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Drake – Miss Me (Feat Lil Wayne) [Mastered / Dirty / CDQ]

Mon, May 24, 2010 by

Drake Miss Me Feat Lil Wayne - CDQ

We finally get the CDQ for Drake‘s third single from his upcoming album dropping on June 15th, Thank Me Later! The record called “Miss Me” was produced by Boi-1da and 40, and features Lil Wayne. They shot a music video for this song before Wayne went to jail, so hopefully we can be expecting that video to drop in the next month or so. Both Drizzy and Weezy murder this song, and you can stream/download it below:

Props to OVO

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  • CRusso

    1st.. FIYAH!

  • yadig

    how the fuk do u get these exclusives??
    nice track, can finally listen to it without a dj droppin bombs every second.

  • KingRich

    1st bitches…..

  • nice i love this song. its sick πŸ™‚ free weezy πŸ™‚

  • Ooohhh

    Young angel, young lion

  • Woocky

    nice nice nice, thanks!

  • S

    Eh, don’t like it. It sounds like a badly done mix, with the chorus changing the whole tempo and beat. I thought the cdq would have the whole song in the chorus beat.

  • @yadig its not a LWHQ exclusive

    and I agree with S, I don’t think this should be a single, Fireworks should be or some other better song.

  • The Jeezy and Drake song is better than this i’m afraid πŸ™

  • G

    i actually like the song..the beat grows on to you and their verses are decent…dope.

  • Fresh King




  • young nas

    drake > weezy on this

  • pie148

    dirty version pls danny boy

  • old nas

    young nas Says: drake > weezy on this

    Sorry, but the beat > waynes and drakes verses

  • Skullcandy365.erichq

    Tight as hell. Its about time for the CDQ of this….Why censored though?

  • thatkidfromthedub

    i definitely expected alot more from this…

  • jake walker

    this song is good but i wish it wasnt edited i wanna hear what wayne actually says.

  • 1. Wayne Could Of Killed This Song.
    2. The Beat Sucks Dick & The Chorus Throws The Whole Song Off.
    3. Cover Art Is Complete Trash.

    Overall The Song Is A 6.5/10

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    all these haters shut the fuck up
    the songs is ill plain n simple if u could have done better fuck is stoping u??

  • tracy


  • gk3
  • bf

    Youngtune is a fukkin homosexual

    DAMN THIS SHIT IS FIYAH!! it sounds so much better mastered and wayne ad drake ate it.

    The cover art is beautiful!





    Hop Off Wayne’s Dick You Groupie SMH πŸ™„

  • Updated with Mastered/Dirty/CDQ version πŸ™‚

  • NatalieCarter

    awesome track danny! thanks for the post… even though i had it since this morning haha.

  • helaman

    i like the first version better this shit wack!!

  • sPiR1TuaL xxx

    anybody got 192kbps or higher?

  • JPrince

    Anyone else notice Drake slacking on his verses for his singles? Over only had two verses, yea they went hard but its short. Find Your Love has half ass verses with a singing Drake going “Hey! Hey! Hey!” after every bar. And now Miss me only has one of him. I think everyone knows all album songs have three solid verses. Im still excited tho. FREE WEEZY!

  • JPrince

    And Unfogettable only had him doing one verse too

  • Ownixx

    Weezy Kill This Shit Againnnn !! Free TUNEMothafuckinCHI

  • this joint nice

  • Mr Xclusive

    lol this song is so boring….least favorite so far

  • Mr Xclusive also if dont like the cover art use this one…way better

  • Louis

    I agree with @YoungTune for the most part because I do like the cover but Wayne did alright but could’ve did way better not saying I could do better but we all know he can and Drake’s verse was good but I expected more because of what they’ve done in the past (ie. Ignorant Shit). But it’s good song and the chorus really messes up the tempo of the song. I’m not hating but because I love both of them because as you can see I’m here so Young angel and young lion

  • YMKidd

    I know Drake & Wayne got better unreleased songs then this smh average

  • Bro

    what does it mean “kickin bitches out the condo like Pam” someone help me out here??

