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Video: Lil Wayne – Da Da Da [Sneak Peek]

Tue, May 25, 2010 by

Got some good news Young Moneyians! This upcoming Memorial Day weekend, MTV Jams will debut four (could be five) brand new Lil Wayne music videos from his Rebirth album. The videos which are premiering are: “Da Da Da“, “Get A Life“, “Runnin’” with Shanell, and “Knockout” with Nicki Minaj. In the video above, you can see a sneak peek for Weezy‘s “Da Da Da” music video which will feature rock band ¡Mayday! making a cameo. You can also read what MTV said about this video below, and see some behind the scenes pics here (if you missed them).

Da Da Da” has the real-time feel of the “A Milli” video. We see Wayne, in the middle of Collins Street and 12th Avenue in Miami, get out of his tour bus and ride in a Maybach to the Marlin Hotel. The scene cuts to Wayne walking onto the rooftop of the hotel to a stage where ¡Mayday! is in place. The band begins to perform.

The performance in the video was live and unannounced, and we see everyone looking up while Weezy and company rock the strip. Onlookers whip out camera phones and flipcams to capture the moment. Weezy keeps his charisma high as he shows off for the crowd that forms in the street and fans watching from their terraces.

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  • lamillie7

    hmm should i say first idk lets just watch the video lol it looks like its going to be good

  • 1

    1st nik

  • weezyfbaby and the f is for fan^^

    cool^^ second^^

  • muzik


  • Video is looking sick. Looks like they shot it on that rooftop without the public knowing. The way people are looking up they look confused hahaha. Can’t wait to see the videos

  • the forums?

  • liqhtbriqht

    i FREAKING LOVE THAT SONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elf ears Johnson

    Love the song and Wayne branching out with his style… The band is a good look, mayday is definitely doin it, those cats are a force to be reckoned with… reminds me of the streets have no name by U2, good job.

  • hmm i wonder where the location was and when it got filmed/ weezy is in jail how the damnz is he progressing this fast/ i guess money talks huh that’s that/ don’t over think it or you’ll get clapped =]/ free weezy that nigga needs air and when he spits shit comes out rare/ muhaha music you kill me pulse revive me and im back now ima shine me/ pop pop i miss the sound/ locked up in the bitch makes you kiss the ground/ soon to be out im not missing my fame/ its gone no where lil weezy young money cash money red falg true believer/ hip hop this is my feever/
    YM nikkka!

    – TrueSmoke

    greetings from in front of the bars/ ill be back soon ain’t gone no were far.


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  • FlyAsHell

    damn the video looks fukin good i cant wait to se runnin:D

  • martiandesigns


  • Matheo

    Thank You God i thought this day never come and i was stared to forget about the fact that Da Da Da Get A Life Knockout & Runnin’ videos are come 🙂

  • TriGGaJay

    Dat thing rite man Wayne go hard

  • NatalieCarter

    damn. i want to see the video now lol.

  • kim

    omg I was JUST watching this 🙂

  • Nahiid


  • tessssx

    i love it <33 can't wait till the vid comes out

  • gjcb

    where is the “We be dteady mobbin video?!!!!!

  • Chazz

    cant wait for the vid,what kickz is weezy wearing? FREE WEEZY !

  • cool nice to know

  • A-Bjerg

    can’t wait for the music video! looks cool.


  • jake walker

    like i said before!!! lil wayne is a mother fuckin gangster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pestrator

    Damn this video looks soo raw, i cant wait to see all those vids they r gon b soo sick, Im bout to listen to Rebirth now!
    Hey Danny how are the forums coming along?

  • Fouado

    Free Weezy!

