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Kevin Rudolf Says Lil Wayne Is Doing Really Well In Prison x “Spit In Your Face” Mastered Version

Thu, Jun 10, 2010 by

Kevin Rudolf Spit In Your Face Feat Lil Wayne Mastered

As we previously reported, the mastered version of “Spit In Your Face” will be on Kevin‘s To The Sky album dropping on June 15th. So this is now a Kevin Rudolf featuring Lil Wayne track even though Wayne still has 3 verses. In fact, the only difference with the mastered version is that they have added autotune to the record, which some of you may prefer or hate. Anyways, you can stream/download the song below and read what Kevin says about how Tune is doing in jail after the jump.

US Mag: How did working with Lil Wayne in particular so closely inform your rock sound?

KR: I’m not a straight rock artist, pop artist, or hip-hop artist. I’m really a fusion of all those things. So to me, the collaboration is just natural. It’s friends collaborating with friends really. I think people who like hip-hop and are fans of Wayne are going to listen to certain records that they’re on, so it broadens my audience and maybe my fans will be more interested in what they’re doing and we all kind of share fans.

US Mag: Have you talked to him since he has been in prison?

KR: I haven’t, but I have talked to people who have talked to him every day and they say he’s doing really well and feeling good, he’s adjusted. I’m sure he’ll come out stronger than ever.

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  • weezy.f.b.

    fuck autotune, love the old version !!

  • .


  • Vancartiae

    This nigga still ripped it……………NO AUTOTUNE FOR THE FUCKIN CARTER IV

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  • Chris(YungMoney)91

    4th!!! Lol Free Weezzy ! Hit Me Up ? Im Gone

  • W. Fuckin’ Baby

    Who produced the track ????

  • U,NO


    Check this dude out if you like Tha Joker or Wayne.

  • still good

  • bobby

    its a little different … auto-tune … more echos and re-verb… a few sound effects…. a synth a the 3rd n 4th chorus and the intro is notably different

  • ree

    can someone post the old version of the song???

  • yoi

    whats a mastred version? dont say im stupid, cuz i already know that

  • exEo

    a mastered version is the final version. mix-downed for the album, or whatever.

  • killacam

    they shouldve mastered it minus autotune. I dont understand the point of autotune on good vocals already

  • good to hear, that lil wayne is doing good in prison. and i like the mastered version of spit in your face ๐Ÿ™‚ free weezy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • KnockMeOut

    Fuckin awsome

  • alex

    LOVEEE THE AUTOTUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesse

    Sounds great! Love it! I dont like it more or less than the original

  • T-Wayne09

    Lyrics are still lyrics…

  • Gettnmunny10

    Oringinal version is my shit they did kill this but yo!….this song is maaaaaaaaaaad old now


    liked the mastered version more for some reason

  • youngmulacrazy

    put the lyrics for “no love” and “money or graveyard”

  • A-Bjerg

    Okay with tha autotune, this or the other…don’t know which one.

  • autotune or not lil wayne mashed it up yuh dig!!! 2milli on carter 4 in 1 week bet me!!

  • moe

    fuck autotune , i hope carter 4 without autotune and mainstream

  • axoool

    damn i want the mastered for the original…. this is just wack.. the original shits on this…

  • alli

    hej, jag e svensk. sverige!

  • love lilwayne

  • JonnyP

    Fucking love autotune !!! ๐Ÿ˜€ keep it up tune !

  • J Weezy

    Ders Not Much Differnece but still the original is better. NO AUTOTUNE ON CARTER IV, Carter IV deserves better than that. But still great song i loved dis song back wen it first came out, shulda been on Rebith

  • cliffy .

    the mastered version with the auto tune is better too me, best rapper alive. best to EVER DO IT !!!!

  • FreeWeezy

    it’s good to know how I feel Weezy:]

    I like a song I do not know how you?;D

    Free Weezy!!!

  • Free Tunechi

    the autotune should not have been put on this! the reverbs and echos make it sound good

    still a sweet ass tune tho


  • this song is sick i love it

  • WeezyFanBaby

    auto tune ruins this track…

    Please no auto tune for Tha Carter IV weezy ๐Ÿ™

  • YeWe


  • frega bao

    Weezy will always remain to be Weezy hes always ma role model

  • jenwashere

    yesss lovin this….Free Weezy!!!!!


    listen, 1st off let me start by sayin that im a real fan of wayne incase u didnt know theres a big diff from being a tru fan an being a dick rider (IJS) but im more of a fan of hip hop. Secondly this is what i want to know when u all call wayne the best rapper ever WTF are u basing this onโ€ฆ. i mean no doubt his raps has crazy ass punch lines, they have me buggin out at times, but BUY KNOW MEANS AN I MEAN NO!!!!!!!!!!! MEANS DOES HIS MUSIC HAVE ANY SUBSTANCE HEโ€™S NOT A STORY TELLER AN HIS SHIT IS NOT DEEP NOTHING IN ANYTHING THAT HE PUTS OUT SAYS SHIT ABOUT LIFE (maybe 2% of his work ijs) MANY ARTIST PAST PRESENT AN FUTURE ISNT ON THAT SHIT, BUT WEN U LABEL SOMEONE THE BEST TO EVER BLESS THE MIC, U GOT TO TAKE IN STORY TELLIN AN LYRICAL CONTENT VERY TALENTED ARTIST BUT MOST DEF NOT THE BEST