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Video & Review Of Lil Wayne Performing In London

Fri, Oct 9, 2009 by

In the video above, Lil Wayne performs “Let The Beat Build“, “Comfortable“, and “Mrs. Officer” with Shanell at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, UK. You can view some high quality pictures here, and also check out the review MTV did for this tour:

The initial signs weren’t good for Lil Wayne’s London gigs. The rapper has a reputation as much his for drug use, court appearances and unpredictable behaviour as his music.

Then his European tour dates- including three shows at the Hammersmith Apollo- were postponed from July because of an unspecified ‘illness’.

But watching last night MTV forgot the scandals, rumours and arrests as soon as Weezy ran out (wearing Union Jack trainers) to his bass heavy hit A Milli.

It was clear straight away that the dreadlocked MC was on fairly sober form- interacting with the young crowd, laughing, play-acting and constantly running from one side of the stage to the other.

Pretending to play a guitar for a couple of tracks Wayne proved he’s no Jimi Hendrix. But backed by drummer, DJ, guitar, bass and keys the rock tracks from his forthcoming album The Rebirth (including single Prom Queen) sound promising.

Ultimately though it’s Tha Carter III that sets Lil Wayne apart from the pack- and was deservedly the best selling album of 2008 in the US.

Highlights at this show include Tie My Hands- a lament to his home town New Orleans post-hurricane, and flirting anthem Mrs Officer (“My face on a wanted poster/ I’m wanted by every lady cop all over”).

Kanye produced Let The Beat Build is all too brief and though it’s not his smartest lyric the crowd unsurprisingly love Lollipop.

On Mr Carter Wayne lays claim to be one of the greatest – up there with Biggie, 2Pac and Jay-Z – and on stage tonight with his odd couplets, twisting flow and smile that glistens across the venue it’s hard to argue.

Talking to the audience near the end of the gig he says: “I’m just me and I love you for loving me London.”

Before of course adding “Young Moolah baby!”

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  • JMB

    brings back old memorys
    06 10 09

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  • Ooohhh

    LOL at the end:-

    Before of course adding “Young Moolah baby!”

  • pie148

    why does he always do that beyonce song on tour now smfh



  • Remix baby

    Shanell looks so sexy in them tight clothes

  • ak_wfb

    hey danny if you can get hold of some pictures for this concert can you post them up becuase i was at the concert FRONTTTT ROWWWWWW and i jus want some pictures for MEMORY!!! amazing time, him and the YM boys BLEW ITTTT .. off the hook. HE WAS WEARIGN THE WATCH BIRDMAN GAVE HIM for his birthday and for the 1st half of his set on stage, he was wearign some AMAZING CREPS… ADIDAS .. WITH ANGEL WINGS … if any1 can find a link for wear to get them from … post tht up aswell .. thank you 😀 . weezy f baby x

  • arch

    going on saturday. What time does he come on????

  • sweet i love it

  • Nattalie

    Amazingggggggggggggggggggg. Best night of my life ha ha. My future husband. Loves Miss Carter xxx

  • jordan

    I went on thursday and he came on stage about 9.. make sure u stay till the end beause he came back out again once he had finished because every1 was chanting weezy come back.. it was amazinggg

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  • miss nazii baybee

    i went on thrusdayy too it was fuckingg amazinggg cnt explain in wordss i stayed till the very end bt feels lyk i didn get nuff !!..

    yungg moneyy girll for lifee !!

  • ak_wfb

    danny could you please put the pics up for this concert? id really appreciate it .. thanks !


    Hey who can supply wit sum nice photos from the Lil Wayne show @ Hammersmith Apoll on the 8 October, i repeat the 8 October thats the second date he did in London, and he did not where that red t-shirt, he came out with dat black hoodie and union jack hi-top sneakers. If yu can send me dem, holla on or give me a link to ur facebook/myspace. Thank you all. Peace.

    BTW he mudafuckin killed on the 8 October show, Prom Queen went hard as hell so fuck any critic sayin his rock songs were disastrous once again FUCK YOU to any hater. Weezy, Stunna, and YM the mudafuckin best ya diigggggg !

  • babyboo123

    OMG.SWEET.hes soo amzing, but lol. The cargo shorts again :|. Does he have one pair? Or does he keep wearing the same ones ? Lol, still love him though.



  • Sammyb

    And we like herrrrrr!!!! And she likes us toooo!!! Went saturday and tore hammersmith apart. Shud have dun o2 but maybe next tym. Wud love him to re release carter 3 but with his band on it with him. And gotta say the new rock is rele that gd, everyone loved and had everyone standin through out…cnt wait for nxt album. Peace

  • Missweezy

    he got so much talentttt reallllyyy !!! hes so fuckin cute when he dance :D:D

  • Wayne has so much talent. He is truly a unique artist. No one can claim to have more talent as a musician. Let it rock wayne