T-Wayne – Damn Damn [Flower Song]

Fri, Jan 8, 2010 by

T-Wayne Damn Damn

We got Cash Money Heroes yesterday, but here is another song we have all been waiting for!!! This is the T-Wayne track called “Damn Damn“, but you will all recognize it as ‘The Flower‘ song from The Carter Documentary. The song appeared on Evil Empire’s Trending Topics mixtape and you can listen/download it below:

Download: Rapidshare

Props Splash

PS: Birdman is releasing Priceless 2 in March ❓

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  • fame

    Props, Been Anticpating this one. Since The Documentary.

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  • Marcellu$

    i juss vibe to this shitt . itt go ssooo harddd it make me dance when im sittin down lmao .

  • Banshee

    priceless 2????

  • YMBman

    Props, Birdmans comin out with another cd!

  • Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
    The most beautiful day in my life XD

  • Yeah on Twitter Baby said ” Priceless 2 in March “

  • andrew32

    fuck yes! priceless 2.. cant wait

  • If someone got the instrumental of this song… Please please…

  • fuck ya’ll who hatin

    damn damn damn damn damn damn damn
    its da hittt

  • fuck ya’ll who hatin

    man he should use this song for rebirh
    it will be number one on tha charts

  • FuckFakeFannss, !

    I’ve Been Waitin Foreverrr ! & It Was Worth Ittt !!

    Weezy Once Again Brings T-pain Back From The Bottom ,

    Woaaah , The Bizznesss , 😉

  • fuck ya’ll who hatin

    one of the best instrumental ive ever heard
    hope there will be a video soon
    man can’t wait for the tagless version

  • hope this will be released

  • Chazz

    its ok

  • rudeboi11208

    i luv dis website

  • shait

    man what the fuck is this???
    anyone who liked this take weezy’s dick out of your ear… man this is probably the worst wayne song ever released…

    oh oh oh oh? what the fuccccccccccccckkkkk

    and im probably the biggest wayne fan ever… niggas be callin me weezy for how much i like that dude but this is straight waaaaaaaackkk

  • fuck ya’ll who hatin

    SUck ma DicK
    Shait Head

  • rudeboi11208

    if yu really was a bigg fan 2 weezy you’ll like all his song gess yu a bigg fake shait Says:
    January 8th, 2010 at 11:28 am

    man what the fuck is this???
    anyone who liked this take weezy’s dick out of your ear… man this is probably the worst wayne song ever released…

    oh oh oh oh? what the fuccccccccccccckkkkk

    and im probably the biggest wayne fan ever… niggas be callin me weezy for how much i like that dude but this is straight waaaaaaaackkk

  • marsbars

    the version on the documentary is so much better

  • WeezyFbaby

    Thank you so much! have really been waiting for this one! Does anybody know the real story about that 30 minutes to new orleans song, is it ever coming out ?

  • shait

    ^^ man how long have you been listening to wayne gtfoh… bitches like you ruin wayne’s career…

    did yall hear his verse on “i made it”???
    now thats the greatest rapper of all time…

  • Simon


    Sounded a lot better on the tour bus

  • Mike

    fuck the haterz
    it’s a great song

  • jemmaaa

    good song 🙂
    love this website

  • rudeboi11208

    2 shait i just talkien tha truth braa best believe dat ive been listening 2 wayne 4 a min n whos ruin wayne’s career is yu talkien shitt sayien dat tha song is wack man yu wack !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rudeboi11208

    2 shait i just talkien tha truth braa best believe dat ive been listening 2 wayne 4 a min n whos ruin wayne’s career is yu talkien shitt sayien dat tha song is wack man yu wack !!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Call yu wayne take da a away from yur name n dats yur YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • weezy the best

  • Domo

    Mane Yaw Bitchin That Its Not That Great Now,,,But Yaw Probably Was One Of Them Cryin For The Song So Stfu!

  • this song is so hot

  • rudeboi11208

    shitt i was dyien 4 dis song 2 keep it 200+

  • Domo

    iKno Right

  • rudeboi11208

    i already listen 2 dis song like 50 time it just keeps playien in my head lol

  • weezy.f.b.

    know what you mean I also was like “ohh why he changed it ?”

