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Lil Wayne’s Lawyer Speaks On Probation Stipulations

Thu, Nov 4, 2010 by

Lil Waynes Lawyer Speaks On Probation Stipulations

We have some great news concerning Lil Wayne‘s probation stipulations. James Tilson, Weezy‘s lawyer, spoke with yesterday and spoke on his probation. Here is what Tilson stated:

“Now he’s on unsupervised probation, which means he doesn’t have very many conditions at all. The Florida office may have something for him to sign there as well. However, for all intents and purposes, once he leaves Arizona there’s nothing else he has to do here.”

Basically, this means that Tunechi will not be drug tested, which could be good news for Weezy 😉 We will probably learn more about his stipulations following his release, including whether or not he can leave the country to do an international tour.

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  • zackery

    weezy can still smoke some mad blunts when hes out. glad hes almost out less than 24 hours damn.

  • Asai Adame

    Free weezy!!!! So does this mean he can’t go to arizona at all or what!! And when is he going to have his first concert in the states! Fuck over seas! He needs to take care of us, US wayniacs first! Then he can go over to the UK wayniacs knoww what I meannn! 🙂 lol free weezy in this biootch!

  • Frenel Junior


  • datkush

    Weezy is out…

  • RooK

    Today is a good day for Hip-Hop. Wayne gets out with no stipulations. Shit’s about to get real crazy.

  • J-WAY

    “Back In This B!tch, But Alot More Rich!”
    Ha Get Em Tunchi!

  • djtbow


  • wezzy

    Carter iv will be out early 2011..

  • nicky f babyyyy

    my nigga is finally free … and the F is for FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!

  • geezyfan93

    hes free omg hes free ima rock my free weezy t and switch the words on it and make it say weezy free. congrats tune welcome back

  • DaMarquis

    Tunechi is the best

  • phonnehome weezy

    lil tunchii babbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyy

  • Jason704

    My posts never show up with my old email. Was I blocked or something? All I did was post links for stuff that wasn’t up yet.

    Was hoping they would drug test him. Glad hes getting out.



  • billyprince

    get em.

  • yeedee

    Come to Canada Weezy!!! 3 Hours, 14 minutes

  • megs

    unsupervised probation is still probation, so he’ll have to petition the court to leave the country..



  • junior

    Finally Outskies….

  • matt

    May we all smoke our blunts,
    hold them high in the sky,
    crank up our weezy tunes,
    and get high in dedication
    to the return of a king.

    welcome back hold friend
    may we never part ways again!

  • wezzy is frrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………….. i waz countin down tell this moment i luv u ……… president carter is free….baby……. oh u know he bout to go ham ………….(Y.M.E.)

  • ITS ACTUALY (8:18 a.m.)…….(D TIME ZONE)


    I Think Tha First Thing He Should DO Is Sign 5’5” To Y.M.E….5’5” Is A Problem On Tha Mic

    You Can Follow Him On Twitter @Zeek_Jones
    Or FaceBook Zeek Fivefive Jones


    Weezy Should Sign 5’5” To Y.M.E. He Is A Problem On Tha Mic…
    Follow Him @Zeek_Jones
    Or FB: Zeek Fivefive Jones

  • Yuh

    Once Lil Wayne is released from New York’s Rikers Island jail on Thursday (November 4) that will not mark the end of his legal troubles. According to Weezy’s lawyer in Arizona, James Tilson, the rapper is required to come to the Grand Canyon state to sign paperwork with the probation department stemming from a 2008 drug case.

    According to Tilson, although Wayne will have to come to AZ within 72 hours after being freed, he is expected to meet with him on Friday. Once there, he will sign papers to start his 36-month probation term and have the probation transferred to his residence in Florida.

    “Now he’s on unsupervised probation, which means he doesn’t have very many conditions at all,” Tilson explained to about the guidelines of Wayne’s conviction on one count of possession of a dangerous drug. “The Florida office may have something for him to sign there as well. However, for all intents and purposes, once he leaves Arizona there’s nothing else he has to do here.”

    As previously reported, Weezy accepted a plea deal in his AZ drug case last June and sentenced to three years of probation. Under the terms of his agreement, charges for narcotics possession, weapons misconduct and possession of drug paraphernalia were dismissed.

    Young Money president Mack Maine told XXL last week that Wayne may make a special appearance at Drake’s concert on November 6 in Las Vegas.

  • DaMarkus(Dzasta)

    im weezie’s biggest fan man and although he has been heard and seen with the music he’s produced before incarsaration he has been missed so much just hearing his voice on the music will continute to pump the heart of hip-hop WEEZIE U IS DA SHIT MAIN N DATS SOOO REAL BRA U DA TRUTH

  • mady

    hey everyone i got some stuff i need tell someone who i can tell them about what this rapper lil wayne what he had said recent i think he needs be back in jail soon before he kills someone at his concerts or in the fan home state if ur wanting info from me ur media or anything get hold of me

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