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Universal Confirms Lil Wayne’s “Rebirth” December 15 Release Date

Wed, Nov 11, 2009 by

Universal Confirms Lil Waynes Rebirth December 15 Release Date

After much delay, Lil Wayne‘s highly-anticipated rock album, “Rebirth,” is now slated for a Dec. 15 release date according to the Universal Music Group website. The set will be packaged as a dual-disc along with the Young Money collective, “We Are Young Money.”

Originally scheduled for April 7, the first single off the set titled “Prom Queen,” produced by Infamous and Andrew “Drew” Correa, reached no. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. Second single “Hot Revolver” debuted at No. 33 on the same tally.

In addition to Infamous and Correa, producers Cool and Dre and Develop also have tracks on “Rebirth,” while Fall Out Boy is featured. The latter comes after their first collaboration on Fall Out Boy’s 2008 release, “Folie à Deux.” Lenny Kravitz, Travis Barker and Young Money/Cash Money artist Drake also appear on the set.

Although the album is mostly rock inspired, with Lil Wayne playing guitar on most of the tracks, the leaked song, “Fix My Hat,” produced by Drew Money, is one of the few rap tracks that made it onto the “Rebirth” set.

Shouts to Billboard, and I know most of us all knew that “Rebirth” was coming out on December 15, but Universal has just recently confirmed that the album is dropping on Dec 15th along with Young Money‘s “We Are Young Money” as a dual-disc.

Also, help Lil Wayne get his “Lollipop” music video number 1 on Fuse’s Hip Hop Invasion by voting here.

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  • Remix baby

    Just over a month now…….

  • Can’t wait =]

  • Pestrator

    im a buy it the first day it comes out

  • Samser

    So Fix my hat, Hot revolver and Prom queen are all going to be on rebirth

  • Finally!

  • DeadCivilian

    I checked the poll, Lollipop is nowhere near winning at 18% with Eminem’s vid at 47% Vote for Lollipop then click vote again, it makes a difference haha

    Oh yeah fuckin finally, what about the dvd that was supposed to come with the ym album? Triple disc perhaps haha

  • alexei


  • mike

    man , it better be something like C3 !! not something like most wanted rock star 😀
    cant wait !!

  • kenno

    Isbthe 2nd disc the ym album or is it wayne rock songs ft young money like shit that got leaked like amazing love, leathel injection ground zero n all them? Any1 no

  • milsy

    Come on people lollipop is catchin up with eminem an you can vote as many times as you want so please vote now

    Danny i think you should make a new update on the website just to persuade people to vote lil wayne lollipop.

  • Weezy Fan

    @Samser, Prom Queen & Hot Revolver won’t be on the album, the leaked songs that will be are:

    Amazing Love Ft. Gudda Gudda
    Ground Zero Ft. Tyga
    Girls Forever
    Fix My Hat
    Im Not Human
    In Your Face Ft. Kevin Rudolf
    Lookout Ft. Shanell
    Most Wanted Rockstar Ft. Shanell
    Ready For The World

  • carter jr

    cant wait !! 😀

  • carter yeahhh

    @weezy fan: prom queen and hot revolver will be on the album since they were Singles FROM the album.

  • weezyfer

    weezy fan ur wornnnnggggggg!!!prom queen and hot revolver are the 2 first song that wil be on the album damnnn!!!and therre wil be more rock songs he said…like 16 traxks he said on youtube that wil be on rebirth!!!!damn nigga hush…….weezyyyy,..bye said the martian…

  • Million Dolla Baby

    Finally, i cant wait

    now, lets go vote in Weezy

  • Weezy Fan

    @carter yeahhh I don’t think Prom Queen & Hot Revolver will be on the album, when I uploaded these songs to youtube they didn’t get copyrighted, but those songs I listed above got copyrighted and removed from youtube, but when Prom Queen & hot Revolver Were new, they was copyrighted on You tube, but not anymore now.