  • Lil_ Carter

    shitt i was dyien 4 dis song ryt here since i watch de Documentry. I can’t wait for Priceless 2.. Fuck all haters cos YMCM rules this fucking GAME !!!

  • Lil_ Carter

    Its Time to Put 30 minutes to New Orleans on here too Plsssssss 😀

  • Ronsonagga


  • weezyF

    huuuhuuu i luv it

  • Ooohhh

    I was expecting better tbh, but this is still good.

    No way that baby is releasing Priceless 2 in March…

    #1 He always lies
    #2 All CMR’s projects get pushed back
    #3 What about Drake’s, Bow Wow’s, Kevin Rudolf’s albums and shit?

  • weezyF

    damn thats soo hot

  • weezyF

    now i want 30 minutes to new orleans…pls post it here

  • sqadshit

    im a chill dude.. i fuks with any n everything wfb n ymcmb.. but i never understood how ppl who claim the same (wayne n ymcmb heads) and even ppl who dont get down like that, how the fuk can u come on a LIL WAYNE website and HATE!?!?!?

    if u dont like wayne or his music or w/e the case is, then why the fuk wuld u waste time out of your life to come n talk shit n hate??
    u really think wayne, a fukn millionaire who is living the life YOU HATERS want, give a flying fuk wut u think of him or his music??

    answer me that HATERSSSSS!!!!!

  • grand buzz

    just need the tagless now 🙄

  • young nas

    snap your fingaz
    cant believe it
    got money
    and this damn damn

    are all so fucking wack…. i’m really not looking forward to this twayne album

    the only song i like is the he raps he sings one

  • yadiig

    omfg, yaaay! <3


  • rudeboi11208

    ^^thank YU^^

  • beezy!

    the only reason all you guys liked the song better on the documentary is cuz weezy has a nice ass sound system. amd yall got your shitty computers

  • Domo


  • S

    Hmm, not too bad, I like I Made It better, the slow raps aren’t my thing.
    And guys hating on the people not liking this, you gotta realize it’s their opinion, and it’s not like their really bashing Weezy(well sometimes they do).

  • autotune all the way for t-pain but it kinda made weezys sick part not soo good 🙁

  • Lil Shredder bitch

    I like beezys comment

  • nice. sick song. i love it.. and that would be cool. if bird man releases priceless 2 in march.

  • @Beezy!

    LOL. HAHA ur sooo right

  • cheese-pol

    Ooohhh Says:
    January 8th, 2010 at 1:09 pm
    I was expecting better tbh, but this is still good.

    No way that baby is releasing Priceless 2 in March…

    #1 He always lies
    #2 All CMR’s projects get pushed back
    #3 What about Drake’s, Bow Wow’s, Kevin Rudolf’s albums and shit?

    dont forget glasses malone’s album ^

  • Felicia


  • Nasty69

    yesssssssssssssssss hot hot hot track

  • nice song :X

  • beezy!

    by the way all yall hop off birdmans dick. hes not THAT bad

  • FREE WILLY? not a paradise

    nice song my fav twayne track still he rap he sang and yes birdman is that bad dude but he is a good business man (not including rebirth wtf)

  • fuck ya’ll who hatin’

    on which album will this song be??????????
    he raps, he sings
    tha carter iv
    or rebirth
    or it will be a leftover track????????????????
    cuz its so sick and i want the tagless version so bad

  • Jlsundftd

    Song is wak nd yeh im on a lil wayne website sayin this shit wak… Wen u cant even say like nah i aint diggin dat dats wak then u niggas arent not hatin u niggas are straight dick riding so cut it out fagets.

  • fuck ya’ll who hatin’

    guys drop the world is number 18 on bilboards hot 100

  • alex

    this song is unfuckinbelievable!!!!!! T-WAYNE 4 LIFEEEE!

