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Video: Lil Wayne, Drake, Eminem & Travis Barker Perform At The Grammys [Updated]

Mon, Feb 1, 2010 by

The video above is from tonight’s 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. First, Lil Wayne and Eminem perform “Drop The World“, the latest single off Rebirth, with Travis Barker on the drums. Then, Drake joins the two and they perform “Forever” with Travis Barker still on the drums. The unfortunate part of the performances was the unnecessary muting of the audio. But, despite that, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Eminem all did their thing! Congrats to Drake on being nominated for 2 Grammys and to Eminem for winning Rap Album of the Year! We all know who’s taking home the Grammys next year! Enjoy! 😉

Update: We added the uncensored video of the performance.

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  • Alan

    That was amazing! Love from Sweden! YMCMB!

  • weezy.f.b.

    the performance was great but can any body tell me why weezy and drake using the fuckin autotune without that it would be much better


    what is lil waynes t shirt, brand? i want it ? I listen to Lil Wayne, thats what it says if i read that right.

  • alex

    i think itunes is releasing their own version of the performance sometime soon this way there will be no editing and we can enjoy it how its supposed to be.

  • toast0103

    great performance except with all the random muted spots

  • Dunny

    Drake didn’t win any Grammys you moron.

  • Seb

    Amazing performance.
    They really did their thing!!

  • All Lil Wayne

    One of the best performances i’ve seen lil wayne do in years. Can’t wait to hear it uncensored on itunes. I never thought I would see Wayne and Eminem side to side but now I can.

  • Kirkoff


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  • YoungMoney

    when came the uncensored video

  • wayne got crazy energy n it feeels like he share is energy with whos on stage with cuz wen his hype they hype

  • best rapper ever


  • lil wayne is the best to step foot on this earth he is god

  • i got gusbumbs when i seen this the best best best

  • Joony

    Weezy always is distinguished in way the multitude, for being the greater of rapper’ s, always will be optimum… Birdman J, the people of loves you to Brazil!

  • i wonder what its gonna b like when he is gone for a year im prolly gonna loose my mind and prolly have to seek

  • that was amazing.

  • tessssx

    that performance went hard!

  • Simon

    that was insane



  • if u wont the shirt that lil wayne had at the grammys hit up this site they come in whit and black…..

  • Jason704

    That was amazing. Too bad whoever edited it didn’t know what they were doing.

  • WeezyFGravy

    It was gravy!

  • has cool t shirts and a few weezy ts

  • Minaj

    It’s me barbies! Who wants to finger my butt?

  • xolet

    if anyone finds the uncensored version please post it here

  • Future

    instead of changing “pistol on my NECK, you don’t wanna hear that thing talk” he should have changed it to “pistol on my BUS you don’t wanna hear that thing talk” haha to get back at those assholes who are lockin him up!!!!

    ps. Jamie Foxx didn’t know the word from shit!!! lmao

  • alex

    there are so many uncsensored versions online right now its not even funny and the quality is really good for the most part. itunes will eventually release a perfect quality uncensored version but for now im going to deal with the youtube quality…and THEY DIDNT EVEN SWEAR!!! there was NO REASON for them to mute it!

  • Simon
  • Yung C

    why would they put auto tune on wayne and drakes mic????

  • weezy.f.b.

    @ Yung C
    yeah thats the first thing I mentioned
    that’s stupid without that the performance would be much better
    can anybody explain me why they did it ?

  • Lil Wayne Fan

    They didntt show the whole Grammys..
    Drake won 2 Grammys.. damn.
    Drake is a beastt already.

    But Wayne is still, Bestt Rapper Ever, forever.
    The performance was crazy..
    MIGHT be the lastt time we see Wayne live.
    Ughh.. ckantt believe he is goin to fuckin jail..
    Butt its all good he gonna win like 5 Grammy’s nextt year.

  • GhostKillah!

    LilWayneHQ Drake Didn’t WIN Any Grammy But Its A Good Look That He Was Nominated

  • voez

    Man they fuckin went hard on the performance!!
    YMCMB fo shoe and man shady killed it like always
    Weezy n shady – perfect combination
    Love from Sweden too

  • voez

    Man they went hard on this performance!!
    Weezy n shady a great combination
    Love from sweden too

  • Cli-City

    Drake didnt win two grammies….But The performance was great…Second best next to the pink performance

  • Felicia

    the performance was amazing! congratz for drake who won!

