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Fat Joe Calls Lil Wayne “The Best Rapper On Earth Right Now” x Second Letter From Rikers Island

Sat, May 8, 2010 by

In the video above, Fat Joe says Lil Wayne is the best Rapper on Earth right now and that he is the only person who could put out 300 songs a year and they all be fire! It’s around the 2:00 mark, and do you agree with what Joey said ❓

Update on the forums – We hope to have them back up any day now, but for the time being we have added a chat box on the homepage in the sidebar! You can use this until we get the forums back up, and then we will be removing the chat box.

Hit the jump to read Lil Wayne‘s second letter from Rikers Island were he pays a tribute to Mothers:

Lil Waynes Tribute Letter To Mothers

It’s not many words in the world more powerful than “mother.” Those six letters can bring joy, just like they bring pain. It can invoke excitement just as quickly as it can anger, depending on the context, I guess. For myself, it means more than I can ever possibly describe, but I will try. I associate the term with immeasurable strength, beautiful patience and infinite wisdom.

You can probably already tell, but the main reason for this letter is to pay tribute to every positive matriarch on Mother’s Day. In my eyes, that day is 365 days a year, but I understand the significance of the holiday. The love between a mother and her offspring is hands down the most beautiful thing God created. More than money, more than fame, more than cars. You know why? Because true love is the only thing that lasts from the moment you’re born to the second you perish. To all the mothers who read this letter, I hope this day allows you to feel the love and respect you so rightfully deserve. You are the role models, not me.

To the mothers of my beautiful children, there remains nothing but love, adoration and respect coming from my heart. Even with the mistakes I’ve made in my life, you give me reason to smile in a place where they attempt to break your spirit each day the sun rises. I love my babies with all my heart. And the fact you brought them into this world only gives me more and more motivation to write these words. Happy Mother’s Day.

Last but not least, my own mother, Ms. Cita. You are my heart and you are my soul. Please don’t ever forget that. We’ve been through everything one could possibly imagine together. With each obstacle that has come our way, you have handled it with the grace and dignity I can only hope to mimic. Even writing this, it’s tough to come to grips with the fact I cannot spend this special day with you. Like you always preached, a man must accept his own actions – good and bad – and learn from them. And that’s what I’m doing. Mom, I love you more than you will ever know. Probably more than I love my own self. Enjoy Mother’s Day because you deserve it. Also, find comfort knowing your son loves you and misses you like crazy.

To everyone, again, I cannot stress this enough, thank you so, so much for the support. My spirits are sky high thanks to you all. It makes the day pass faster knowing people out there care about you and want you to do well. I pray the letters keep coming in at the volume they are right now, especially the overseas ones. They let me know life still does move on, even if I forget at times. I just ask that you all keep the letters to one page. And keep sending the pictures, too. Some of you are talented beyond belief with the drawings and paintings.

I’ll go ahead and end the letter here, but again Happy Mother’s Day to each and every lady who has raised/is raising her kids the best way possible. Take care. God bless. Live life. Show love.

“I can trust my loving Savior
When I fear the world’s alarms;
There’s no safer place of resting
Than His everlasting arms”

I would love to thank the following fans:

Saraya Mabrey – Thanx for the love & for attending all my shows.

John Hoffman – thanx for the kind words

Sonovia McPhee – Thanx for holding my hand + you haven’t lost a friend, you’ve found one in me…

Liana Washington – Yes, I’m getting my arnold on

Susan Riler – Thanx for the support Wifey

S.Nicol Bell – Thanx for the respect & for really listening

Esther Oladele, Anita Abayome & Co – (I love ya’ll too in my best english accent)

Luisa Sulsona – you’re nervous but you wrote 7 pages, thanx baby

Anna Hundy Golden aka Miss Cousin – run baby run. thank you

Josiah Temple – Thanx for the love but your eternity is more important. Trust me

Chelsea from Pittsburgh – I honestly couldn’t read your letter from your handwriting. sorry but thanx anyway

Shae Carr – Don’t cry baby

Illya Mitchell – thanx & sorry about your pops

Lindsey Watson – thanx for the luv & carter V is coming soon, yes I’ll be touring & Sorry I only sleep at my house

Emily Ness – thanz for your absolute love & support and knowing all my songs. You’re a true fan. And the sky isn’t the limit, there are footprints on the moon.

