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Video: The Making Of Lil Wayne’s “Knockout” Music Video Feat Nicki Minaj

Tue, Jun 1, 2010 by

Derick G just released this behind the scenes footage from Lil Wayne‘s “Knockout” video shoot featuring Nicki Minaj. As you can see they shot the video using a green screen and Birdman makes a cameo. If you missed the official music video, then you can watch that here.

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  • firsttttt : )

  • WeezyFan4Life



    Weezy F Baby and the F is for FREE

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  • gemm

    Ohh! I wanted Weeezy to say something πŸ™

  • Lil kayne

    nicki minaj is very good to fuck

  • @Lil kayne

    How you know?? πŸ˜† πŸ˜›

  • WeezyMula

    Birdman brrrrrrr

  • fanweezy4ever

    omg , Nicki is so hot :X:X:X:X
    Weezy = The best :X :X

    Nice song & video !

  • weezyfbaby and the f is for fan^^

    damnnnn nikki got a big boootaaaayyyyy

  • nice i like it πŸ™‚ and wayne is on fire, and nikki is hot πŸ™‚ free weezy πŸ™‚

  • Mike…

    Is that song african bankananka a c4 single? Or what

  • tessssx

    i love Nicki

  • shitoff



  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    @Mike its “Africa Bambata” & i think its supposed 2b

  • laurennnn.

    ohh lil wayne lil wayne lil wayne.

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    @Mike it probably is since he awready shot a video 4 it…or it may just be a street single

  • kim

    nicky’s ass is like extra huuuuge in this video haha

  • humairrr

    Omg Nicki is… OMG *faints*

  • youngmoneyent

    her ass fake

  • Nice Video, One Of The Best.

    Expected A Bit More With These Rebirth Vid’s Though, They Were All Cheap & Rushed Expect For Prom Queen & Drop The World.

    I Hope Those 2 CIV Video’s Aren’t As Cheap As These. πŸ™„

  • MrsDwayneCarter

    I Love it ! But what does Nicki eaaaat ?!

  • Tunechi

    Where’s the 5th Video at???? Don’t Tell Me It Was Tattoo Girl…

  • haha

    i love how u can see her tits so well

  • mikee

    lmaoo… thanx niggaz

  • Mr Xclusive

    i bet you all 1 guy on here jacked off to Nicki in this vid

  • decem



  • S

    Miss me’s on iTunes, #11, probably be in the top 10 if not 5 by tomorrow.

  • there is a new song by Weezy out called Role Model

  • Matthew

    Look at dannys twitter –

    RT @YUNGMIK3: Real Talk !! Lil Wayne got some crazy new shit bout to drop & that shit hard as fuck just heard it at the studio

    RT @BURG_YM Wait till yall hear this new Weezy record 2morrow! Straight from Rikers Island!! CRAZY!. #FreeWeezy

  • name

    What sweater and jeans is he wearing?

  • Samser

    Mack Maine: “All I’m a say is Wayne ain’t lose a step bak there on da island!!! I’m droppin an exclusive 2morrow”

  • W.Fuckin’Baby


    Hey when I want to talk on the chatbox, Im always considered like a Spammer, even if I resolved the addition…

  • FreeWeezy

    This song is very cool I like!!!

    I love this song…

    Free Weezy!!!

  • This song is very cool I like!!!

    I love this song…

    Free Weezy!!!

  • nickifan

    dam nicki looks so hott in this vid….her ass looks like its growing it gets bigger everytime i see her

    hey follow me on twitter @glowgod82

  • steezinANbreezin

    anyone know where you can get that hat hes rockin? i think its ampal, a hat company from cali

  • frega bao

    I miss the best rapper alive! he is the hottest under the sun

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  • anonymous

    everybody on this website are all fags!!! get a life n stop blogging bitches!

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