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Jae Millz – In The City (Feat Lil Wayne & Short Dawg)

Wed, Mar 10, 2010 by

Jae Millz In The City Feat Lil Wayne & Short Dawg

Here is a new Weezy feature from Jae Millz‘s latest mixtape, The Flood titled “In The City“. The record also features Young Money’s Short Dawg, and you can stream/download the track below:

Download: Rapidshare

You can download the full Jae Millz mixtape “The Flood” at

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  • leezy


  • freeWeezyEarly

    wayne killed it millz did too short did too
    free weezy

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  • Ooohhh

    I like how Weezy is rapping like he did in his old days on these newer songs……. really pumped for C4


  • D!ps3t

    sick song! tune went harrdd

  • Lol the mixtape is already out guys 😉

  • obtor

    okay weezy is the best rapper of 2010 100000000000000%

  • W. Fuckin’ Baby

    Wow! Last Of A dying Breed Flow !!! AGAIN !!!!

  • WeezyMula

    Not bad, but did he recycle some lyrics?

  • obtor

    ^^ one line..

  • Chris

    Weezy F is tha best frlat out! lol
    Free Lil TuneChi!!!
    WayneHead till dey kill me..!

  • lamillie7

    hey danny it was just reported on bet that wayne going to have to serve his sentence in General Population but will only have a officer with him when he leaves his housing unit you should check into that and post some ifo for everybody

  • lamillie7

    Heres the link to the page for everybody who wants to see it for themselfs

  • Chris

    Hot Damn !
    Free Weezy doe real talk

  • Chris

    Lovvvin this track

  • mike


  • damn

    why would they put him in general population….wtf is th at shit

  • damn




  • SaLc25

    @ Ooohhh
    yeaa i feel ya…weezy soundss like he did about 2 years ago and it sounds madd good!!! idk if this song was recorded a while ago cuz weezys voice sounds kinda different now but i love this song! old weezy floww gotta love him

  • Free Wayne Early

    Fck Know that must be some wrong info, Wayne is a Popstar If anything happens to him its the jail fault and thats hella Money they would lose so I doubt it if that news is official if it is fck it
    Free Weezy Man Talk To God Never Listen To The Police -Wayne

  • twonesix

    Exhibit M – millzy… now thats a fuckin story.


  • Free Wayne Early

    naw i think he will be in general population but his lawyer I think said she requested for him to be in PC so i dont think he’s gonna be in there the whole time prolly just for now he will have A escort too
    but damn Man Hope Nothing Happen to My Nigga Wayne Man
    Free Weezy Fck The Law fcking Pussies !

  • weezy fan

    hey um u know where i can dowload all of lil waynes old stuff?…well not old, but like everything b4 carter 3..i started listening to him like 6 mos ago so i dont have that stuff…i figured sinse hes in jail now i can listen to his old stuff…so like 300 degreez and carter 1 2 and 3 download link?…

    thanks so much

  • SaLc25

    its for downloading torrents tho so also download vuze…u can get hq albums..i suggest the dedication albums as well..dedication 3 is mad good cnt wait for D4 and C4

  • obtor

    weezy fan
    I Recommend you with “Suffix, Dedication 1,2,3, Drought 3, Carter 2, Carter 1”
    their is alot droughts but they are not official just type “drought” and download all of wayne’s..

    Drought is over 2 is unofficial but you have to download it… INSANE

    Www. albumwash . com … take them spaces out

    Enjoy… i wish i was in ur position…

  • rubbish

    pretty wack

  • obtor

    ^^ hahaha you probably one of those who started listening to weezy after carter 3.. this is the real monsta weezy

  • Isaac

    whats the brand on short dawgs hoodie?

  • Sam

    this song bumps so hard!