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Lil Wayne – Drop The World (Feat Eminem) [Official Single Cover]

Sat, Dec 19, 2009 by

Lil Wayne Drop The World Feat Eminem - Official Single Cover

Here is the official cover for Lil Wayne‘s next single from Rebirth – “Drop The World” featuring Eminem.

So do you think this was the best choice for a single, or would you have gone with another record ❓ Let us know in the comments.

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  • hiroichi

    First….I like Weezy`s part is better that Em…..but Em is cool to

  • Daz

    this single HOT ! weezy better than em on this but em is good to..YMCMB

  • Samser

    Nope, should of gone with Knockout or Paradise

  • Catherine

    Wayne loookksssss sooooo good x



  • pie148

    slim shady > weezy in this song

  • i like this single, sikkkk. been lovin this song

  • Nope.!
    I Would HAve Gone With Paradise Or Knockout

  • Ooohhh

    When is On Fire video coming and has Da Da Da been scrapped cause of the negative feedback lol


    Awesome track to release as a single, another track that I want to see as a single down the line is definitely Paradice, that song would make an awesome music video.

  • young nas

    whyn isn’t em on the cover?? he better be in the video

  • CheezyDoDo

    just becuase its single doesnt mean they will make a video for it

  • zaerickson

    i think it’s a great single! em kills it and weezy does what he does best….. as always!

  • weezyfff

    too much censored in the clean version

  • VikingLyfe

    Great single, one of the best rebirth tracks…Y not make money off it while the wait is on for a relaese date

  • he looksss ooo freakiinngg hott :] hit me up iffff urrrr a BIGG fan

  • I like this track, it is a good single and i hope they do a video, i also love “Paradise” tho, its amazing i hope thats a single too!

  • Rock LIfe

    Good single!! And THE NEXT SINGLE NEED TO BE “PARADISE” THIS SONG IS CRAZYYY!!!! And after maybe “Runnin’ (feat. Shanell aka SNL)” or “KnockOut (feat. Nicki Minaj)”.
    But I really think that after Drop the world he need to take Paradise for the third single

  • YO

    Good Sinqle, In My Opinion.!

  • Ahhh good song, but I would’ve liked one of his more rock-ish songs. But that’s just me (death metal kinda guy)…

  • Good choice, though Eminem kills this one. I think “Knockout” should also be a single…love that song.

  • martian101

    hell ya this is a good choice for a single….best song on the album

  • fuck lil waynes rebirth album push back

    FUCK I LISTEN TO PARADISE NOW 10 hours non stop (but low volume) hella fire

    i kno why evry1 loves paradice… because its the only song which is calm

  • Rock LIfe

    yeah Paradise is awesome!!

  • sick picture. yeah like lil waynes verse better. but eminem is good. im fine with it if this is the next single.. i like the single cover. its looks hard.

  • tha picture is hot as hell. but it wasn’t THAT good of a song to be a single. Runnin should’ve been a single cause he poured his heart into that song.

  • Karu

    Oh My God! Wayne is soooooo SEXIIIIII! Yesss!!!!

  • OjayWee

    Runnin’ (feat. Shanell aka SNL) would be great as single

  • Blazeauga

    This is the best songs on the album lyrical wise because Wayne & Eminem both killed it, Wayne went the hardest on the whole album in this song, & i think that it’ll do great on the billboard because of the song having a beat and backup that you can tell Wayne actually put his time into this one instead of this being another one of his daily routine tracks that leak, and because this is a good mix up collaboration and thats what people love these days. I think his rock songs aren’t AS popular because it’s not him but as far as I think, none of these tracks really pushed the limit of rock & rap , or ended up really grunge like his track Most Wanted Rockstar. They were all kind of planned to achieve mainstream success and sound like they all really would. But even though this will probably be the last single I think for a next one Wayne should go with either Paradise, Knockout or Get A Life. Because they’re all pretty catchy and really blend together.

    P.S. Prom Queen was a little Grunge too so i was surprised by how high it peaked. I was thinking it would stop around number 30, but then again Wayne’s full of surprises

  • fuck lil waynes rebirth album push back

    paradice or knockout otherwise no promise if album will sell good

  • paige

    nice cover and song!!!!! i love it love it love it a lot!!!! YEA!!!!!!!