  • finally

    whoa did not see this droppin….
    but is wayne using autotune throught out the whole song? some parts i can hear it others sounds just like hhis voice, hard to tell lately…

  • youlyce


  • Bianca


  • lu1z

    estaa cancioon esta geniaal
    desde mexicoo el fan numeroo uno de lil wayne
    weezy f. baby!
    this sooong is siiick!

  • antonio

    bout time

  • B-PAD

    finally this shit drops.. i have been waitn for this song for a minuet….. sorry to all yall birdman fsns but he poop

  • goon7

    this is the shit ya That flower

    ya want this in ya myspace

    peep this out

  • phsyco

    this shit cold wayne the best till I died

    I know ya that dude has new songs alll this new ones

    check it out

  • weezyfbaby

    Songs not bad….but im still waiting for 30 mins to New Orleans that songs gonna be fire please post it soon!!!!

  • Mauricio

    wow he doest not stop to impress me i cant wait for the juelz santana song to come out and 30 minutes to new orleans both of those are going to be STRAIGHT FIRE!!! but i love this website gosh i really hope he releases wayyyy more songs before he goes to jail.
    And when he comes out of jail omg hes going to a beast since he wont be able to record!!!

  • Mauricio

    btw does anyone know when the t-wayne album is going to come out?

  • WeezyForLife(408)

    daaannnggg song is fire!
    been waiting n it’s well worth it!

    weezy forever!!

    i listen to lil wayne daily, dnt knoe wtf imma download while he gone.


  • happiest day of my life!!! told yall this was on “He Rap, He Sang”.

  • frankiebones

    this is da shit cant wait for the full of 30 minutes to new orleans

  • Rock LIfe


  • Lupe the GOAT

    ^^try listening to a real intellectual rapper like lupe fiasco, and maybe if your brain can process it you’ll learn something for once^^ Just saying, oh ya the songs whack too, and before you start hating I do get down with little wayne on a regular basis just not this gay ass shit.

  • Jason

    People cry about how they don’t like his rock shit but then they turn around and say they like this fruity song with no flows in it whatsoever. Lol. We need 30 minutes to new orleans, now thats sick. And rebirth is bomb!

  • PunjabRS

    Love Weezy, not a hater .. But this one is a fail to me

  • muzik1718

    i kno im late but i cant believe this song is finnaly here i thought it was gone be n rebirth now all we need is that all my life i been a real nigga

  • Tareeze

    Oooh Weezy is God
    When i listen this sound Im flyy
    And please 30 min to New orleans pleaseeee

  • muzik1718

    i think they need to remove the back up vocals from wayne parts

  • yeedee

    im at school on a crappy computer… can anyone tell me if wayne raps to this beat??

  • Fr3ddy001

    Did Not Come Out As Good As I Expected .. In The Documentary He Records It Differently And Much Better. Personally I Think T-Pain Juss Ruined The Whole Song. Cnt Wait For The [No Dj] Version To Come Out Tho ..

  • Jason

    Theirs no way a song as fruity as this would ever be on rebirth. It’s never gonna be on any official album now that it’s online!

  • ferny

    yea i thought the doc version was better too! now i know y he said “PAIN” cuz thats when t-“PAIN” comes in! lol

  • G

    Wtf is this?

    Ima go back to cash money heroes…

  • Adiz

    For real, this song blows. And @ the dumbass that said if you’re a true Wayne fan you would like all his music? Are you kidding me? Sorry that comment was so stupid that I had to bring it to everyones attention. Someone tell me you will take this song over Swag Surfing and Throw It in the Bag from No Ceilings! It barely has any lyrics, you can not hear what hes saying, and there’s no chance this will get played in the clubs. What up?!


    LOL @mohammed. if ur true weezy fan u would laugh at this track. tpain sucks.. wayne ..this is NOT the original wayne.. true fans .. wantthe droughts and dedication weezy. although i wouldnt mind the instrumental to this track., beat is firee.. once t pain comes in my ears bleed.

  • that shit goes hard but so does this

  • Tha B.G.’z

    Wasn’t really feelin the song, but it is sumthin 2 listen 2 when u wanna relax.

  • rita32

    @shait, shut up dude u just dont know a good song when u hear it. SONG IS SICK!!!