Raven Smith aka Ray Simone – thanx for the real love. I’m honored to know I helped you in anyway and the tat in the mouth would be simply fucking awesome & yes I smiled and Laughed while reading your letter.

Jordan Rando – Your words were as motivated as my own. Thank you & I hope that party shuts down!

Ysabella Espinoza – Thanx for the support babe. Thanx for wearing the shirt & attending the show.

Chris Austin – thanx for the love, i’ll let Lil Twist know that I read your letter. Much love 2 the dream team

Ms Carrie Yates – thank you for the words & tears, My new gal pal

Shaniya Duncan – thanx for the words & yes that was me int he episode & don’t worry an alien is cool!

Allison Holley – thank you – your profession is ultimate

Zohal Amir – thanx for the love & support since “hardball”! and you’re a cutie

Joshua Andrews – thanx for the strong words & shout out to the westbank!

Joelle Bryson – you are beautiful in every way I want to meet you. Write back with a #

Samantha Madrid – sorry about granny. there is no secret. Just live & smile. Pain helps the strength of the smile. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Adam Hosford – thanx for the amazing words for attending my show. I be back!

Jacquette Vencie – your words were intelligent yet funny. made me think & laugh & I want 2 meet you as well, & yes I’ll take it easy. By the way, that’s an Aries symbol on the right side of my face.

Ms. Amber Upton – thanx for attending my show & for finding time to write me. I bet your kid is amazing & thanks for the compliment. I hope your fam is fine now.

Tia Wunder – thank you babe. And I hope you kill’em in softball field. Go Tia!

Erica Lynn “Mrs Carter Campbell” – I luv the envelope & what your idea the F is for.

Daniel Wykowski – Write about you babe – be you!

Chris Melchor – thank you & I hope 2 meet you too someday. Tell moms she should listen too! And I hope you never get tired of me.

Samantha Hutcherson – I hope I keep poppin up in your dreams babe & you should still be head over-hills for me

K. Foxx (Hot97) – You are truly a beautiful woman inside and out. Thank you for always remaining positive. Tune is Tuned in to you in the morning.

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  • luksdss


  • muho

    secondddd…biatchhhhh…best rapper alive

    free weezy

  • A-Bjerg

    Cool, fat joe is pretty nice xD Free Weezy F. Baby and the F stands for Free!

  • lmao

    What a joke. He’s nowhere near the top of alive.

  • jhh

    free weezy

  • uuh

    Free weezy !

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  • weezyf

    Best rapper alive for sho!
    “He in jail but you can still hear him everywhere” haha
    Thats what you get with commitment like weezy.
    When that nigga come out and release Tha Carter IV, I guarantee you it will make 2 milli first week, That album will change the rap game for SHO!

  • Ooohhh

    Carter 4 will prove he is the best

  • Tunechi

    Word ^, Listen to Lil Wayne. Make Your Friends Listen to Lil Wayne. Make People Like His Music. Lil Wayne Its a very Talented Guy, With a good Heart. But, You Know.. Theres alot of people that Love him and also hates him.. Dont Make Haters Change your mind..
    “Lil’ Wayne Best Rapper Alive” Support Him..!
    No Ceilings! Carter 3! Carter 4!!

  • Wtf

    I cant watch the video of fat joe wtf ?

  • Wisam

    MANNE this is so cool i gotta write to wayne…. get a response n shit…

    haha he told that girl to send him her number… haha she lucky!

    and damn,.. i had a dream i hung out with lil twist n lil wayne and it was the shitt

  • hanKill

    Lindsey Watson – thanx for the luv & carter V is coming soon, yes I’ll be touring & Sorry I only sleep at my house

    Carter V comming soon?!?

    Liana Washington – Yes, I’m getting my arnold on

    I hope he’s not huge when he gets out.