  • Seb

    The song is FIRE!!!!
    Probably the best on Rebirth!!
    Nice cover also!

  • akwilson

    i think that he should put One Way Trip (Feat. Kevin Rudolf) as the next single. Wayne absolutely kills that song.

  • Tha president

    Yea great single. I think his lyrics in this song were better than eminem. Em kinda went off topic which in my opinion was a little average. Plus he had the same flow that was used in forever. Just because he raps faster than wayne dont mean he is better

  • Sick Pic!!

    I Wuda Went With “I’m So Over You” “The Price Is Wrong” or “Knockout” But “Drop The World Still Goes Hard. Its Gunna Kill The Charts!! πŸ˜€

    Rebirth Is Ah Hot album & Is Gunna Do Great!! πŸ™‚

  • Great new song! Love it!

  • fuck ya’ll who hatin

    this song is so good
    but paradice is better its sick
    but this one will top the charts
    bcuz this is the most wanted collabo
    good choice to make it a single and it needs a video
    BTW cant wait for on fire video

  • Pestrator

    nice ass cover but i would have gone with paradice or runnin


    but ay peoples check me out at tell me what u think…add me…I WOULD APPRECIATE IT

  • albert pajotte

    I think this would be a good single, but he should release Knockout as a single. I think it’ll do great.

  • Team HD


  • FOLLOW ME @Yungbart1 RT RT


  • dan32oo5

    Paradise should be the next one

  • First of let me say that this Rebirth Album has impressed me in every musical aspect, second of all i think this record is hott but he should have went with paradise. That record is out of this world!

  • lzbone

    would be Paradice for single…but Drop the World is a good choice tho..

  • T-Wayne09

    I think the fact that this song is a Lil’ Wayne collaboration with Eminem is enough by itself to cause people to be attracted to this song. A lot of people buy songs on iTunes just because of the name(s) of the artist(s) who sung or rapped them. This is the first collabo between Weezy & Shady alone, so I can see a lot of people buying it.

    If they choose another single after this, though, I think it should be Paradice. If not I think they should just go ahead and release a single from the version of Rebirth that he is going to revise before it’s official release in February πŸ˜‰

  • YungGinge

    I would of choose Ground Zero or Runnin’ for a single if i was wayne. πŸ™‚

  • Luka&WeezyFan

    I Would Have Choose “Die for You” Even Though It’s Just a Bonus Track. Because This Image Reminds Me of That Song.

  • jordan


  • lol

    he aounds like a dying cat on paradice

  • i like this song

  • jc.weezy

    Paradice. Loved rebirth but can somebody post the bonus tracks….. And on rebirth comes out on the 31st. Just sayin.

  • Wayne and Drizzy run the game

    I would have went with Knockout, Runnin or Paradise. I think the reason he picked this is sheerly becuase of Em and his new CD comin out and all. But thats just my opinion.

  • Jon

    this track is hot!!!!!! but yeah i wouldve went with knockout and left paradice for people to hear when the album comes out. i think the best tracks are paradice, knockout, the price is wrong, die for you and im so over you. i bet wayne is gonna release a rebirth with a bigger tracklist on feb 1

  • Yeah, Paradice should be next, I don’t get why you all like Knockout, imo Nicki is a horrible singer/slut.

  • young money 8

    when is the song gonna be released to itunes ???

  • yeedee

    This single is definately the best. Da Da Da is also sick too.

  • young money 8: Probably Monday or Tuesday.

  • FREE WILLY? not a paradise

    Hey this is me just fucking around so bear with me okay!

    01. American Star Ft. SnL this song created a punchy almost country metal guitar rift. This song sends a message of lil wayne and his american past and heritage and his dopeness. I give it a 3 and a half cups

    02. Prom Queen Ft. SnL. The tune with a punk/pop sounding heavily lathered in Auto-Tune he sings about the girl of his dreams and how in true rock fashion is now wondering why she ever let him go. I give it a 3 cups it seemed to miss a certain substance it was a new experience but not a fail totally.

