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Mika Means – Everybody Knows Me (Feat Lil Wayne) [Official Version] + No Ceilings Lyrics

Sun, Jan 10, 2010 by

Mika Means Everybody Knows Me Feat Lil Wayne - Official Version + No Ceilings Lyrics

Remember the Mika Means and Lil Wayne song we posted in October titled “Everybody Knows Me” ❓ Well we now have the official version courtesy of MikaMeansFans, who say that the label leaked the wrong version at the time. Lil Wayne‘s verse is a little different, and the only bad news is that this is the clean version. We will update this post as soon as we get the dirty, and you can stream/download the official version below:

Download: Mika Means – Everybody Knows Me (Feat Lil Wayne) [Official Version]

We have also added all of Lil Wayne‘s “No Ceilings” lyrics to this website which you can view here or after the jump below:

Enjoy 8)

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  • fuck ya’ll who hatin

    im not downloadin it till the dirty version
    BTW im First motherfuckers
    dont hate on me lol

  • fuck ya’ll who hatin

    THnx Lil wAYNE HQ FOR no Ceilings lyrics
    u guyz are tha best

  • r.ichii

    I’m gonna hate on you just because you said ” first motherfuckers don’t hate on me lol” 😛

    If you just said “first motherfuckers” i wont hate, LOL

    Anyhow, not downloading this either,. I hate clean versions i dont know why??

  • fuck ya’ll who hatin

    Lmfao 🙂

  • Ooohhh

    Major props for them lyrics – He murdered like every song

  • troy

    and still i ask does it matter who’s fuckin first corn ball

  • Genuine Artikle

    Once again Weezy killed it only flaw the track is censored cant download till explicit version is up

  • Flykidfrmharlem

    weezy look smackhed in that pic lol

  • blahhh

    this is an old song too

  • blahhh

    ohh its a different version

  • this is a different version. i like it. but i can’t wait for the dirty version.. and this song is sick. and thanks for adding the no ceilings lyrics..

  • AJ

    That girl is too sexy, especially with two glasses on her head

  • sumsom

    who is that girl?

  • Genuine Artikle

    its his daughter

  • aaronf

    prolly some fan can somepost post a myspace url with this song on it.?

  • trizzy

    i really like this song, sounds like a hit, the lil bar he replaced was sick but the new 1 is sicker

  • why is everybody sayin first now?? this aint

  • Tru

    I liked the first version better IMO.

    Check me out guys!

  • holla

    19th!!!!!!!!!!! get in

  • Lil Wes


  • yungtune33

    hopefully the dirty verison comes soon

  • sumsom

    woah really thats his daughter?!

  • holla

    ^^^ nah course its not… come on!

  • WeezyWayne12

    Old Verse was way better…..=(

  • brittany

    umm I love my picture(:

  • Brittany

    Ohkay first off I forgot I had them glasses on my head I just bought them and atleast I got to meet him and the rest of YM/CMB and no I’m not his fuckin daughter oh I more thing I didn’t even kno how they got my picture so thanks(: but I love how they do

  • phat phat


  • LAUR3NN ; X

    WooHo I amm Englishh Andd Feelingg A Bitt Hyper !!! 🙂

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  • lil wayne i love you i like to music and video i love you xxxd to you

  • i want to talk with you and my facebook laurelle nimba