  • this nigga

    i dont understand why weezy would make videos for those songs..”get a life” is a horrible song the video is gonna a huge fan of wayne when he spits real shit but rebirth is wackk. illuminati up in this bitch..666

  • nice this video looks awesome 🙂 can’t wait till it comes out 🙂 and i can’t wait for the other lil wayne music videos to drop, from his rebirth album 🙂 free weezy 🙂

  • Young Money

    da da da my favourtie track from rebirht

  • Ooohhh

    Can’t wait to see the Knockout and Running videos 🙂 BUT this video looks like A Milli Part 2 😛



  • young nas

    y did he shoot a music vid for the 2 worst songs on rebirth – dadada and get a life :S i hope he didnt shoot a video for the price is wrong

  • I Wanted To See “Die For You” But These Video’s Should Be Good 🙂

  • Samser

    Danny said on twitter Im Not Human will air this weekend too 😮

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    Hopefully this will make the song better 🙂

  • Samser
  • james roby

    any1 think birdman will make a cameo lmao

  • Remix baby

    I would of rather seen a video for Paradice and Over You than Da Da Da and Get A Life

  • The Fifth Surprise Song Will Be The Bonus Track “Die For You”

  • Skullcandy365.erichq

    looks pretty sweet.

  • Ben

    One Way Trip with Travis Barker is Waynes best flow on Rebirth.. That would get my vote for a video out of all the Rebirth tracks.

  • Void

    That shit is already sick I did not even need to see the video, I will anyways. Had the white people lookin up from the street like OMG, awsome.

  • lovalle

    omg im so excited for Runnin & Knockout. The Da Da Da video doesnt look like its gonna be good =/

  • Gui

    Cool video !!! I hope “Paradice” will be the last video, she’s the best song of the album ! FREE WEEZY !!!!!

  • FreeWeezy

    Ha ha this movie is great!!!
    Da Da Da my favorite song of rebirt!!!

    Free Weezy!!!

  • FreeWeezy

    And that someone could give you a link where you can download the song Paradice?
    Because I can not look for this song and I like!!

  • Gui

    in Paradice lil wayne has pure emotion in his voice, this song is incredible…Just PERFECT

  • wellz

    what shoes he got on??? they go hard !!

  • i cnt wait 2 see this video looks like its good….da song wus already a hit da video is gunna be sick ma niggas i kno dis shit aiight duses fuckers

  • hanKill

    I think itss stupid to release them all at the same time 🙁 but im glad we finnaly get to see them

  • does any1 noe were weezy gets his white ts?

  • Tunechi

    @Juandinho, Polo Ralph Lauren!

  • Tunechi

    The Video its gonna be HHOT! DAMN! Good Shiitt.

  • mikee

    what time is mtvJAms?????

  • mikee

    wat the name of show?? suckerfree countdown?? or regualr sucker free?

  • Majak

    Mannn last night I dreamed of Lil’ Wayne died in front of me. Horrible. SMH listen, he’s not even a member of my familly but I cried…


  • Majak

    And please STOP lying to yourself, Rebirth SUCKS hard !
    Lil’ Wayne supposed to be a Blood… wtf?

    Anyway Tunechi stop these bullshit, you the best RAPPER alive!

  • muzik1718

    @danny go to derick g website and get part two of lil wayne rockin out with that ban


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  • B-Money

    free weezy!!

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  • infinite


    Does someone know the type of sunglasses lil wayne is wearing???thnx all!!

  • Weezy is rockin the Nudie Mags with Green Revo lenses from Get some.

  • Julie you are obviously extremely passionate about your position. I commend you on your passion and urge you to keep it up. Thanks.

  • Rebirth69
  • wtfrançou

    Does anyone knows what are those shoes?

  • Roamer RIP 5-25-10 my pit dog

    Lil Weezy the best at rap & rock. Reburth, No Celings, etc the best.

  • amejia

    what shades is wayne rockn in his Get a Life video??

  • frega bao

    Yo confidence is a stain they cant wipe off

  • nizzle

    the sunglasses are made by “CRAP EYEWEAR”
    if you don’t know, now you know…homie

  • That music is really amazing, I really like it!

  • Wayne’s 6’7′ song is on fire. It sounds like A Milli but it’s a million times better! Cory tosses in a blazin verse with double time bars and he shows that he still has the ability that he showed on the remix to A Milli! Lil Wayne destroys his lines as usual. Altogether, 6 Foot 7 Foot is a brilliant collab everyone should listen to.