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Video: Lil Wayne, Tyga, Drake & Juelz Santana Shoot A Music Video

Sun, Feb 7, 2010 by

As you know, Lil Wayne has been shooting music videos non-stop lately. Well, here is some behind the scenes footage of him shooting a video for Tyga’s “I’m On It” which features Weezy, Drake, and Juelz Santana. The song sounds amazing, and will probably be on Tyga’s album dropping this year. Earlier that day, Lil Weezy also shot his parts for Sean Garrett’s single “Girls On Girls“, and a music video for a Tha Carter IV single ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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  • mylo

    Looks Dope !!

  • mike

    Carter IV baaaaaaaaaaaaaabyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • YoungMoney

    damn the beat is amazing

  • waynes verse sounded amazing then haha

  • Remix baby

    This mean we gonna get C4 while he is in prison?

    I also heard he shot 15 videos to the Rebirth songs???

  • Samser

    No Wayne did say we was getting CIV when he gets out of prison so he will just be promoting the album while he is inside

    He’s clever

  • Plaxonti

    were is a Home Run Video ???

  • linx92

    free weezy

  • MO

    so many music video iยดm so fucking happy..
    a carter IV song craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzyy!!

  • lil wes

    I don’t like that shit man he is doing low budget movies and thats wack man look at i made it it wasnt nice and i don’t think that it will help the sales so i think that the C4 music video would be wack too

    maybe my english isnt that good cuz im from the netherlands and not the United states or whatever

  • rikky

    @ remix baby
    um..check how many tracks are actually on rebirth lol

  • Remix baby

    @rikky – 14 + fuck today

    not all will be videos for tv, but i did hear he made videos for all 15 tracks for his fans

  • weezyFcrazy

    damn he is shooting a lot of videos mann….thats tight

  • FlyAsHell

    looks good:D

  • JMB

    enybody noticed his hear is being unbraided?
    much better this way

  • CheezyDoDo

    Im pretty sure he aint shoot videos for the whole rebirth no way he did that
    and im sure Juelz and Drake arent featured on that “Im on it” track

    its smart for Weezy too shoot all these videos
    Young Money gonna hold him down while he in the pin

    Tyga,Drake and Nicki’s albums should be out by then
    an then by the time he comes back we get the Carter 4 !!!!

  • RLmascot

    CheezyDoDo the only person on here makin any sense

  • Thomas

    Omfg how many music videos is Wayne going to come out with? :S
    Awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

  • where is the time of realy amazing videos?? all that green wall videos are trash!

  • GhostKillah!

    Juelz And Drake Are Not On It They’re Just At The Video Shoot… He Played The Full Song 20x and that was it right there to

  • rg

    uh oh wayne got the dreads again ๐Ÿ˜ฎ haha

    its gon be soo much wayne music out it

  • asdfwd

    @Plaxonti – Home Run video came out already..long time now.

  • Chazz

    weezy on a roll here b4 he goes in
    thx wayne


  • hanK

    weezy will have more singles/videos than any rapper even if hes in jail..

    He should keep his hair like this btw.

  • jaron

    why is drake always in the back of like every video he’s in that fool act like he’s scared of the camera or some shit lol

  • ii fucking loveee thiss track rite heree lil waynes verse is sickk! , it goin to be rough thoo 2 more daays and the man in de binnn aww mann young money got u wezzyy stay strong!

  • youngmoneyent

    Loving the dreads are back.

  • lamillie7

    He shot like six videos last night wayne,tyga,and lil twist was talking about it on ustream last night and twist was showing parts of one video but he muted mos of it because he said the were shooting a c4 video

  • darren

    weezy doing his thang! i wanted that Frank Santira

  • SaLc25

    Video looks sick..its cool that weezys making madd videos before jail…btw i think wayne looks alot better with his hair in dreds..not the curly dreds but his old hair from like his older not feelin the braids and the curly hair is better but the old dreds are the best..nh

  • anonymous

    does any one have a download link to im on it

  • WeezyBaby!

    Hey, is it just me or does lil wayne have a new hairstyle?? like the braids aint there no more.

  • john cook

    tht was fuckin tight bro

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