Lil Wayne – No Ceilings [Official Mixtape] [Download]

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Lil Wayne No Ceilings Mixtape Download

We had the unofficial Lil WayneNo Ceilings” mixtape three days ago, but here is the official version! There are 4 new tracks on here, and the quality of the songs are all better. You can download the mixtape and view the full tracklist below:

01. Swag Surf
02. Ice Cream
03. D.O.A.
04. Skit (Feat Gudda Gudda)
05. Wasted
06. Watch My Shoes
07. Break Up (Feat Short Dawg & Gudda Gudda)
08. Banned From T.V.
09. Throw It In The Bag
10. That’s All I Have (Feat Tyga & Shanell)
11. Skit (Feat Shanell)
12. Wayne On Me
13. I’m Good (Feat Lucci Lou)
14. Poke Her Face (Feat Jae Millz)
15. Run This Town
16. I Got No Ceilings [NEW VERSION]
17. Skit End
18. No Ceilings (Feat Birdman) [Download here]
19. Oh Let’s Do It [Download here]
20. Single [Download here]
21. Sweet Dreams (Beyonce Feat Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne) [Download here]

Download: You Send It [Songs aren’t tagged properly]

Download: Rapidshare [Songs are tagged properly]

Enjoy, and let us know what you think of this mixtape by downloading it, listening to it, and then leaving a comment below 🙂

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  • youngmoney574


  • It’s only got 21 tracks. They added: Sweet Dreams (with Nicki), Cool N Dre ft Birdman, Single 10 and Oh Let’s Do It. They also changed “I Gotta Feeling” into “I Got No Ceilings” with new vocals and “Wetter” is now called “Wayne on Me”.

    Nothing what I was hoping for….rather weak addition to the leaked version.

    “I just killed this shit, moment of silence – UH” The “uh” is still there in DOA btw….

  • rita32

    is that legit?

  • aza15x

    No Ceilings!!!!! Official…Weezy rules!!!

  • trizzy

    Yess Finally!

  • Ahmed

    just 4 more songs!!


    unofficial version was better

  • yungnitto

    dude no joke shit is hot but only 4 songs and like 2 of them is reall hott…shit got hyped up so much i dont wanna say it but im a little disspapointed

  • hey if

    indvidual links please?.

  • this go hard aint no way u heard the official yet cuz i started downloading it b4 they got the link and minez still aint done son. wtf how can the unofficial b better wen it got the same songs minus 4 new ones really.

  • dw

    This is that old weezy sound. haha hmmm

    No ceilings mothafukka..


  • Rawtune

    Can somebody tell me da 4 new songs cuz I can’t download it till tomorrrow I’m on my iPod touch

  • trizzy
  • weezyveli

    what are tha new songs?

  • wats the names of the new songs

  • What?

    Disappointed??!! How? It’s free music! Yeah it was hyped up for four songs but it’s free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shaking my head he could just take those bars and sell them.

  • Jason

    No ceilings run this bitch!

  • nickd

    single is crazy 🙂

  • Kayla_F_Baby


  • r3ady_4DaWorld504


  • shelooked18

    wat r da 4 songz??

  • ddswab

    yes the boy killed it damn wezzy f

  • L.I.L.’.W.A.Y.N.E

    the names of the song are pretty messed up

  • somesaycucumber>pickle

    single, sweet dreams, cool n dre and that ooh lets do it track

  • WeeZy

    ehh. not that big of a diff. but its still cool. im still bumpin it at the halloween partyyy haha..the download link was horrible though lol. needs to get updated to a new one…im outt. HAPPY HALLOWEEN oops i mean HALLOWAYNE TO EVERYONE. dont get to faded 2nite haha. peaceeeeeee

  • shelooked18

    dis shit go hard bt kinda dissapointed expected more

  • aza15x

    i jus been watching him live…he a funny geezer lol but the best rapper alive!

  • Rawtune

    He said hell b back wen he get n da studio y’all keep me posted ya feel me

  • henry419

    damn the top half of the mixtape went hard but then fell off towards the bottom. the only good track after the throw it in the bag track is run this town. all the other ones with the features and the trying to be R&B just kinda ruined the mixtape. been on the computer for 2 hours waiting for this to drop and it just disappointed me. i agree with HATER: the unofficial version was way better. i expected wayne to come with some extra hard shit for the additional tracks but instead he came with R&B and a birdman and nicki minaj feature?? both BM and nicki suck. the bottom of this tape really disappointed me. got all hype for no reason. the rest of the mixtape go hard as fuck though!!

  • YMC Forever

    The hell people complaining for idc whats new and whats not its free i owuld pay regular cd price for this shit it goes hard…. no ceilings or kill yourself bitcchh

  • hellraiser

    oh lets do it is crazy he say he going to prison february wayne is a monster ”

    “locked the ceo up and im the ceo fuck prison in february and i aint in no rush drink till i throw up nigga mo blunts ball so hard i got to go pro once”

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  • Mc Lovin

    wayne killed it
    dis go hard
    hes a beast
    well dats wat u expect from da greatest rapper alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (no 1 should hate on dis tape)

  • hdez

    Watch my shoes is the best !!!!!

  • natalskaa

    in the track list… where is “that’s all i have?” lol.

