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Throwback Thursday: Lil Wayne Talks About His Stepfather Rabbit On Set Of His “Everything” Video Shoot In 2001

Lil Wayne Talks About His Stepfather Rabbit On Set Of Everything Video Shoot In 2001

For #ThrowbackThursday today, check out this rare Lil Wayne interview from on set of his “Everything” video shoot back in 2001.

In the interview, Wayne speaks all about his stepfather Reginald McDonald aka Rabbit, who he has always called his real father and how he unfortunately passed away after being shot 7 times.

Tunechi also recalled how Rabbit read a letter in front of Jacida Carter that Tune had received from a girl when he had accidentally shot himself with his stepfather’s revolver, which said she wanted to “f*ck his brainds out” haha! Check it out in the #TBT clip below!

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Lil Wayne Wants His Old Lyric Book Back, Sends Legal Threats To The Auction Company

Lil Wayne Wants His Old Lyric Book Back, Sends Legal Threats To The Auction Company

Just over a few weeks ago, we found out that an old notebook containing some of Lil Wayne‘s raps from the Hot Boys era is on the market for $250,000.00. The book, which includes lyrics written by Wayne from when he was 17-years-old, was found in a car that once belonged to Cash Money and it is now being auctioned off through Moments In Time.

According to TMZ, Tunechi has got his attorneys to file a warning letter to the auction company stating the fact that he is the rightful owner of the notepad and he has never agreed to the sale of his pad. In this letter, Tune‘s attorneys say he “never abandoned his notebook”, but just lost it, and even though he is glad it has now been found, he is not happy about it being sold. Weezy claims that the person who found it kept it a secret for all this time, because he wanted to wait for the right opportunity to make money from it.

The founder of Moments In Time, Gary Zimet, reveals that Lil Wayne will have to purchase the notepad from them if he does want it back. Wayne is reportedly fine with doing this, but he’s still threatening legal action if they don’t stop the sale to the public!

Pic credit: MIA Nights.


Lil Wayne Reschedules His Show In Minnesota Again After Mechanical Problems With His Private Plane


2 months ago, Lil Wayne rescheduled his show at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota from February 25th to to March 31st for “scheduling conflicts”.

However, Weezy has had to reschedule the concert again as the private plane he rented out to fly to Minneapolis on had mechanical issues with the hydraulics.

Mr. Carter shared a letter from the operator of the aircraft on his Instagram page explaining the problem:

“Today, upon starting engines and doing operational checks before our departure to MSP we noticed that our flight hydraulics system started to quickly diminish. It quickly showed empty so we shut down the aircraft and did a visual walk around. Upon doing so we noticed hydraulic fluid leaking under the aft belly of the aircraft suggesting a hydraulic line had broken.”

Tunechi caption the social media post by saying: “Minnesota I’m sorry I kouldn’t make it tonight. Had plane issues that was out of my kontrol. Will make it up to y’all and reskhedule”!

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Watch Lil Wayne’s Love Letter To His Hometown New Orleans

Lil Wayne Love Letter To His Hometown New Orleans

In this post, you can watch a new video presented by The FADER and Beats By Dre called “Lil Wayne’s Love Letter To New Orleans“.

During the video, we can see some new and old footage of Tunechi and the city of New Orleans along with Tune doing a voice-over.

Weezy talks about his love for NOLA and reveals he can’t go 2 months without visiting his hometown. He also mentions that he had to work very hard to be a part of N.O. history and all music from the city inspires him!

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Lil Wayne’s 2016 Adventure In The Park Event In New Jersey Has Been Cancelled

Lil Wayne 2016 Adventure In The Park Event In New Jersey Has Been Cancelled

Lil Wayne was due to headline the 2016 Adventure In The Park music festival at the FirstEnergy Park in Lakewood, New Jersey this weekend.

However, the concert has had to be cancelled “because of the possibility of severe weather”. There is no word as of right now if the show will be rescheduled or not.

You can read the letter that the Township Manager sent to the Adventure In The Park managers requesting the cancellation of the festival after the jump below, courtesy of TLS!

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