    @weezyfer Off Course it will be more songs than 9, but these 9 songs I listed above are leaked Tracks that will be on the album

  • Gettnmunny09

    Stupid fruity swag like a muthafuckin runt! Lmao

  • lvwyne

    I’m all over this ice crm beat like sprinkles : – )

  • Rebirth (My Playlist)
    – Rebirth Of Me
    – Ready For The World
    – I’m Not Human
    – Knock Knock (Ft. Nicki Minaj)
    – Most Wanted Rockstar (Ft. Shanell)
    – Amazing Love (Ft. Gudda Gudda)
    – Fix My Hat
    – Hot Revolver (Extended Version) (Ft. Dre, & Kevin Rudolf)
    – Girls Forever
    – Prom Queen (Ft. Shanell)
    – Ground Zero (Ft. Tyga)
    – Get A Life!
    – In Your Face (Ft. Kevin Rudolf)
    – Bottom (Ft. Gudda Gudda)
    – Rockstar Anthem (???) (Ft. Travis Barker)
    – Life’s 2 Short [Full Version]
    – Don’t Try Me Now (Ft. Drake) (???)
    – Lethal Injection (Ft. Lenny Kravitz, & Gudda Gudda)
    – Look Out (Make It) (Ft. SnL)
    – Fire Do? (Ft. The Game) (???)
    – Paradise (Ft. Fall Out Boy) (Or Pete Wentz) (???)
    – Over You

  • Weezy Fan


    Rebirth Of Me, Knock Knock, Get A Life!, Bottom, Rockstar Anthem, Life’s 2 Short, Don’t Try Me Now, Fire Do?, Paradise & Over You Didn’t Yet Come out??? Lethal Injection Isn’t With Lenny Kravitz, and Hot Revolver ISn’t with Kevin Rudolf??? do you actually got The Album?!?!

  • Gettnmunny09

    Oh yea….n ready for the world is his only “rock” song ican fuck wit, but dat shit tough, the world not ready 4 dat 1

  • @Weezy Fan

    Hot Revolver Is With Kevin Rudolf & Dre 🙂

  • So0o NASTY 69

    finally no more delays

  • Weezy Fan


    No, People Tought it was Kevin Rudolf, but it turned out to be Dre on the chours, Kevin Rudolf is NOT on the song

  • Lol

    @ Weezy Fan

    Ohh Thanksz For Tha Headsz Up 🙂

  • Candie


  • Jason
  • Jason

    I was thinking clearly. That’s fake for sure. Their’s no way the rebirth is gonna be a bunch of songs that have leaked. You know he’s coming with the new new.

  • weezyfbaby2892

    lil wayne has just passed eminem!!!!! i been voting non stop for the past 5 minutes nd he finally got over eminem look out tupac and then we r #1!!!!

  • Moe Tough

    he looks so puny in that pic!! find one he doesn’t look puny in!!!

    tottally off sub where is the tiny and toya episodes!!! not everyone has cable you know!!!!!

  • @Jason- idk, someone made that look real legit. there’s a possibility cus half tho songs havent been leaked but i kinda doubt it too.

    @JRockk- How’d you get that playlists bro?

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  • LilWayneFan95

    Lil Wayne is da best rapper ever!!!!!!!!!!! u all feel me right?

  • luiseezy

    men i wuz voting 4 weezy but like after da 30th time dat shit started to go down dats b.s

  • nice. can’t wait. im still wating for the rebirth track list. and im waiting for the rebirth back cover to. and im waiting for the young money album cover, and young money album track list..

  • natalskaa

    i can’t wait! ahhh! i will buy it the first day it comes out (:
    like i did with all the carters (: wooop!

  • albert pajotte

    JayRocKK where did you get that list from?

  • sure boy


  • @ Weezy Fan

    – Kevin Rudolf on Guitar + Dre on Chorus- Hot Revolver
    – Lenny Kravitz On Guitar + Gudda Gudda Rappin’ w/ Wayne – Lethal Injection
    – Paradise (Snippet)
    – I got da instrumental of Rebirth of Me
    – Life’s 2 Short + Don’t Try Me Now are snippets
    – Fire Do? ain”t dropped yet {Beat go hard tho} {Think it has a dance 2 it}
    – Knock Knock (No Nicki Minaj)
    – I’m Good, No Great Or I Get Crazy (Rock Version) w/ Nicki Minaj
    – Over You (Was 1st heard on An episode of Behind The Music + now iz a snippet)
    – Bottom (was a instrumental + was 1st heard in a Rebirth sneak peak vid by Essay Potna)

    * Most of dis shit i found on youtube and like idk instrumentals, so idk if i’m right or not + it’s not all acurate*

    * Also I found these snippets*
    Caring,Felt, Me And Her, Rebirth, Evil Skit