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Lil Wayne – Right Above It (Feat Drake) [Snippet]

Mon, Aug 2, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Right Above It Feat Drake Snippet

Here is the first leak from The Empire’s The Drought Is Over 7 mixtape and it’s called “Right Above It“. This is only a snippet, but the full version should be be dropping next week. Lil Wayne‘s verse sounds fire and Drake is rapping the freestyle he did here. You can download the snippet below which has way to many tags.

Download: Lil Wayne – Right Above It (Feat Drake) [Snippet]

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  • youngcarter24

    yeess!!!!!!!!!!!! finallyyy!!!…sounds so fuckin dope! cant wait for the full version!!!

  • free_weezy


  • free_weezy

    WTF THATS IT!!! man im goin back to sleep

  • weezy.f.b.

    so we can download the full song on but u have to log in
    anybody who has an accound there ?

  • best one

    this is what i’m talkin’ about Nigga

    Doooooope one Weezy ! CAn’t wAit

  • lilwayneisbest


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  • KnockMeOut

    This is Gonna be A Fuckin Banger. Free Tunechi

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  • weezy f baby and the f is for fan :P

    wtf are those tags on this track danny??
    are u fucking kidding me ??
    dont put it in other tracks pls.. cause thats annoying and it sucks

    • @weezy f baby and the f is for fan : P – This website didn’t put the tags on 😕

  • Lil Zly

    I Can’t WAIT!!!
    I need the full version right now!!!

  • gblundon2



  • jarvis

    @weezy.f.b. i tried to make one but for some reason it would take me back to the main page

  • T-Wayne09

    Danny, a bit of info:

    I have an account on YoungMoneyHD and I clicked to download. I got redirected and informed I would be receiving a download link via email to the full track “sometime this week”…

    I’m confused because The Empire has said the full track will drop this week, but other places he states that it will drop with the Biggy Jiggy tape next week. Also, I think a lot of people have been mislead into thinking Drought is Over 7 drops today, or this week, but I don’t think that is the case.

    Here we go again

  • yo

    link doesnt work

  • This shit is hot!!! – Cant wait for DIO 7… I’v been waiting for this moment for a while……. SHOUTS TO DJ EVIL EMPIRE!!!

  • Google

    Drake drake drake… smh.
    Why? Why were you pretending like this was a freestyle on Tim Westwood?
    But anyways this song sounds dope as hell!!



  • iAmMusic

    I agree with you, this Empire confusion bullshit is ridiculous. I made my account(instantly knowing it was some Biggy Jiggy shit because of the survey on the site) and got told next week, but then on Empire/Biggy Jiggy’s twitter it says full version today. This mixtape better be 110% fire for all of this aggravation the fans are getting put through.

  • T-Wayne09

    Forreal, not only because this is irritating now, but it was annoying and angering back in February when we were all getting hyped up for Dio7 only to find out The Empire was not going to drop it. I have a bad feeling that we won’t be seeing it any time soon.

    Besides, the snippet didn’t make it seem that special in the first place. Most Wayne / Drake collabos aren’t that great lol… I want the whole tape to drop so that I can hear some Wayne solo Carter IV records or maybe some T-Wayne tracks 🙂

  • yo

    is the empire affiliated with wayne or is he just another bs pussy ass leaker…this shit better not be c4

  • weezy f baby and the f is for fan :P

    ohh then im sorry danny 😀


    this is the Carter IV or Im Not A Human Being EP last night @MikeBanger (waynes engineer) was mixing this song on Ustream he had the the audio off most the time but for a bit he forgot it was on while he was mixing Drizzy verse and the course shit is heat!

  • allexx

    wow this sounds FIRE!!!

  • iAmMusic

    Yeah man, soon he will get all defensive and “annoyed” when all the fans start asking questions about a release date then cancel the tape AGAIN. Like for real, he NEVER did this with the other DIO series, I think he is just stalling and/or exploiting the fact that Wayne is in jail and we have no source of music.