  • Yaboiluca

    Man… the best 3 rappers of our time together on the same stage and not even beefing.. thats a site to see

    Niceee!! i wanna see a Weez&Em Mixtape tho before weezy lock up xD

  • martian101

    this perfromance was fuckin sickk…..i wonder why wayne used auto-tune for drop the world?? it was still dope tho
    weezy and em need to do more work together they a perfect combination

  • GETRebirth

    Stupid Grammys beeped out all da swear words on TV.

  • wtf with the autotune it sounds gay with live proformaces drake didnt even use autotune on the actual song but uses it in the proformace , it was sick seein wayne and em side by side

  • anyone know tht jacket weezy was wearing he cmae out with then took it off

  • fuck who ever got shit to say bout aoutotune fuck u auoto tune is were its at

  • the best rapper alive wayne and eminem,

  • Ecko

    Wtf, look at his neck…he tatooted a gun on his neck

  • that performance was like CRAZY SHIT!
    it might be the best of those guys till now…

  • auto tune

    Auto tune is where it’s at!

  • bigwayne

    yep i love that auto tune


    wayne and weezy should do more collabs!

  • Tmmy

    kinda lame performance…


    wayne and eminem*

  • they did a great job


  • Lil Wes

    how can’t you rap without auto-tune :S :S ? thats wierd man they should try it without auto-tune I think that it will sound better than with auto-tune

  • weezyfbaby676

    Wayne and Drake will clean up at next years Grammys- Tha Carter IV and Thank Me Later Baby!

  • youngmoneyent

    I thought Wayne used the auto tune sick. Drake really didn’t need to use it.
    And Em looked like he was lip syncing. He wasn’t just saying it looked like he was.

  • Kent Adams

    Wayne was good, but eminem owned that stage. best rapper alive.. im not even sure you can consider wayne a rapper after hearing him get dominated by eminem

  • alex


  • auto-tune messed up the whole performmance.

  • guest2

    DRAKE DID NOT WIN TWO GRAMMYS SMFH…he was nominated in two categories and lost out to Jayz in both categories..research please

  • N.O. Capo

    Drake ain’t win no grammys!

  • ahmed

    i watched the video many times..
    in the “Drop the world”
    it seems like Eminem wasn’t singing!!
    Do you agree?

  • that was sickkk beyond words, such an energetic performance. Loved every second….the changeover b/w drop the world and forever was wicked!

  • tony39t

    hot ass performance
    does anybody know what kind of jeans lil wayne was wearing
    i know they are levis but what kind
    plz help me guy thanks

  • S

    so did weezy or drake win any grammys? I can’t wait for it to be released on itunes, hopefully it will be there tomorrow. It did kind of seem like Em was lip syncing, it sounded exactly like the song, no differences.

  • what up

    Eminem definitely is not lip syncing

  • wun

    lil wayne lloyd and drake – bedrock pt.2



  • billyprince

    what a great self-censored performance. its really a shame what those goddamn jesus-freak american censors did on this one, wayne needs to bring em to court.

  • gA

    ….Drake…WAYNE!!! + Eminem + Travis Barker = Perfection!

  • blah!

    where can i get some pants like weezy has?
    i know theyre levis and im pretty sure theyre 510(super skinny)
    but i like the style, anyone know?

  • WeEzYNo1FaN

    that was 1 of the best performance ever damn am gonna buy 3 rebirths coz of that

  • gAl,l,l

    @ WeEzYNo1FaN i support u, ima by 3, one for me and 2 for my friends.

  • YoungStunna-DirtyBurky-209

    im pretty sure that eminem was lip syncing at tha beginning because they messed up and his mic was off so they had to put in the track of his voice as i recall. but he was singing with drake. you can get lil waynes shirt online at…also he is wearing Levi 511 Skinny Jeans. you can get them at Khols or online. and im not sure what his jacket was. Rebirth will be released 2morro and that release, this performance, & his hatai performance will be his best way to head off ta lock up…

  • Mauricio

    what does lil wayne say after he’s done with forever?
    i think he says gucci but im not sure


    EMINEM DOMINATED THAT PERFORMANCE!! BEST RAPPER EVER!!!! and he ONLY lip synced the singing part at the beginning of his verse but u actually hear him tlkn it and not singin it if u listenin close enuff :/. but def. not his ACTUAL verse. I actually liked the auto tune tho. just THANK GOD that Eminem didnt use it. I love his voice 🙂 but overall pretty good performance. nice…. love u Em!

    p.s. Eminem single might come this week so plzzzz b on the look out all u Eminem fans!!! THANK U!

