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Sean Garrett Talks Finalizing Deal With Lil Wayne x Order Your No Ceilings & Dedication 3 T-Shirts

Tue, Jun 22, 2010 by

After Sean‘s upcoming mixtape The Inkwell drops, Garrett will be focusing on the launch of his album. He’s close to finalizing a deal with Cash Money Records. Lil Wayne brought the deal to the table before he went to prison.

“I really got a lot of respect for Wayne,” Sean said. “Wayne embraced me with open arms before he went on a little vacation. He took me on tour with him. He was really open arms about rocking with him. He put me on the pilot seat going on right before him. I got a lot of respect for Cash Money, because it represents where music is going as far as really believing in yourself and not just being in a box. Just creating your own style, your own movement and believing in your team. Cash Money is really family-orientated. I can bring a lot to Cash Money, in reference to what I do, developing their other artists, helping them to travel across the water. They’ve got artists they are trying to break internationally. It’s sort of a win/win situation.”

Sean has been on the road, opening for Gucci Mane, and he said he’s about to go on tour with Cash Money/Young Money family member Drake.

Via MTV, and it looks like Lil Wayne was a big part of Sean Garrett‘s deal with Cash Money Records! We can also be expecting the full version to “Girls On Girls” on Sean‘s The Inkwell mixtape which is dropping soon, and then hopefully we will get the music video for it.


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  • rafael


  • apar1618

    P.O. or G.O.

  • Lil Wes

    danny what kind of size is Int’l?

  • cheese-pol

    sean garrett is wack !! bad move for cmb

  • Cam

    @Lil Wes, It just means international shipping. The sizes are standard sizes.




  • Tunne

    Where The Fckk Its Nino Brown Story Part 3 At??

  • @cheese-pol

    YM makes any artist famous and look good

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  • nice. the t-shirts are sick. i allready ordered one. i all ready enterted to win a ipod nano. the shirts are sick. and the interview was tight. free weezy 🙂

  • dynomite #42

    man 30 minutes to no betta be on dat ipod….i been waitin on dat song 4 years

  • John

    whoever gets the ipod needs to leak all the songs on it

  • 757

    @ John

    lol yea im wit you and dynomite yea I feel you. I been wantin dat track every since I heard da snippet to it.

    @ D-Wayne-C

    wen dey 1st signed bow wow i was like wtf but every since he been wit dem he been puttin out some good shit. So sean garrett is not too bad, if he can go backk to wat he did wit da turbo 919 album he will be str8 cuz dat album was pretty good.

  • Cam

    hahah I wish I had 30 minutes to NO man but unfortunately I dont have it just like the rest the world


    thanks for the props man.


    Didn’t you already get in trouble for shit like this?

  • kcal3

    how come it says drakes album dropped 460,000 plus in the first week when it just came out today?

  • Tunne

    @KCAL3, Drakes Album Came Out The 15th Niqqa, What Are You Smokinq? Eminems Album Came Out Today The 22nd. Tf?

  • i hope dat 30 minz your talkin about isn’t the 30 minute track from vh1’s lil wayne special, called 10,000 bars

  • Tunne
  • frega bao

    Jus FREE Him

  • oh ya mean the ’30 min to N.O.’ track

  • yeahhh

    i might buy them shirts for my bro birthday and then just wear them myself haha

  • no mater wat they du to him his stil da best rapper alive.36 mnths means 36 greta albums 4rm him.

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  • Dakota

    Weezy is the best no one can fuck with him man I’m ur biggest fan ever I’m 12years old and ain’t got shit in my life both of my parents are dead and my dream is to meet weezy I want to meet u if u read this please post it on the website and I’ll tell u my Num and meet u

  • anthony

    my ipod already has over a thousand weezy songs. with no repeats, cuz i hate hearin doubles.

  • anthony

    also you can find the 30 min to n.o snippet on the internet. not the full song but i still slap that shit

  • ben j

    shirts look dope