    Ground Zero. This being one of my favorite songs off rebirth Wayne delivers a punk/heavy metal sound with classic Wayne bars talking of somewhat high an deep feelings upon the top of his dome a 4 cups great song nothing missing great song.

    Da Da Da. a pop rock record about well i don’t know honestly yet i couldn’t help but sing along to this song so I give it a 3 cups for a average Wayne song

    Paradice. A deep Wayne song of dreams to turmoil and how this can’t all be it can it? despite ending a question in a preposition I loveeeeeee this song I give it a 5 out of 5 cups.

    Get A Life. ahhhhhh good old punk rock sound and format I love this song too true a choppy song but that was what the greats like Joy Division did less singing and more IN YOU FACE FUCK YOU GET A LIFE sums it all up 4 cups

    On Fire. a song of his deadly girl whom seems to be killing him with her love seeing a no holds bar beat and bridge a 3 and a half cups

    Drop The World Ft. Eminem. A spacy rockish beat with Wayne and his amazing lyrics and Em and his barraging flow that delivers blows promises to be a record of the year 5 cups

    Runnin Ft. SnL. Okay call me crazy but SnL ruined this song for me heh but waynes great lyrics gives it a 2 cups

    One Way Trip Ft. Kevin Rudolf, Travis Barker. A song with heavy metal beat and lyrics yet again the hook ruined the song again but wayne was such a beast and melody was beast 3 cups

    Knockout Ft.Nicki Minaj. hmmmmmmmm what to say a tempt of poppy punk rock was spunky and all but lacking substance 2 cups

    The Price Is Wrong. Yesssssssss end it in a great way a punk 80’s rock symbol yet he delivers with his in your face attitude.

    Please this is my own views and feelings but please let me know what you think


    y is eminem not on the cover????? this is partly his song 2 and not 2 mention he went harder and KILLED wayne…. shit i hate this

  • spaze

    weezy’s best single is on fire, da da da is a close second. this song, well…………paradice is also HOT

  • my two favorite rappers. complete oppsites in apperance, not publicly accociated together as much as they should be. both of them know the game. eminem knows how to go phsyco on the track nd lil wayne is the hands down “best rapper alive.” <33

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  • Celedi

    im not agree with the single on fire because there are lots of more better songs on the album

  • Zackery

    damn One Way Trip woulda been a fuckin sweet ass single for this album.. plus a video damn i think itd make number one no lie.

  • JU MAN

    Paradice would be a sick single

  • billymon

    i would release drop the world now, then release runnin’ and knockout at the same time

  • Miamiboi$

    this is for sure the best song on the album. It has rap and rock in it. everyone would enjoy this song

  • Really dope track, but Em was better than weezy, and he looks gay in dis cover

  • Scar

    any song on the album wud b great…all the songs have grown on me…price is wrong was very different and didnt like it at first ..but then the lyrics made it for me…other than that ….love every single oneee….all of them have a purposee

  • yeedee

    ems tryin to rap as fast as he can so he can sound better. but Waynes lyrics are really good. But Ems part in this song is awesomee. it all goes really well together

  • Kyle

    Uhm, nah, this is the song that actually had us hyped for the Rebirth leak. This was the best choice.

  • Ya Mum

    is it just me or does knockout sound like an avril lavigne song?
    i mean i love it but it just sounds familiar lol

  • sdfd

    Eminem murdered Wayne on his own shit. Wayne needs to step his game up.

  • Matheo

    I think that is a good choice because Drop The World is one of the best songs on album . Next should be Knockout or Paradice .

  • Weezzay


  • frank from the IE

    first of all lil wayne suxs he can not rap and em should of never done a track with him

  • Sum1

    Think this is the best song on there! Hope they make a music video for it! No, in fact, they just have to make one!!!


  • Trinity Drew

    O this album is great…. i luv this

  • Trinity Drew

    O this album is great…. i luv this

  • Lil Wayne Is The Best Rapper Alive. I Love Him And All His Songs. I Love What He Stands For And Everything He Represents. This Was An Awesome Album.(:

  • Drop the world, infact so amazing…