  • T-Wayne09

    Exactly. I think that if we don’t see Dio7 in the next two weeks we should all just give up on it. It’s being hyped up like I said but just you watch, it probably won’t live up to all the attention it’s being given. Like watch it have a few horrible Rebirth cuts, a mediocre T-Wayne track, a few unreleased Weezy verses, and a solo song or two that will last us about a week before we’re ready for more.

  • if this song in c4 or any other song of the mixtape is in c4 we dont want it.
    dont leak the c4

  • iAmMusic

    I think at this point, dropping a shitty DIO would be worse for Empire than not dropping one at all. But whatever, this is why I don’t believe anything until I’m listening to it.

  • ViiLLAiiN

    so wen is the mixtape coming out?

  • weezy f baby and the f is for fan :P

    thats fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Anony

    When will the full mixtape drop?

  • This song is on fire. and i can’t wait for the full verison to drop. and drake verse is tight to. free weezy 🙂

  • weezy.f.b.

    @jarvis & Danny
    yeah I guess this webside needed some attention 😛
    but who took the tags on it ?

  • wayneJR

    This song is hawt! And soo is Wayne! FREE WEEZY! 🙂

  • Chris(YungMoney)91

    Danny, I need dat full version cuz I did YoungMoneyHD shyt an It aint get me no wer….. Ive ben tryna get tha full version all mornig an day… Lol help me out !! Free Weezy 93 days Hollaaaaa, Im Gon’

  • Matheo

    Got damn this shit is on fire ! Full version will be sick for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • youngcarter24


  • tyler

    do not subscribed to youngmoneyhd they will scam you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they will send bullshit messages to your phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seb

    Nice Beat. Nice Parts.
    Can’t wait for the mixtape to drop!!!
    It’s gonna be FIRE!!!!
    I am counting the days!

  • wezzzzyyy!

    this shit is legit!

  • TuneChi

    Daaaaaamn, this shit sound like FIRE !!!

    FREE TUNE !!

  • youngtunechi05


  • matthew

    finallllyyyyyyyy dawg
    the empire has been stalling on us

  • K-Freshz

    wayne neva said anything bout another Drought Is Over mixtape!!!! if it really is true, i dam sure cant wait for dat shit to drop, especially after hearin dis!!! BUT DAMM WHY IS IT SO DAMM SHORT!!!!

  • this is nice im feeling the vibe fuck that empire dude keep leaking wayne shit


    Wow, I like it!

    Freee weeezy!

  • P Weezy

    Great song and I can only say Fuck You Haaattteerrrzzz !!!!
    Im behind Weezy till I die !!
    Free Weezy !!!!!

  • T-Wayne09

    Wow today was a huge let down. Not only do we get a shitty snippet but Weezy isn’t actually featured on Game’s “Brake Lights” mixtape like Game promised he was….

    F*** THAT!

    • @T-Wayne09 – Tell me about it 🙁

  • RikersIsland

    WTF ?. Young Money HD Said That People Who Want The Full Track Will Get It Some Time This Week !. I Think Its BS Cause The Full Track Might Leak And They Get It And Tag It !. Young Money HD Is Just Tryin To Be Like Young Money HQ !. Except They Add Theyre Gay Ass Tags On The Tracks !.

  • Genuine Artikle

    shits str8 crack need the full tagless version everyone knows tags suck

  • tunechi

    why don’t we all just wait until lilwaynehq drops the full version!!
    we believe in you danny!keep doin your thing!

    Weezy F Baby and the F is for Fire!

  • iAmMusic

    Sigh, for all of you who have NO IDEA. Empire is in no way, shape, or form associated with Wayne. Anything he drops is without the consent of Wayne or his producers. I don’t know why it matters, you’ll listen to it either way.

  • K-Freshz

    haha….i can tell that tha carter 4 is gonna make history, and no one will change it!!!! just look at all of us weezy fans!!!!!

    -Free Weezy!!!!!!!

