Lil Wayne – Girls On Girls x Maybach Music 3

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Lil Wayne - Girls On Girls x Maybach Music 3

Two new Lil Wayne snippets have been leaked to the net on a mixtape titled, Tear Drop Tune Part 3. The first song is called “Girls On Girls” and it is supposedly a Sean Garrett single. Also, people have said they have seen Weezy shooting a video for this song on uStream. The other snippet is called “Maybach Music 3“, and both Wayne and Birdman have a verse. You can listen and download both songs below:

Download: Lil Wayne – Girls On Girls

Download: Lil Wayne & Birdman – Maybach Music 3

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  • Mudhu


    na but seriously those bitches are bad in the picture

  • Firsttt 😉

  • (N) Mudhu you Fuc*er

  • sikk as fukk

  • T.N.M.C

    i would love to be in that>>>.

  • Matheo

    Sounds good hope they will be awesome !

  • soji

    wayne its ur boi from nigeria festac u need to fuck those bitches b4 u go to jail i bet u u will feel relieved.

  • rg

    weezy a fukkin monstahh!!! he killed those two songs liek a beast

    and yeah I saw him shoot the girls on girls video!

  • Felicia

    who is the girls?



    weezy weezy weezy

    weezy f baby
    beach bum swagga
    pull up on the beach met a beitch name sanda
    talk that shit get her to my sand castle
    take off your 2 piece leave on your sandals
    told her im a beast she say ci she speak spanish
    tan butt naked make the panty line vanish
    the sun fell down and burned me on my ground
    and now my head smokin like the heat in my miami
    south beach killa she feelin me i feel her
    she say she got a man but im realler i steal her
    theif on the beach theres freaks on the beach
    we do it on the beach and let the water touch our feet
    thats sex on the beach what you know about it?
    girls on girls i build a girl mountain
    its young money you aint gotta count it
    girls on girls nigga im surrounded

  • ^felicia that girls r dancer with Miami heat n Wayne fans heat


    Ya i saw on ustream. Lil Twist went behind the scenes and was telling whats going on.
    And the video for Roger That is done and is on Waynes computer he was gunna give a sneak peek but he didn’t.
    And Wayne was like this is the 6th vid im shooting today.

  • S-Man

    Yo Danny here’s part of the ustream thing

  • wayne was like “look at thiz bitch” Lmao

  • mRS.wAYne

    MaNNNNNNNN liL WayNE so CUte!!!! ;]

    <3333 – kIMmy

    • He knows he is…too bad he only likes his butter pecans….I bet he is something else in bedroom…LOL

  • we are the best young money forever wayne is the best you agree with me right?