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Possible Rebirth Single Coming This Week?

Sun, Nov 15, 2009 by

Possible Rebirth Single Coming This Week

According to Cool & Dre, Lil Wayne is getting ready to release his next single from Rebirth:

Last nite mixed the most amazing record for Rebirth…I feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing project..shout my bro Wayne

More good news is that because Cool & Dre have mastered the record, we might be getting it this week:

Hopefully you will all hear the single this week…

Rebirth drops December 15, more info can be found here –

Bonus: Lil Wayne performs “Demolition Freestyle” to the camera for The Carter Documentary:

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  • rita32

    i hope so…FIRST!!!!

  • christina

    bring it onn already!!! been waiting forever!!

  • single

    man, whats the last song called? the one who starts “THIS IS JUST A MIXTAPE”

  • GSK14

    Hmmm…Cool and Dre on the production!! hopefully this’ll be a banger like No Ceilings wit Birdman, but seeing as its Cool and Dre producing it, its quite likely it’ll be a rap song! whatever it is…im iTunes’in it!
    YME CMB!!!!!

  • 3 peat

    single Says:
    November 15th, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    man, whats the last song called? the one who starts “THIS IS JUST A MIXTAPE”

    The song is called Art Of Story Tellin’ …
    Or Dedication 3 … There are two versions

  • trizzy

    I knew a single wud come out 4 tha rebirth, this wud probably b a official 1st single… I Smeel a num 1 hit

  • And that video just showed how much wayne records both of those songs came out this year (off gudda mixtape and D3) and he recorded them way back then!!

  • D_weezy08

    Them Demolition songs was suppose to be on Dedication 3.

    And he just now puttin it out. That movie stopped filming like a year ago

    My nigga got HELLA music saved up. Swear when he locked up its gne be

    like he was never gne. Im gettin geekd think about tha mixtape he gne put out

    when he gets released! and C4 🙂

  • oh wait im tripping dedication 3 came out last yr lol

  • ollxar

    i told yall it was recorded for dedication 3… mark dedication 3 is out for a year now… they said they filmed him 2-3 months after carter 3… so basically its before dedication 3 in 1-2 months but we heard it on gudda’s mixtape….

    im kinda pissed off that they filmed him when he was fallin off a little bit so he can put young money up or they filmed him when he was reaallly addicted to syrup… i know he didn’t fell off i CAN FUCKING HEAR NO CEILINGS haha… maaann i like how wayne keeps himself hot… i mean now hes better than before.. but he played everybody for a year…

  • sashaj

    i can honestly say for a year from when after tha carter 3 came out till about not so long ago like maybe september the music he was putting out was pretty wack comparedd to his old shit like all auto-tuned n shit Dedication 3 was wack as fuck from a hip hop perspective but now hes back on his grizzzzz NO CEILINGS! CARTER 4. i aint even really checking for Rebirth but im still gonna buy it…YOUNG MONEY!

  • W. Fuckin’ Baby

    Awesome news but they are maybe lying like Birdman :S

  • LivinNWaynesWorld01fan

    best rapper alive.. no understatement!

  • goon7

    ha this shit sick see look how old this shit is and wayne jst drop the meolation freestyle!1

    Now jst think how many other songs he got ready!! ohh and rebirth gonna be sick!!

    Ya re-add this real tlk

  • goon7

    ha this shit sick see look how old this shit is and wayne jst drop the demolation freestyle!1

    Now jst think how many other songs he got ready!! ohh and rebirth gonna be sick!!

    Ya re-add this real tlk

  • ef

    Now its obvious we can all see he only fell back to put YM on…wayne controls this sh1t and its pretty scary. H e can have everybody thinkin he’s slackin then just come back andcrush the game.

    Ofcourse the lack of syrup nowadays helps.

    Soooo excited for that Rebirth single. You NEVER know what to expect with new wayne music especially singles.

  • Darren

    i knew that song was made last year i could by his voice.

  • …..

    i believe gudda says “body bag the beat, toe tag the highs, dedication 3, mo braggin rights” …on guddaville they edited the ded.3 part out..n when he says”im a ape n u food, i am raping u fools, michael jackson on the track i molest u rappers”..they must’ve edited the mj line out cuz of his death recently..

  • Nik

    I really hope it drops Tuesday bc rebirth needs some promotion , prom queen and hot revolver were nice but rebirth needs some fresh blood 🙂

  • darion

    i think its called “she’s on fire” ky said that would b tha next single a while back i think n september

  • JuLiOInK

    i want da carter documentary

    that shyt is hot

  • lil wayne fan #1

    WOOHOOO!!!!!!!! duh duh duh duh duhduh da duuhhhh celebratoin times come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla

    the part where he says “this is just a mixtape” is from the song dedication 3:)
    and i cant wait till the single, its gonna be hot

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  • Vlo

    Thats cool, new single of rebirth comin up, but stop showin the carter doc . i ordered that GEESH

  • carter yeahhh


  • stinkin nigga ft lil wayne drake n more 2009 mixtape

  • Diesel

    People think that he has just started with syrup, but you can see him with that purple stuff back in the hot boys era. It’s just gettin more attention now because he’s more famous.

  • he’s so funny how he closses his mouth when he smokes ((:
    his mouth is like a ball<3
    love him

  • wayne da best rapper alive belee dat haters

  • ollxar

    ofcourse hes the best rapper alive… no ceilings didn’t stop since the unofficial version dropped

  • kimi

    do you by any chance know how long The Carter documentary is gonna be?


  • ds

    the video dont fuckin work! it says its a private video…

  • weezyfer

    uhm…hey guys good news!!!i know wich song it is !!its that flower!!!in the documetary he singed it i change their flow and i taste their flow!!and i just heard that it was a snippet song of rebirth!!!who knows???(

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