  • ViiLLAiiN

    Lil Wayne and The Empire are cool actually…And YoungMoneyHD scams you for sure. Don’t get into that shit.

  • smoke that wizzle

    Fuck all ya’ll quit getting on waynes nuts!!!! If this is real or not he in jail wtf do u xpect him to do?? Pull a fuckin studio out his asss!!!!! Fuck t payne and all ya’ll haters man weezy till I die drizzy till the muthafuckin time comes ya feel me just take wat they give u and be gratefulll haaaa spit at me now niggas peace!!!!!!

    -FREE TUNECHI!!!!!!!!!

  • smoke that wizzle

    Oooops admit the fuck up @twayne fuck u ha tooo sentimental ma nigga peace

    Dat kush!!!!!

  • RockStar

    yall remember when wayne said f*ck DJ’s….he was talkin bout this empire dude….so F*ck empire and youngmoneyhd with there gay a$$ tags

  • Gettnmunny10

    Oooooh shit! Mothafucka gotdamn! To that beat goes dumb hard! Had me mean muggin my phone! Lol! But Empire, I mean damn, do u love hearing the word empire 257 times on one song my nigga? Cut that shit out!!!

  • K-Freshz

    youngmoneyHD with the empire is on some otha shit rite now!!!! they claim that its da full song……oh its full alrite, PROBABLY FULL OF TAGS!!!!!!!

  • @danny if u have a connection with birdman tell him to secure lil wayne c4 tracks we dont want it to leak like rebirth cuz i think these song in c4 cause its fire

  • yung tank


  • T-Wayne09

    I just sent you an email with an extended version of the snippet go check it out. No DJ tags on this one, although it’s still pretty poor quality lol sorry ’bout that.

  • blah blah

    @twayne09 u deadasss ?? send me tht shit

  • T-Wayne09

    @blah blah,
    Ok man I need an email to send it to though lol.

  • Don’t Sign up for that website, it’s a scam when it says download in full it says we will send you a link sometime this week….. and don’t fill out the scams after registering if you do they’re just to trick you.

  • Young Nino send it to that T-Wayne09

  • cwayne1ftw

    @t-wayne09 send it to me at 🙂 fuck yes

  • blah blah send it bro please

  • T-Wayne09

    @Young Nino, @cwayne1ftw,
    Ok I sent it to y’all, enjoy 🙂

  • zach

    @t-wayne09 send it to me too plz. =)

  • blah blah

    ayoo twayne09 my email is , send it man lols I need that longer versionn !!!!!

  • sb

    yoo can you send me the longer version too?

  • hello123

    @t-wayne09 can u send me it to
    i neeed that longer version this snippet is nothin

  • Here is the extended version of the snippet. The quality sucks though..

  • matthew

    @T-Wayne09 send it 2 me 2 man

  • yooo send me the version too plz…

  • yo @twayne09 send me that song plzzzzz

  • Akillees

    Yeah what if this is on the drake wayne album

  • Young Nino

    @ T-Wayne09 good looking man I’d rather hear a low quailty version then 2 listen to “The Empire” every second and all that but I actually just wanted to hear the chorus tho

  • @georgiimane

    Download: Lil Wayne ft. Drake – Right Above It _No DJ Extended Snippet_.mp3

    enjoyyyy =]]

  • Tay tay

    @twayne09 send me it

  • T-Wayne09

    @blah blah, zach, Mark Jones, and the other blah blah (lol),
    Just sent you guys the snippet as well. Danny should really get on posting it just sayin.

  • TAY tay
  • youngeek

    damn, i can already tell this is one ima learn every lyric too.
    i cant wait.
    listenin to this puttin chills up my body.
    fuck haters

  • youngeek

    yo send that longer version to me

  • blah blah

    yooooooooooo jus heard tha full on the radiooooo along with the wayne interviewww…..gottt the radio ripppp dany shulld I send it to uu ….I don’t think I need too cuz the web is goin crazyyy over thisss

  • FrancoisDeez

    really feelin this

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