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Lil Wayne’s “Right Above It” Single Debuts On Billboard x T.I. Says Weezy Could Take His Title

Thu, Aug 26, 2010 by

Lil Waynes Right Above It Single Debuts On Billboard

Last week, we posted that Lil Wayne‘s new single ,”Right Above It“, featuring Drake reached #1 on iTunes. This week, we’re glad to say that “Right Above It” has debuted at #6 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, not to mention it is #1 on Billboard’s Digital Songs chart. This adds to the list of Weezy songs to reach the top 10, and from the looks of it this song will reach #1 in no time. After the jump you can view a video of T.I. saying that Tunechi is the only person, other than him, that could claim the title of “King of the South“. Be sure to leave your thoughts on Wayne‘s achievement and the video in the comments box.

“It doesn’t bother me at all,” Tip said about his fellow Southern contenders. “Another point I often make is the success of another person, the rise or fall of another individual has no bearing on my title. No matter how much a person does from this day forward, it doesn’t take away from the things I’ve done to this day. I’m gonna have to stop for a long time to let you start for a long time in order for you to catch up, no matter how much you do, and not taking away from anybody, not saying nothing bad about nobody — you gonna have to do what you’re doing right now times two, times three, seven times over in order to be where I am right now…As far as from a standpoint of success, the only person who is in a position to make a claim like that sort would be Lil Wayne, as far as success, from a numbers standpoint. As far as longevity and success, that’s the only person I feel like can say that.”

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  • quentin


  • Breezy

    1st! FreeWeezyWee!

  • Ooohhh

    Congrats to Wayne for another top ten hit ๐Ÿ˜€



  • “Right Above It”…IS my personal right now…been banging it for like almost 2-3 weeks..That song goes hard…

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  • Nice one T.I, i mean lil wayne is the best. I mean the both of u are the Kings of the game, another top ten hit nice one Wayne….. FREE WEEZY

  • i love you so much baby ๐Ÿ˜›
    well done <3 mwaaahhzz
    love from the uk

  • McRae

    Congrats. Keep running the Game

  • vocker

    gratzzzzz weezy!!! lol even when he is in jail he gets awards and number ones, this guy cant be stopped lol

    and its nice to see t.i (a great player in the game) say that wayne can get his title
    i mean he deserves that and even more
    lol who the hell is gucci “gucci working hard to get it”, lol

    and haters can suck it now, they all thought that wayne will end up like kanye west and soulija boy
    man eminem jay z and t.i (kings of raps) said that wayne is the best
    anyways wayne IS the one of the king of raps

  • Congrts to wanye for making the top ten. and t.i good job for saying that. i like the interview. free weezy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jamel Hunter

    I’d just like to point to @vocker that putting Kanye West & Soulja Boy in the same level should be a sin. Kanye spits fire, Soulja spits garbage. Anyway, glad to see Wayne back in the top 10. He hasn’t been there as a solo artist since Got Money! He’s in jail, and an EP single with little promotion debuts at #6 on the main chart, and #1 on the Digital chart!

  • K-Freshz

    dats rite!!!!!! aint no rapper from the south better than wayne!!! that dumb ass nigga with the dreads didnt even mention wayne as “doin it big for the south”………how he gonna say waka and gucci and not say wayne!!!!!!! like is he serious????? good lookin out tip….let em kno u and wayne is the only niggas doin it big from the south!!!!!

    FREE WEEZY!!!!!

  • WeezyGurl4Lyphe

    Congrats to Weezy on another Billboard success, i’m so proud. Even in jail he’s killin d other rappers, wow! lol. That was very noble of T.I but we all kno dat weezy is d best rapper ever. Better dan T.I, Eminem n all d rest. He’s just unstoppable.
    FREE WEEZY!!!!!

    Cnt wait until Nov 4 ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

  • samanthaxxo

    yeah you go weezy!! thats what im talkin bout<333
    FREE WEEZY!!!!!!

  • weezyfan

    chamillionaire could claim the title “king of the south”, too !!!

  • get flow with these beat weezy, i like the way you deliver your hits, you turned hiphop in2 movement of life. PIC UP THE WORLD YOUNG WEEZY.

  • Kg

    @weezyfan I respect Chamillionaire but there are a lot of rappers way ahead of him. I wouldn’t say he could claim that title yet.

  • Andrew

    TI and Wayne certainly doing it big, its cool that TI has a lot of respect for what Wayne is doing. I think the only other person that could be in the conversation for King of the South would have to be Luda. What the hell is wrong with the interviewer mentioning Gucci and fuckin Waka Flocka haha is he for real?

  • Now it about time the haters bow before weeeezy…lol wayne is the bestes I love you to beat honey…mcwaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • tee

    T.I is right and thats good wayne stays on top congrats

  • fleezy f

    ya T.I. youre king of nothing…. go kill yourself. weezy’s always ran everything youve ever tried to go hard at. T.I. HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ON WEEZY.



  • Conqratz tah weezy.
    he still beinq dhe best of best:]

  • wayneJR

    yeah weezy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • D.linkquents2010-YC

    “It’s LIL TUNECHI I DON’T RAP I FILM MOVIES”……He’s up there with the PIMP C’S and BUN B’s no doubt king of the south

  • blackhero

    fleezy f ….yo dude calm down wat iz wrong wit you T.I is a great rapper and yea i think lil wayne iz better artist than T.I but there both ranked as a king

  • Mophead

    Wayne alredy better than T.I. man i gate hearin people playin that T.I. crap

  • twanyadig

    first off: free weezy

    congrats on the top ten weezy, t.i. & wayne are both dope, if anybody should have the title of “KIng Of The South” it should be one of them

    p.s. free weezy

  • michael mowry

    i dont think trht n e one else bsides T.I. can claim king of the south weezy is great yes but he is the greatest rapper alive,not the king of the south

  • J.Rico

    Wayne as king of the south… Naw dats T.I.’s title Weezy already is best rapper alive dats y he aint king of south hes past dat level Waynes president anT.I. like a representive for all da southren states collected yall get me

  • T.I is a better rapper than wayne.

  • FREE WEEZY thow.

    Check Out these links for my rap i made up off of
    lil wayne cannon beat and lil wayne banned from tv beat

  • P Weezy

    T.I. is right WEEzy the Best Right above it amazing song

  • Boogie Puss

    Didnt Ludacris shut this nigga down? STOMP!

  • Tmulley

    Wayne & TI both get MAD props 4 doin what they do! The Best Rapper Alive & King of the South…it DOESNT get any better than that! They both top the charts over & over again. U gotta give credit where credit is due. TEXAS luvs YALL :] p.s. FREE WEEZY! Xoxo

  • bl33zyking

    WE Z!

  • Free The Best Rapper Man Asap So He Kan Kill The Game He MARRIED

  • Weezy F Crazyyyy

    Best Rapper Alive I Would Die For Him He Is The Best Rapper Of All And T.I.
    One Love To Both !!!!!

  • Lil Wayne and T.I are definitely the best southern rappers out there. Lil Wayne and T.I both have some of the hottest rap songs and some of the hottest Rap & Hip hop music videos out there. Lil Waynes music videos in particular are awesome and T.I videos are amazing! Lets hope that both their albums Tha Carter IV and T.I`s King Uncaged live up to the hype too as they should both be amazing.

  • Cam

    He gets out on my birthday!!!!!

  • LittleMama

    As a 47 year old….typical soccer mom…I have to say Little Wayne rocks with this!…..

  • LIL Wayne i luv u soooo much and u do good on ur music!!!!!!:)

  • LIL Wayne i luv like lots and ur music is sooo beast and congratzzz weezzzzzyyyyyy