  • kidprada

    damn i was waiting for this song yaay lol

    go to

  • thatkidfromthedub

    why would anyone in their right mind want to hear a priceless 2?

  • SooWoo

    Soo Woo bitch!

    Holla at cho gwala. yeah bitch is me… kicking mofuckas out the kitchen heat.

    Nice song.

    B’s up!

  • kimjm

    For those who think you have to like all of waynes songs are dumb as f***. I agree with shait, you dumb f**** are ruining his career if you think songs like these are good. Its a raw beat but its all moaning and s***. Get a taste in music.


  • waala

    deamm weezy went inn [:
    fireeee songg

  • Lil Waynes Part Sounded All Fucked Up The Video Was Way Better.!!

  • blahh

    i’ve been looking for this song everywhere and never found it. i finally downloaded it onto my ipod just now. i love it. but they dont put a part wayne sings in the documentary that i liked. its still good though i barely hear the giutar solo as well


  • So Icy Boi!

    @shait dats because they Lil Wayne dick riderz …..and Birdman releasing Priceless 2?? dat shit gonna FLOP just lik Priceless

  • rita32

    @So Icy Boi!,

    im not on any1s dick but maybe ur on “SHAIT’s” bcuz u stickin up for him lol homo


    ALL YOU HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first, get the fuck off of here if youre here to hate, and seconddd…

    YOU GOTTA HAVE MAD SWAG TO MAKE A SONG LIKE THIS!!! this songgggggggggg might not be the greatest lyrically, but i can sureeeeeeeeeee vibeeeee to this and get it on with thissssssssss;)

    real talk,

    TYPE “YM” if you feeling me!!!

    i been waiting on this one for a whileeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  • Felicia

    yeah, the song sounded better on the tour bus!

  • rita32


  • yungtune33

    the song is bad ass was well worth the wait



  • Mike Vancartiae

    so im just saying im one of Wayne’s most loyal and Biggest fans no Dick riding, but ahh if this is He Raps, He Sings……Y The Fuck are they both singing?…….i personally dont like the song, and thats rare. Shit this may be the first! but come on now Rap my nigga Rap! still the best rapper alive on the way to being the Best Rapper Ever but damn

  • Javy

    Rawness But Still Waiting On Da Full Version Of The Other Song From The Carter Documentary; Its Called Fuck One Time. Supposdly?

  • Keri’B

    Love this song!

    But is it just me, or isn’t this the same beat as T-Pain ft Lil Wayne Can’t believe it?

  • HahahaAtYouFaggots

    Jesus, yall need to pop Wayne’s nuts out of your mouths. This song is absolute, complete, garbage. No way around it. There’s no actual verse, it’s just Wayne making random, autotuned, out of key grunts and other noises for 3 minutes over a good beat.

    It’s so bad it hurts.

  • Adiz

    @YMCMB. Ill type something for you: suck my dick (no homo)! Listen to yourself! You are saying that if we aren’t feeling a Wayne song we can’t express it? Who is you? And this song has mad swag? Are you old enough to go to any clubs where you live? You are telling me your going to vibe to Weezy moaning into a microphone??? I hope not bc YMCMB…youre a homo if are! Go suck a dick as I said earlier and try to spell words without a hundred E’s at the end you stupid bitch. IM OUT! HOLLA!

  • Lil Shredder bitch

    Whos that one rapper with the teeth and dreads?
    the one in the yellow?
    Well anyway I like that guy

  • Lil Shredder bitch

    the small one?
    who the fuck is he hes so cute

  • mr.X

    now beein for real i dont like this song either
    but if u like it its ok but dont call us fake fans what the hell i been on weezys dick (no homo) since he started and i think that the people who like this song just hopped on his dick when it was cool to be a weezy fan for real
    and with shit like this weezy starting to get more and more haters
    thats not a good thing too. like why is he wasting his talent on such a shit
    he should just leave the auto tune and go back to the rap shit what i love him for

  • mr.X

    @lil shredder bitch thats lil wayne

  • darren

    wow smh this was horrblie this was made when he was on that purp but he come through

  • Killa1

    *skips entire page of comments*

    30 Minutes to New Orleans please k thanks.

  • XX

    i was like whoa whoa whoa and she was like damn damn damn! BEEN WAITinq For This Song.. Lonq time ago.. COOl SONG Ima get high to this shit…. and sing this shit…

  • Muffin

    this song sounded better on the carter documentary when he was singin it his self.

