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Jay Sean Speaks On Lil Wayne & Cash Money Heroes Supergroup x More

Sat, May 15, 2010 by

In the video above, Jay Sean speaks to MTV about his upcoming album, the Cash Money Heroes group, Lil Wayne, and much more! Jay tells us that Lil Wayne is doing good in prison, and someone from Cash Money (Baby or Slim) will go visiting him every week. Jay also says that Weezy will be on his upcoming album along with some Young Money artists, and as soon as Tunechi gets out of prison they will continue working on the Cash Money Heroes supergroup (which conists of Birdman, Kevin Rudolf, Jay Sean and Lil Wayne).

Hit the jump to watch episode 5 from Tiny and Toya’s reality TV show, and to see some behind the scenes footage from Brisco’s “On The Wall” video shoot featuring Weezy. Wayne ain’t actually at the video shoot because he is currently behind bars, but Brisco has said on Twitter that he will be in the final video.

Brisco – On The Wall (Feat Lil Wayne) Video Shoot [Behind The Scenes]:

Tiny & Toya Episode 5 From Season 2 Of Their Reality TV Show:

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  • firsttt

  • Fresh King

    Really lookin forward to this cash money heroes group !!

  • when jay sean album coming out?

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  • Samser

    The Brisco and Weezy video is looking like it could be pretty awesome

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    i got u n my prayer
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    it’s hard time for a sick chick.
    well hope you are ok
    we still have love for u

  • bweezy

    Free weezy and we need tha carter 4 its going to be the shit weezy your the best rapper alive

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    i think i just heard a new wayne song on the radio today in chicagos 92.3 ……i didnt get to record the whole song but i got the last couple of words and it was-I GOT YOUNG MONEY BEACOUP BREAD BUT A BITCH CANT GET A CRUMB FROM ME….some girl was on the hook not sure who



  • bigezzy

    can you send it to my mail
    tnx a lot

  • tessssx

    yeah someone from amsterdam in the brisco vid (H)
    the vid looks nicee

  • Lil Wes

    seriously man where is the Drought is over 7? Does anybody know a release date and I hate Dj noodles with the fake Rikers redemption mixtape :@

  • #freeweezy! Can’t imagine wht he is going through in jail..the game(hip hop)needs him back..

  • Weezyffff

    fuck drought 7, Empire is no one. And he will be forgotten without releasing it, so it’s his loss, not ours.

  • Tunechi Lionches

    Lol, guess u weren’t lying.

  • YO

    how tunechi

  • YO

    ugly ass female

  • Tunechi Lionches

    Because yesterday you had put you heard a new Wayne verse on the radio, and then a couple of hours later Fresh I Stay (Part 2) was on the front page lol.

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    what does the X mean in the headline?


  • i have been succeed of what they have been stated, thank;s 2 u pals