  • maynee wezzy is the best artist alivee not just rapper his unique flow is beast some haters dont understand his flow like we do

  • o-sre

    best rapper for sure.. cant wait for c4 though foreaaaaaaaaaaaal

  • bigness

    hes a beast yall otha niggas are pets

  • Jay Stay-ILL

    FREE WEEZY, already

  • polskii(PaniK)

    no complaints he is No 1

  • Weezyffff

    Who is Fat Joe?
    He clearly hasn’t heard of Eminem? Haha. Fat Joe’s career is dead.

  • Hegjijgvbnugv

    Wayne is so outta place on that wall with the likes of nas rakim and pac, he ain’t there yet maybe in a couple years

  • Chazz

    so its KRSone’s fault that fat joe even exists haha


  • Chazz

    and i agree with luis’ comment

  • thatkidfromthedub

    fat joe…his opinion is relevant

  • YukkaMouff folks from a scouser to east Lonfon

    yo man hope weezy put his letters love into his CIV and Wayne you to smart to put out shit like the young money album WTF yes just bought it and why man you had this complex of pain in you and now hmmmmm but the CIV is gunna be one of the better albums around fo sho. PS FUCK JOSH KOSCHECK man paul daily woulda murked his bleached ass if he didn’t run around like a lil bitch for the last minute and fuck yah for PD for checkin’ JK AT the end

  • sashaj

    Wayne is my favorite rapper fosho….but in terms of skill ill say hes one of the best alive but not the best rapper alive ….eminem/jay-z/nas are still alive so its hard to say wayne is the best rapper alive

  • blownoffkush

    fuck koscheck? daleys british ass is wack as fuck. mitrione took it just like i thought.. and shogun fucking rocked machidas bitch ass just like i thought aswell.

  • 3la

    Thatz 4 real, no one can do it @ a year 300 is not easy.

  • FreeWeezy

    I lovee Weezy!!!

  • wayniac number 1

    @ danny ,why the fuck everytime i want to write something in the chat, there only coming a “I DONt LIKE SPAM!!!!!”???????

    • @wayniac number 1 – Clear your browsers cache.

  • knirZZel


  • Lil Money

    Look bruh weezy my nigga and all we come 4rm da same place(hollygrove, New Orleans, LA) and i give him major props but he aint the coldest no more…. back wen he was in his prime in between tha carter 1-3 dats wen he was officially da best but wayne doesnt really rap no more he has conversations on da beats but it still come out cold but he aint da best no more…

  • Heya, could anyone comment the mailing address for me so I could write wayne.

  • waala

    right nOw??/
    more like “of all time” [:
    free weezy

  • WeezyFtw

    is it like 300 songs + the mixtapes ?

  • free weezy mofo!!!!!!!

  • WeezyFcrazy

    God i miss the forum ..

  • lil pus

    wayne we love you

  • me 4 now

    “Lil’ Wayne Best Rapper Alive FREE WEEZY !


    I still keep getting that message…

  • WeezysFanChannel

    I wrote him a letter today. i hope he replies. ;D waynes amazing.

  • Kyle

    He’s not the best in the world alive.. and no the majority of his recent music has been bullshit. He needs to stop the rock n roll shit. Stick wit rap weezy wee

  • lovalle

    im gonna try do send my letter soon..i have to make it perfect, i hope he responds back to me.

    @Danny, I cleared my cache and history and everything and i still keep getting the I DONT LIKE SPAM !!! message 🙁

  • decem

    WTF is going on with the forum danny ???

  • WeezyFtw

    ANSWER MY QUESTION, PLZ (sry 4 spam, usually hate shit like this 2)
    is it like 300 songs + the mixtapes?

  • mike….

    hey danny or anybodyy

    can ya put the link of ;amazing love; & ‘in your face ft kevin rudlolf’ i kinda lost those songs lol please

  • can someone please type the address to write weezy… please

  • Hi, Anyone know his mailin address?

  • Eric M. Taylor Center (EMTC)
    Dwayne Carter NYSID# 02616544L
    10-10 Hazen Street
    East Elmhurst, NY 11370

  • can’tbankusedout

    wtf? man fix the site already dannY!