  • Sd

    This is a old song, because wayne don’t use autotune no more, in no ceilings he did not use autotune. not even once. so, this is not the new wayne this is the old depressed syrrup Wayne…, and i dont care about autotune.. this sonq its crAzy.. Lil Wayne Best RAPPER alive, not singer alive or rocker alive its BEST RAPPER ALIVe

  • jamal

    terrible song .

  • yeedee

    DISSSAPPOINTMENT!!! SOUNDED SO SICK ON THE DOC. too bad…. mybe it can be redone

  • yaww
    i got this song on youtube with some sickass quality;

    check it outt


  • blahh

    @Lil Shredder Bitch how do you not know who wayne is if your on this website???

  • blahh

    a test for my avatar…

  • jc.weezy

    Priceless 2??? Wat happened to tons of albums:
    Drake: thank me later
    Glasses Malone: Beach Cruiser
    Lil Wayne: Rebirth???????
    Wayne & juelz: I can’t feel my face
    T-Wayne: he raps, he sings
    Wayne: Luv Sawngz
    Wayne:Carter 4
    & all the other artist that haven’t even droped an album on YM/CMB. Were that new Yo Gotti album.WTF!

  • Lil Shredder bitch

    @blahh who are you and why dont you know what sarcasm is?
    Ahh!! fuck me plz

  • Deeas

    This is a disgrace to music.

  • Deviant+

    Idk if yall tastes are different than or what, but this song is shut. Yeah I said it. I love Wayne’s material, but this shit…is shit. For those of you thT like it because you like it, good for you. You got your tastes and opinions. For the rest that’s staight up dick riding, ….. Smfh.

    hey barbie uh uh can i call u barbra hey barbie can i call u tmoro or today cuz once u go black u neva go back and when u go wayne every body else is wack.who is the bitch now wayne or barbie

  • jadoreWEEZY

    not gunna lie.. pretty disappointed.. the version in the carter was waaayy better.

  • Ahhh, I didn’t like this song. I’m sure the next one will be better. The new Kevin Rudolf ft. wayne is pretty good, though.

  • yo

    yo song is fire….u just have to play it a couple times and be in that groove….dope track though, lil wayne coulda added a little more of a “verse” but it is what it is and thats a T-WAYNE track for sure……

  • youngmoneyent

    dancin while im sittin down
    love this track!

  • mrsCarterrrrrrrrr!

    TOO ILLL..! ( :
    Lovee you Waynee!!!!! ♥


    @mohammed……… u have lost me now. talk sense

  • Rock LIfe

    NO DJ version??

    just forget it.
    free weezy

  • this song is fire, t-pain just ruined it.

  • Nadia

    i almost took a shit in my pants (from excitement) when i heard wayne sing this in the documenatry but i think itd be better with only wayne singing though 🙂 its too messy with both of them singing and making echoes everywhere

  • Weezfy

    this suuuuuuck

  • lucie

    sooo happy you found this song!! bin seraching everwhere for it!!!!! xxx

  • prue

    Love this song been waitin for this since the documentary great song waynes slower shit is always tight perfect sex music music ahahahahah

  • youngmoney12

    my fav song

  • youngmoney12

    is there album comin out

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  • jaja

    I HAVE BEEN WAITIN FOR THAT SONG!!! I keep playin the dvd jus to hear it,before i downloded it ova the weekend,someone email me when will my favorite song be comin out “FUCK ONE TIME”. that iz the shit i thought i found the full song,but did’nt

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  • Peppe

    It’s a good song, but I hate that fuckin’ “Evil Empire”. Isn’t there another version without the voice that says “Evil empire”?

  • losangeles


  • EddK1ng

    Is there a version without the part where he yells “EVIL EMPIRE”?
    should hook us up with that one.