  • eh, if anyone cares, I tried to replace the “Miss Me” Chorus with the All Night Long one, unfortunately it has a little tag on it, and it’s not perfect. If anyone has the All Night Long chorus untagged, post it please.

  • 0oL!

    hahaha weezy killed drake on his own debut album haha.. all thank me later leaks are crazy.. cant wait for the albumm..

  • beast

    Weezy Killed This Shizz!!! Wayne>Drake sorry drizzy seem like u aint at yo best right now for this album

    Free Rawtune

  • TheWeezyBeam

    Weezy could of killed this shit. I love weezy but damn dude. This beat is so sick and drake killed it. Weezy should of have a much better flow

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  • forever real

    lil waynes real wife, Angela speaks, and exposes all the fraud & lies & has tapes! CHECK IT OUT!!!

  • yeedee

    pretty decent song. kind of sounds like a mixtape track but still tight. I dont think anything will ever beat the Carter 3. i can see the Carter 4 sounding like this?

  • Matheo

    Yeah finally thank You so much πŸ™‚

  • Bro

    kickin bitches out the condo like pam? wtf does that mean

  • Mula

    I got so many styles I am a group

  • KasualMoula

    omg straight fiya!!!

  • weezy killed it yes iam weezing but aint asthmatic i loved weezys verse better than drake but drake also killed it

  • this song is better than unforgetable

  • hahhahaahha

  • lol

  • TML


    I cant post in chat

    Da da da video teaser

  • Tunechi4President

    Fuck all u haterz, this song is dope. Unforgetable is okay but
    it’s not mastered yet, the chorus is nice, “yes I am weezy but I ain’t ashmatic!”

  • Lil Wayne Dropping 4 Rebirth Music Videos This Weekend – MTV Rebirth Rampage –

    Da Da Da
    Get A Life
    Runnin’ Ft. Shanell
    Knockout Ft. Nicki Minaj

  • ViiLLAiiN

    the first version with Bun B was way better…

  • ferrari

    wanna hear the nicki minaj and drake song now

  • Ste

    Their other tracks like Ransom and Ignant Shit are alot better than this garbage

  • PrAdEn

    TML is looking like it will be a classic

  • Free Weezyy ;x

    I love this song :X:X:X:X Lil Wayne 43v3r :X:X:X:X best :X:X:X:X

  • lil’ LEX


  • J-Future
  • tre_v

    kickin bitches out the condo like pam comes from the show martin when pam used 2 always kick shenene out the apartment

  • DJ

    @Bro… “kickin bitches out the condo like Pam”… If you’ve ever watched the tv show MARTIN (from Martin Lawrence in the mid 90s), there was a character on the show named Pam and everytime she would get mad, she would kick everybody out. And she lived in a condo. There you go πŸ™‚

  • Rebirth69

    Did anybody notice how he said “its blood gang slang but I’m probably with Snoop”?
    Didn’t Snoop diss him?

  • ~TeAM WeeZY~

    YASSSSSSSSSS! LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE this F*CKIN’ song! My fave song this year! They both KILL this ish!!! Weezy all day!

    L0VeS.mY.WeeZY. πŸ™‚

  • Akillees

    lol its funny how some of you actually pretend to know what asmathic is bet you had to google it lol

  • what do wayne mean by kickin bitches out the condo like pam! was it a tv show?

  • uptownallday

    all yall that didn’t get the pam plug is young and or just gettin into black culture. martin and living color was a fuckin staple ! thats the type of shit you blow els to, laugh to, make funny as rhymes to.
    @rebirth69 Did anybody notice how he said β€œits blood gang slang but I’m probably with Snoop”?
    yea meaning he aint no real blood. its just talk.
    don’t be disillusioned by this rap shit. yall see the steady mobbin video?
    how he talkin bout fuckin bitches but chillin with his boy dolo in the brib?
    listen to what he says when he point at the picture of him n drake.
    damn right he kiss his daddy