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Lil Wayne Receives Probation On Drug Charges In Arizona

Lil Wayne Receives Probation On Drug Charges In Arizona

Eleven days ago, we posted an article saying that Lil Wayne plead guilty to drug charges in Arizona via a video feed and now it looks like Weezy can relax a bit more. Today, an Arizona court sentenced Tunechi to three years of probation which means he will not face any more time behind bars once he gets released from Rikers Island later this year. You can read the full article below:

Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., was spared time in an Arizona jail under a plea deal stemming from his January 2008 arrest at a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint in the state.

Under the deal, the 30 27-year-old Grammy winner pleaded guilty to one count of possession of a dangerous drug. Three other drug and weapons charges were dismissed.

Wayne appeared in court via a video hookup from New York, where he has been jailed since March after pleading guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon.

James Tilson, Carter‘s Arizona attorney, said he was pleased with the court’s action.

“We’re quite glad that we were able to wrap everything up,” Tilson told Reuters. “It’s a favorable plea agreement that will allow Mr. Carter to pursue his career.”

Carter will begin his Arizona probation following his New York sentence, Tilson said.

The rapper’s tour bus, carrying 11 others, was stopped and searched by Border Patrol authorities after they said they were alerted by a drug-sniffing dog. Agents found nearly four ounces of marijuana, an ounce of cocaine, 41 grams of Ecstasy and a .40-caliber pistol registered to Carter.

Spotted at RR via Reuters.

This is great news and should let Wayne get back on with his life. Unfortunately him receiving three years of probation may prevent him from leaving the country, which means no international tour 🙁


Video: DJ Scoob Doo Speaks On ‘Entourage’ DVD

In the above video DJ Scoob Doo speaks on his upcoming DVD “Entourage: Fetti Holmes Edition” which features Lil Wayne, Drake, Gucci Mane, Birdman, and many more. This DVD will give an inside view on the hip-hop world and will include personal footage from Drizzy and Weezy. It will also show clips of Gucci shooting his parts for the “Steady Mobbin’” music video. There is still no set date for “The Nino Brown Story Part 3“, but the “Entourage: Fetti Holmes Edition” will be released later this week! You can read more on what Scoob had to say below and be on the look out for this upcoming DVD.

“I chose the title of ‘Entourage‘ because this is — in my opinion — the heavy hitters of the game. It happens that I have personal relationships with them. It made sense not to sit on the footage, not to sit on the exclusive content. A lot of people are waiting for that ‘Nino Brown Story’ with Lil Wayne. But this is something you can watch to keep you in suspense and satisfy that hunger.”

Source: MTV


Lil Wayne Makes Forbes Celebrity 100 List

Lil Wayne Makes Forbes Celebrity 100 List

Lil Wayne is being recognized again, this time it is in a very big way. Forbes recently released their annual The Celebrity 100 list and it features Weezy for the first time ever. Wayne comes in at #74 and is the only rapper to make the list other than Jay-Z (Ranked #15) and Diddy (Ranked #68). You can read what Forbes said about Lil Wayne below and tell us what you think of this major accomplishment in the comments.

Not even jail could stop Lil Wayne from making his first appearance on the Forbes Celebrity 100. Sentenced in March to a year in the pen for weapons possessions, the rapper managed to earn his hefty total from his new album Rebirth, proceeds from guest appearances and a healthy dose of touring where he grossed over $500,000 per show. Wayne is already making plans for a new album, Tha Carter IV, upon his release.


Lil Wayne Thanks Fans In Third Letter From Rikers Island

Lil Wayne Thanks Fans In Third Letter From Rikers Island

Lil Wayne posted his third letter from Rikers Island on earlier today were he says he is doing well and hopes everyone is enjoying their summer! Weezy also gave a shout out to his Young Money family for winning four awards last night at the 2010 BET Awards.

I hope everyone’s summer has been going well doing whatever it is you like to do. On my end, I’m alive, breathing and blessed. You already know how I’m passing the time – reading and working out. I know I say it every letter, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for the pictures, rocking free weezy tees, and continuous letters. They mean the world. I promise to continue to update as much as I can and answer as many questions as I can from you guys. Shout out to my YM family for making me proud last night. Love and appreciate life. God bless.

Tunechi also thanked a lot of fans for their letters they sent to him while he is in prison. If you sent a letter to Wayne you may be on the list. You can view the entire list after the jump.

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Recently Released Rikers Inmate Talks About Lil Wayne’s Jail Life

Recently Released Rikers Inmate Talks About Lil Waynes Jail Life

I was just reading through the LilWayneHQ forums, and I found a really interesting story posted by DatShyt about a recently released inmate from Rikers Island talking about Weezy‘s life in prison. You can read the full story below, and I am sure you will all find it interesting too!

Since I’ve been locked up until now, one of the main things I constantly get asked about is Lil Wayne, who was incarcerated at Rikers Island at the same time I was. During my stay at Rikers Island, I was placed in General Population at the E.M.T.C. (C-76 aka “6 Building”) where all male sentenced inmates are held. I would spend most of my time working, drawing, watching bootleg DVDs, and listening to the radio. Inmates would get paid $10-$25 a week for various jobs around the jail. For a few months of my time I worked; not for the money as much but to help pass the time. My job on the Island was to rinse and scrub pots in the mess hall as well as deliver the dinner food wagons with my friend and fellow inmate Geoff Turbeville to Protective Custody (“P.C.” – 3 Upper), Administrative Segregation (“AdSeg” – 2 Upper), New Admission Cells & C.A.T Cells (Cells for New Inmates and Inmates who had Assaulted Staff -2 & 3 Main), and Mental Observation Dorm (“M.O.” – 1 Main).

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