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Lil Wayne Is Not Getting His Grill Removed + Billboard News

Thu, Feb 11, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Is Not Getting His Grill Removed + Billboard News

We found out recently that Lil Wayne will not have to cut his dreads when he goes to prison, and we have now found out that he won’t need to remove his grill either. Check out what XXL are reporting:

Many speculated that Lil Wayne would be getting his diamond grill removed before going behind bars for gun charges, yet the rap superstar’s lawyer assures fans that is not the case.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Wayne’s defense attorney Stacey Richman, said that the rapper’s signature grills will indeed stay intact. While MTV News reported that the New Orleans-bred MC’s sentence date and jail term would be postponed due to dental surgery of a cracked tooth, Richman is unaware what the exact procedure is.

When asked why the surgery wasn’t done before the February 9 court date, Richman said Weezy’s dentist had to go on a last-minute charity mission to Nicaragua.

Two new Lil Wayne songs from his latest album, Rebirth have made their debuts on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The tracks are “Knockout” which is #44, and “American Star” which is #91. Also, Weezy‘s “Lollipop” record made #12 on Billboard’s ’50 Greatest Sex Songs List‏’.

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  • miss penelope


  • Maisie

    Good sheeeeeeeet !

  • Alexei

    YES!!! Weezy don’t need to move his beautiful grillz!!! Im so happy about that! Young mula BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  • darkman

    Nice 😀

  • Alexei

    young mula baby!

  • Chazz

    even tho wuld it be that bad if he wuld remove em for a little time
    wuld be good to brush his original teeth ^^

  • juju120

    thats the 1st thing i thought when they said he hadda get dental surgery

  • jorge

    Damn that girl has a nice ass lol (b)

  • YAayayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it cant get any betetr than this i thought he would half to tke out everything that makes him lil wayne ex his dreads, his teeth ugh im soo happy!



  • S-Man

    ^^ agreed ^^

  • S-Man

    Wow i meant the one above these 2. We posted at da same time. I was talking bout da nice ass ass

  • J Sax

    …i really dont think it would matter if he got it out or not….wayne would still be wayne

    but ay peoples check me out at tell me what u think…add me…I WOULD APPRECIATE IT

  • Ronsonagga

    fuck maine im refreshing the site every 5 mins please hook us up with drought 7

  • John Doe

    That white girl looks baaaaadddddd

  • natalskaa

    yessss! that’s exciting news. haha : )

  • Brandon Johnosn


  • crackattak

    lmaoooo @ how conveniently his dentist “had to go on a last minute missionary to nicaragua” he prob. be tellin dat nigga “yo son flea da country ASAP so my court date get bumped back yaa diggggg?!” hahaaha

  • bryan

    tha eat you alive version featuring ludacris it out, put it up danny

  • Rankin

    eat you alive remix with luda

  • jc.weezy

    @ Bryan

    yo man lost that shit.I been dyin 4 that joint since the takes about it….& that girl
    do gotta damn fine ass.

  • ldeezy

    YEEEEAHHHHHHHHHH! weezy you dont belong in there, if only they knew what the fuck they were doing to the world! hahah keep ya head up brotha! YM

  • ^^Haybee- Wizzle&**

    thats really great..

    Weezy for life…

  • Matheo

    That’s Awesome !

  • **Wayne4Life**

    Damn i’d fuck the shit outta her , thats a PHAT ASS … great news tho (:

  • Lyric

    wtf? isn’t that dangerous for him to go to jail with 100 thousand dollars worth of diamonds in his mouth?
    there’s some crazy people in this world, and i’m sure there is crazy ppl in that jail that would stop at nothing to harm wayne, kick his teeth out and stash them till they out of jail. (sounds gross but real).
    I just hope he sleeps in a locked cell alone… I don’t want to see weezy harmed at all 🙁

    Love you weezy.. I’ll be praying for you every single night until you are safe at home… xox

  • lilwayneboo

    man i dnt care lil wayne would nt look right wit his hair cut n to all da plp dat dnt kno da grill is his teeth he had them put it for him they r all real n is his teeth i should kno…………..

  • Louis

    Is she grabbing wayne’s dick?

  • weezy

    thank the lord

  • mhiz.kaya laneishia

    i dnt care if lil wayne had 2 take his grill out or not he still gne look gud. N BIG UPS 2 DA WHOLE YOUNG MONEY im out diz thang

  • carter

    cool pic

  • Ant Dot Dolla

    My nigga weezy… be easy out there dawg..

  • Sarah

    omg i love weezy.. he has s many fans i think he should be the kind of hip-hop. not jay-z or biggie smalls or anyone, i think lil wayne is the most popular and common rapper in the US

  • Sarah

    i ment KING lol