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Gudda Gudda – I Don’t Like The Look (Willy Wonka) (Feat Lil Wayne) [Dirty/CDQ/NoDJ]

Fri, Mar 19, 2010 by

Gudda Gudda I Dont Like The Look Willy Wonka Feat Lil Wayne - Dirty CDQ No DJ

On Tuesday, we posted the dirty version with DJ tags and the clean version for Gudda Gudda‘s single, “I Don’t Like The Look” aka “Willy Wonka” featuring Lil Wayne. We now have the official 320kbps CD quality version of this song, which is also dirty and tagless. Both artists murder this beat, and the official music video should be here around next week. You can listen and download the track below, enjoy 8)

Download: Gudda Gudda – I Don’t Like The Look (Willy Wonka) (Feat Lil Wayne) [Dirty/CDQ/NoDJ]

Shouts to, and you can view the lyrics here!

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  • Devante

    First baby!!!!!!! ………… hot song but cant tell the diff between this and the one you posted before

  • lovalle

    love this song, i didnt even mind the tags before 😀

  • Breezy


  • Frankthetank

    gudda sips syrup?

  • andres

    this song is killa.. both murdered it..

    weezy merked like always..”fukin with my iphone, bummpin illmatic, im on a road to riches, theres just a lil traffic” – GET EM!!!

    i downloaded this song all three times, clean, dirty with tags, and now, this shit is str8 FIRE!!!

  • Mr Xclusive


  • Wow

    Weezy demolished this fukkin song.. so seriously lol

  • punkchick

    hey boys..i got a new weezy song..its called on fire..!!is very hot!!!u should listen it..i wil send the link

  • Fudda Dudda

    Lol at use niggas saying gudda wrekced this beat, dude said “I come with a toy boy like a Happy Meal
    And you’s a motherfuckin’ duck, Daffy Dill” that ish is so lame, gudda, strretz, chuckee, twisz, are some awful rappers. smh x100

  • Fudda Dudda

    But on a side note: this song is FIRE!!! wayne kills it, got the itunes set to skip till his part.

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  • omar

    george lopez is fucked up…. he claps because lil wayne missed the phoneix court date because hes in jail….

  • Chris(YungMoney)91

    Wayne’s tha best..
    Free Tunechi… Cuz Hip-Hop is dead!!! Till he out man
    Im #10 also.. lol

  • FreeWeezyFBaby

    11 motha fucking bitchy ass wannabe niggaz!!

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  • Damarquis

    Wayne is the best at everything he do in rap

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  • obtor

    danny ask shanell about wacka flocka.. there was rumors that shes hooking up with him… if so fuck that b–tchhh.. just when weezy went in.. fuck that bitch

  • gary

    This my ringtone right now

  • marian

    wow wayne go hard!!!!!!!

  • marian

    thanks from romania

  • NatalieCarter

    love the song! -downloaded-

  • cj

    danny your lyrics are a lil wrong, its “hair still plaited”

  • weezy baby

    Whatch this it should help u wit everything…


    @ Fudda Dudda are you mad? Gudda’s one of YM’s best rappers.

  • LiLWeeZiaNa09

    yo just posted some sick lil wayne reebok shoes over on ebay. if u a weezy fan go check it out. only 25 used which is cheep as hell considering they so dope

  • j’adore cette chanson

  • J
  • KnockMeOut

    Sick as Fuck…

  • Queen

    YM is a nice aspiring group! I just waiting for them to evolve into something greater! Universal Blessings to u Wayne, Stay strong in “THERE”!

  • hawthorne

    looks like gudda g is throwin up the hitler. haha

  • C_Baby

    People, let’s not forget Gudda Gudda did is thing as well. This a all around song from both parties. Pleasantly surprised.

  • hi weezy love young money song fucking rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    neta,ya’ll don’t even know…

  • Andres

    Everyday I fucking love this song more and more. Gets you so damn hyped.

  • damn! my boy knows his game 😀

  • kae carter

    rrrrriiiiitttttteeeee tho baybeee make that money



  • Can i have some hairy fairy to put in my dairy?