  • well fat joe is a fat fuck he is justa motherfuckin hater dats all …………Like I said he is just a motherfuckin hater love always mz twist

  • i’m the real mz.twist so fuck all you motherfuckin haters because lil twist want me and not no motherfuckin hater love always da real mz.twist 4 life lil twist baby momma

  • keke

    Dat is just the only thing u can call WEEZY F BABY the F is 4 a lot of shit man the need 2 free my man 4 real

    i think that we can wait 4 weezy 2 get out of jeil becaus when he get out of jeil he going 2 be one his grimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’s shit that is coming from a real 5 star chick word 2 my chick nik’s

  • S

    I’m Single’s on iTunes.

  • lilwayne602

    hey can someone hook me up with the download link in usershare of Drakes find your love

  • Lil Wes

    the Rikers Island Redemption mixtape is out and they are fake man I hate those guys The empire and all the motherfucker and the T.O/N.O song is fake to they do a blend over the puto on beat of jeezy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lil Wes

    and they put the steady mobbin chorus on the 30 minutes to new orleans beat the makers i thought Dj Empire and Dj Noodles I hate those guys they are hyping this shit and it is all wack

  • Haybee_Wizzle


  • stEEEzyJay never seen this weezy track anywhere before….

  • mikee….

    hey danny or anybodyy

    can ya put the link of ;amazing love; & ‘in your face ft kevin rudlolf’ i kinda lost those songs lol please

  • tyler
  • adam

    how can i send him a letter

  • WeezyFan aka Adam

    @adam here’s the adress:

    Eric M. Taylor Center (EMTC)
    Dwayne Carter NYSID# 02616544L
    10-10 Hazen Street
    East Elmhurst, NY 11370

  • Bleh

    WTF? I mean wtf? im getting bored man over almost everything they said it wont even feel like wayne is gone wtf its been weeks without proper wayne songs and the forum is still the same this whole site is kinda fallen off 4real danny u need to change the whole site design if you compare this to ATF Lilwaynehq fails realtalk

    anyways whole young money is buzz killers except for drake but i dont want go deeper into that u need to getcha shit str8 mayne Plus i know its old but wtf single video???

    They need to sue scoops wannabe top video producer for embarassing waynes ass like that jus look at drizzy find your love and then you see sht like single video honestly it shouldve stayed a song man

    same for steady mobbin i really cant believe they are making such a gr8 song a low budget scoop bullsht or even better bullocks anyways im out btches let the hate start mofcks

  • Tha president

    Weezy best alive mmmm last couple of years yes but in terms of careers I’d give it to nas then eminem. Eminem is great but seriously to many on his d*ck these days. I mean jay electronia, his new song ghosts of Christopher Wallace was better than Inot afraid in my opinion

  • Can anybody send me he address to write Lil Wayne I lost it because my computer crashed and I don’t have it anywhere

  • basedhead

    yo i smoked roc with twist and weezy in dallas. niggaz no whats good wif da fiends

  • J-Fresh

    much respect to my nigguh wayne for shout outs to the fans thats a great reassurance to the fans that they actually gettin heard from him thats a real good thing he did i wasnt expectin that from him but thats wassup tho


  • tracy

    i like lili wayne

  • peelpoppinanimal

    for whoever asked the carter 4 is being released right around the time dwayne’s sentence is up, so it will create even more publicity

  • dan

    yes he is & will remain the best under the sun his amazing and lives to his dreams keep on wayne

  • helooooooooooo lilwayneeeeeeee

  • Juggles

    “Good Morning, Dick in my arse when ya yawning” < LIL WAYNE

  • king shakir

    i would like to mention the truth i.e, jay z is the worst rapper alive. Till date i don;t like his voice and lyrics. he has taken rap to the gutters and his jiggly ho keeps falling down on her face. both made money by fooling rap audience. r.i.p please!
    lil wayne is the king of rap music. his voice and lyrics divine. No one can make music like lil wayne. he is god’s gift & earth’s precious commodity of rap music.

  • frega bao

    Joe yo right 4 sure he is and alive FREE Dwayne


    the only things lil wayne is dominating is birdman dick in his mouth

  • tanmay

    Sir lilwayne is ther bst rapper

  • Jaak

    Just lost all respect for Joe,

    really, all people who even call lil wayne a rapper should be shot in the head.

    To all lil wayne fans: Have you ever went to a doctor for a brainscan?