they have together…wayne’s just lame with his skinny jeans come L.A u aint gonna catch no Bloods dressed like that…man I gotta stop..I’m out

  • shakur1love

    WHAT THE FUCK a you niggas talking about? snoop kils lil W. fuck that fake blood,

    you guys need to watch som real hip hop, fuck birdman fuck lil W

  • Trevor

    I think all you are stickin up for Wayne cause your all fan boys and fan girls, None of you are old school. Snoop goes hard. Wayne is just a fake ass blood. Lil wayne aint gunna react to this shit, if eminem really got snoops back, and wayne says something about him, then eminem will destroy his carrier. Eminem dissed wayne in his own song, so i know he dont like wayne. Look at any of the people eminem has dissed, Waynes old shit was kool, but Lil Wayne is gunna crash and burn. I bet in a year or two. No one will be listenin to his shit.

  • ZolefacekiLLA

    Ok.. Lil wayne sucks.. Best rapper? Never has been never will be lets get that shit straight.. Lil wayne sells to teeny boppers and is more pop than hip hop.. Every once in a great while he will put out a good track but 99.9% of his shit is garbage.. Just cus u put out a new song every day of the week doesnt mean ur putting out the best shit out there.. The industry nowadays shoves music down ur throat until ur forced to like it.. All of these lil wayne dick riders dont know what real hip hop is cus if they did then like most true blue hip hop fans they wouldnt like wayne either.. If it wasnt for snoop then ud never have wayne.. So do ur homework and learn suttin before u claim wayne is the “best rapper alive” lmao what a joke

  • Fuck lil wayne.

    Lil wayne doesn’t even produce music it’s all audio tuned shit that metro faggots look up to while their balls deep in their dad. Snoop is an artist, Lil wayne, is a try hard wanna-be cocksucker (literally) He’s a bi-sexual faggot, that has no musical talent, and real lyricists all think of him as some silly nigger who trys act gangsta, but in reality. He’s a shit cunt, he can’t sing, he can’t rap, he got dissed, because he’s on his high horse about his shitty genre of audiotune. I would sleep better if his vocal chords got bashed by a 12 inch cock until he can no longer speak to make music.

    I can’t believe you faggots look up to this cunt, and actually made a website about him, fucking hell, you guys should slit your wrists because you’re all brain dead vegetables.

  • cjj

    snoop just murdered lil stayne real talk why would you have awards on the west with no body from the west gettin awards

  • DanTheMan

    Yo, Wtf was up with all those gay people saying Wayne over snoop…ARE THEY HIGH? I really don’t like mainstream bull and they’re both mainstream rappers but snoop is alright and he was raw back with Dre on The Cronic. Listen to some real rap like Notorious, PAC,Funk Volume, Jedi Mind Tricks, nas,az, Viro the Virus, CYne, Celph, SOB, Earl Sweatshirt, The Beast, Eddy B… Even OFWGKTA is better then GayWayne

  • Real Rap fan

    Tht was a bitch move by snoop but I think if this was in 90’s snoop wuldn’t hav did shit Wayne cus Wayne is a fake blood but now he dif I guess Best rapper ever-2pac
    Best/realest rapper alive-DMX
    Realest rapper ever-cnt decide to many from 90’s
    Fakest rapper ever-Rick Ross or lil Wayne
    Worst rapper ever-lil Wayne

  • CoasterRoaster

    Lil wendy is destroying hip hop. All these people hating on snoop either not know the history of rap and are born after 1990’s or something. Lil Wayne will never be half the gangsta snoop dogg is, snoop been out here, he a true G. Lil Wayne is the word rapper in the history of music,…

    Rap-HipHop, R.I.P 1885-1996. Start a new genre so these punks can leave it to rest in peace and try can make tere own shitty genre.

  • Cdogg aka Campbell

    LMAO. Weezy Aint Shit.

    • ALI*g-BANG..

      I’m a East Coast nigga but i’m riding with homie snoop H’s over here Criminal luv 2 da Crip’z but then again fuc hudsta we don’t associate with N-Hood west west groover’s bankg dat.. foe gang bayba boy’z.. 973 Life but 749HOOAER BLOCK OUT IT’S A WARM SEASON FOR THEM HATERS WAIT TILL IT GET COLD THEN THEY REALLY HAVE A REASON TO HATE…

  • LoC

    Yall missn the whole point snoop is a real ass CriP cuz lil Wayne is theatrical

  • Fuck snoop is going crazy bitch and twist jay-z and kanye ass. YMCMB is not a playground.

    • 3rd Coast

      You’re right. It’s a Gay Orgy.

  • Berven Berv Mashonganyika

    Bomboclats you wanna cause tensions again in hip hop we are working our ass’s out inorder to reach where you at and all you do is to hate the player not the game Weezy is a player in this shit we ain’t living in past besides we ain’t got no worries!!!!

  • Berven Berv Mashonganyika

    these are not blue movies dog!!!

  • Berven Berv Mashonganyika

    infact fuck everyone who brought this shit up coz you wanna bring west coast and east cost where there is Illuminate coast.

  • bmk

    Lil wendy. haha fuck wayne he is fake as a bitch

  • i can see a lot you guy comments are base on opinion not facts.u guy r just a listener and not follower of music.pls check out how many album they have made.who sold the most record. wayne is not a fool like you guys he will never beef snoop. cuz snoop is fill wit dissis to the brim.he responded to jay z cuz all the industries knows j dont have enough lyric on his own, he need to add some bigee shit.
    remember snoop is a west coast nigger and the best diss song came frm the west
    hit em up.” now tell me who won i see them they run”hahahaha

  • Berven Berv Mashonganyika

    dude go and learn the facts and come back when you dont choke

  • mr 187 rider

    Fucck cckrabz and monkeyz. I told yall nikkaz ganstaz dont grow upp. So stopp the hoe upp.

    • oringinal Shotta

      Fucc you bkitch ass nigga Crip or die

  • noneya!

    All you little wayne d**kriders need to shut the f**k up! I don’t like Snoop Dogg just like i don’t like wayne and birdman, but at least Snoop is telling the truth. If you’re just going to come on here sucking wayne’s d**k, shut the f**kup!

  • Lil’ Weezy Bitch Nigga Killa

    Lil’ faggot tryna beef with Snoop is like Labron James saying he’s better then Michael Jordan. Punkass bitch. WESTSIDE MOTHAFUCKA!!!

    • DaFisFoFukYoSelf

      This old as hell but come on now bruh, how you gonna sit here and diss wayne’s talent and abilities by trying to sound clever with your dumb ass sarcasm and then fuck up the spelling of LEBRON. Like for real nigga. When have you ever seen someone spell their name like that. Oh well lol we know wayne aint stuntin this ignorant nigga

  • nineLives19XX

    What the fuuccckk this supposed to be a weezy fansite , so y’all stupid ass muthafuckas that made a stupid name just to talk shit or tryna make some gang shitnout of this ain’t but a bunch of bitches, Wayne’s lyrically better than snoop and his old ass fell off tryna make rasta music ain’t even Jamaican….but that nigga need to stop and so do y’all haters. Step off a bridge

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  • oringinal Shitta

    Slobk killa owoo CaRip shit yeah life or nothing chitty chitty bkang bkang it’s a Crip thing we don’t die we multiply fucc lil Wayne sissy ass and bkirdman uncle snoop real og Long beach Rollin 20s shit

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