  • natalskaa

    ohhh “i think i like her” song has a new title and its called “thats all i have” :]

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  • hermosa

    Individual links for each track would be GREAT!

  • Rawtune

    Dat one dude said there was a track called live your life and all of the above he fukin lied

  • Rawtune

    Nicki is a beast she da only one dat can fuk wit Wayne they are very similiar drake is to pg 13 he straight but he got dat walt Disney flow str8 for da kids

  • weed 420

    shit didnt work when i downloaded it…

  • Wow nice games thanks a lot
    Really good job

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  • benchizzle u can get it from there

  • mahdy f baby

    this mixtape is better than many rap albums
    this mixtape is better than 50 cent’s b4 i self destruct 50 is the stinkiest dick ever

  • SuuWoo

    Nikki Minaj Killed IT On Sweet Dreams

    Sickk Mixtape

    And People Why Moan ? Its Free

  • SuuWoo

    Its been named wrong its ‘I Think I Love Her’

  • YmCm4ever

    Wtf Ppl Bitching Like They On Their Period For Tha Mixtape Is Free Yall Acting Like Its Ah Waste Of Money Tha Mixtape Go Hard Weezy F Baby Baby Make Tha Ladies Cum Quick Wayne Tha Greatest

  • best song from the mixtape ist the last song from the mixtape

  • montrel-wayne-number-1-fan
  • benchizzle


    i got 23 songs on mine includin cool n dre and oh lets do it from

    does everyone else have this?

    correct me if im wrong

  • benchizzle


    ignore my comment^

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  • Pestrator

    Danny can u post up the rapidshare link soon cause my comp aint lettin me dl it form the link off

    • Rapidshare and Usershare links are up.

  • Alex

    thankss mannn

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  • natalskaa

    @SuuWoo nope because Danny changed it; and plus i checked out the lyrics and he never says that line in the song so its called “that’s all i have” :]

  • Tommy

    Is anyone gonna make a download where the songs are tagged correctly?

    • @Tommy – I did that on the Usershare and Rapidshare links

  • DOPE!

  • foreal

    iigh fasho dat mayne good lookin out on this

  • foreal

    hdez : i agree shawty watch my shoes is my shit mayne dude went in

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  • Samantha

    Soo I found Dead Bodies. I’ll Holla. Get It In. & Can I Be Your Man. For this album also.. Lil Wayne was on it with this one.

  • ‘Lock tha CEO up, n I’m the CEO, FUCK!
    Prison in February, n I ain’t in no rush”


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  • reaper_24

    will my computer get a virus from this web sit?


    if wayne did this in 2 weeks imagine what he will do in his lifetime. wfb killt hard

  • NMcG

    [Properly tagged using TagScanner 5.0]

  • best mixtape ever

  • Bloop Bloop

    Watch My Shoes Rapes Hard! Best On The Mixtape

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  • Louis

    dawg banned from tv is so hard
    “basically I’m still a monster till the fat lady sing I come to kill an opera
    yall too plane I’m a helicopter
    My words keep going like a teleprompter”

    “take that to the bank witcha
    rock my hat to the side like I paint pictures
    smoke weed talk shit like lane kiffin
    whole country in recession but wayne different
    and I’m a maybach rida
    never drove it one time I gotta cool black driver
    Can’t walk around with guns
    Gotta dude that got em
    Don’t worry if I’m shooting long ass you get shoot”

    The best to ever do it muthafucka I know it No Ceilings got dammit now the fucking sky showing Uhh……….Sick shit

  • Nick

    In Single he sounds like he’s taking a Drake approach, pretty dope!

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  • lil wayne jr

    YO weezy i downloaded NO CEILINGS dats da s**t

  • chris

    This mixtape was dope. Man Weezy kills it, man he is a lyrical genius. No one is better than Lil Wayne. People need to learn how to do mixtapes (talking to G-Unit and Fifty, the “inventor” of mixtapes)

  • FREE willy

    haha i got no cielings dope but hook is funny

  • Durkschurk

    No Ceilings let the bullits rain on you, Weezy F the F is for FUCK what you’re going trough.
    Finally new mixtape(L)
    can’t wait till C4

  • Romanian Guy

    Damn… this was a hell of a mixtape. Im luvin it!

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  • wtf

    how the hell do i download this

  • J. parker


  • renee

    is it legal and free to download this?

  • Liam

    This mixtape is the best shit, which I did ever listen!

  • quitta_n_quad

    sweet dreams isz dha best snq up here.


    no ceilings iz the best mixtape eva


    Lil wayne is the best! this mix tape owns
    10 STARR*


    juat thought i’d add that too 😛

  • lil wayne jr

    HEARD IT YO nd i love it.

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  • Wayne is the truth… weezy.

  • hEI jUST CAME to say wats up nd dats all dhat i need to say okaii bye love dah youngmoney sqaud up okaii bye but love yall okay love yyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sqaud bitches

  • tyhana

    lil wayne is the best rapper alive this album getting off and nino part 2 i am a huge lil wayne fan i will ride n die 4 him

  • thanks for the wayne, he only got a few more months to go see you soon wayne

  • jjkj

    Password.??? please !!

  • weezy

    the password is

  • wow,hey am ready 2 die 4 dis lil wayne.

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  • Cant wait for that carter 4!!!

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