  • WeezyForLife(408)



  • B-Cloud

    Last year we’re got these four guys for swagga like us and is very great … This year we’re got these four guys but only weezy again for the drop the world/forever and now is a history,is a classic …………… !!!!!!!!!!

  • lennie[ms barbie]

    they killed it will someone plez tell me wud the tshirt says that nos for sure

  • GETRebirth

    1. Rebirth
    5. Drake So Far Gone
    6. Tha Carter iii
    9. We Are Young Money

  • lildj28

    dawgg wayne had on the space jams

  • dawgg waynee had on the space jams…

  • dawg waynee had on the space jamss..

  • dawgg waynee had on the space jamss…

  • lol..

    lets get straight for the few eminem dick riders
    1. wayne is clearly the best performer, much better performer than eminem, all he does is rap, wayne is energetic on stage and really gets into it

    2. wayne is better than eminem, em might’ve had a better verse on forever, but i dont even count drop the world its on his rock album… if this was a straight rap song 16 bars vs 16 bars i promise wayne’s 16 would be better

    3. stop hatin

  • Lov wayne performance, he’s enjoying his thing

  • darren

    drake didint win a grammy

  • chuloj

    PPL Dont forget to get REBIRTH in stores. on Tuesday FEB 2nd “if you are really a lil wayne fan”…qo qet that shit, even tho, mad ppl qot the leak ones..still qet that shit..yuh can make the difference.. “Best Rapper Alive” Look At all the hard work, he doing.. right now.. MAD Music Videos Hes Givinq Us. and Fans Dont give a shit… He Gave Us (NO CEILINGS) For FREE, FREE .. So PPl LEts Make This Album Rebirth Go Crazy! WE CAN DO IT!

  • weezy f baybee

    drake did win the 2 Grammys . . . look it up

    wayne killed it,, perfection <3 🙂

  • jc.weezy

    @ Danny

    yo Danny weezy got a new song called “fuck today” (rebirth mix)(feat. Gudda Gudda) it’s on iTunes now people.SUPPORT!!


    if weezy read your comment, he would probably spit on you and shoot ya face off
    I FUCKIN LOVE WEEZY, but even he said that EM is the best.PERIOD

  • weezy.f.b.

    agree !!
    think lil wayne and drake got jamie’s and t-pain’s mic by mistake haha

  • Matheo

    F****** Awsome ! Two best rappers one one stage . Too bad that Fiffty don’t like Weezy because this could be the best trio i can even imagine Fiffty Em & Weezy ! but You can have everything so i’m happy that Em make a record with Weezy 😀

  • Matheo

    F****** Awsome ! Two best rappers on one stage . Too bad that Fiffty don’t like Weezy because this could be the best trio i can even imagine Fiffty Em & Weezy ! but You can have everything so i’m happy that Em make a record with Weezy 😀

  • Kev

    thats a sick performance Drop the world gets me too amped! and Lil wayne is rocking those space jams too fresh haha

  • josh

    you guys are tools there was no fucking autotune

  • ConnorKelso

    awsome performance spittin off da hook rhymes

  • Diesel

    @josh – Are you deaf of something? Didn’t you hear that wayne and drake was using auto-tune?

  • @kidprada

    best performance ive ever seen in my life

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  • Lil Wayne is amazing! This song was very good, very, very good!
    I love Weezy / Lil Wayne ! 🙂


    this is really good, the best rap together

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  • JoshMc

    Yo I’m a lil Wayne fan all the way! But man I gotta be real, em f*****g killed it on both tracks !

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  • rashid

    woooooooooooooooooo!amazing men,drake ur are perfection

  • I kill it, matter of fact we all did drizzy drake and eminem do their thing
    we were definitely HYPE!!!!

  • that was the best performance of my life i was HYPE!!!

  • it was good

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