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Fat Joe – Heavenly Father (Feat Lil Wayne)

Thu, Jul 22, 2010 by

Fat Joe Heavenly Father Feat Lil Wayne

I wasn’t going to post this song because it’s just Fat Joe using a sampled Lil Wayne hook from Weezy‘s “Pray To The Lord” record. But the track is kinda dope and it is official as it will be on Fat Joe‘s The Darkside Vol. 1 album, which hits stores next Tuesday. As a bonus, we have also included Gudda Gudda‘s “Money Or Graveyard” track featuring Tunechi tagless and CD quality. STREETRUNNER who we have previously interviewed produced the Joey record, and you can stream/download both songs below:

Download: Fat Joe – Heavenly Father (Feat Lil Wayne)

Download: Gudda Gudda – Money Or Graveyard (Feat Lil Wayne) [No DJ]

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  • Weezy uu Look So Sexy and FaT Joe is BaCqq !!!!! iLu Weezy Hope Dhat November 4 Comes By Fast…… Himme up Tho And qimme Feed BaCqq :-* 😛

  • DrooLeYaDigg !

    1st . Weezy F Tha BEAST . (:

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  • DrooLeYaDigg !

    FUCK i was capped and it laggd . 🙁

  • ymcmb

    link to money or graveyard isn’t working 🙁

  • Danny L

    Fat Joe sucks

  • Woocky

    Downloading song right now..

  • weezyf

    Weezy’s part is kinda scary =S lol
    Fat joe mentions that “they killed *people*”.
    Wonder if this song is about the Illuminati?

  • alex

    can someone post this song backwards because you can tell there are words backward in this song, like at the start with weezy.

  • nice i love both songs. and free weezy 🙂

  • K-Freshz

    …..dam!!! i just knew this was gonna be a totally new song!! but its still kinda dope tho……

  • Chazz

    Just hook no verse sucks

    Free Weezy !

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  • Stackamania

    shits real tho i wonder if he’s tryna define the illumunati in a hidden agenda…anyways gotta listen closely.

    freetune allday!

  • weezyfb

    yeah i think so cus fat joe was seriously shit up until recently hes actually pretty good

    i hope weezy aint into that shit, i thought he was like a really religious person

    yeah the beginning mos def has a hidden message

  • yeedee

    Aparently this Wayne mixtape is comin out on the 27th…

    Its gotta be a made up mixtape, isnt this illegal or something?

  • iam afraid if lil wayne kept this sample for carter 4

  • wayneJR

    Wayne is soooo sexxi! I LUV HIM! 🙂 FREE WeeZY

  • C

    Idk bout all this illuminati stuff you guys are talking about but wayne’s hook is a prayer i think but yea its a dope track. FREE WEEZY.

  • Carlos Lyndon Ahlijah

    pls release lilwayne b4 the BTA awards start.dis 2010

  • Corruption

    You people are acting like you’ve never seen anything like this before. Remember a few months back the same exact song came out but it had Young Chris instead, and now your acting like you have never seen this beat before. But yeah nice find Danny.

  • DRA

    i want the instrumental to this!!!!!!!!!!!…… with hook ofcourse =D


    You people are retarded Fat is talking about Big Pun and Puns wife

  • Brian