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Lil Wayne At Dream Nightclub For Lil Twist’s Birthday Celebration [Pics & Video]

Mon, Jan 17, 2011 by

Lil Wayne At Dream Nightclub For Lil Twists Birthday Celebration

Lil Twist celebrated his 18th birthday the other night at Dream Nightclub with Lil Wayne, Cortez Bryant, Terrence J, and Rocsi. You can see some more pics from this party after the jump below, and also see some footage of Weezy letting the entire club know what Twizzy wanted for his birthday… some “new pussy”, and Wayne would help him haha.

Shouts to UPL

Lil Wayne At Dream Nightclub For Lil Twists Birthday Celebration

Lil Wayne At Dream Nightclub For Lil Twists Birthday Celebration

Lil Wayne At Dream Nightclub For Lil Twists Birthday Celebration

Lil Wayne At Dream Nightclub For Lil Twists Birthday Celebration

Lil Wayne At Dream Nightclub For Lil Twists Birthday Celebration

Lil Wayne At Dream Nightclub For Lil Twists Birthday Celebration

Lil Wayne At Dream Nightclub For Lil Twists Birthday Celebration

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  • abdelgadir

    weezzy partyin hard !!!! FIRST …

  • Jay

    Is that Ace Hood in the 2nd to last pick he’s shakin hands with?

  • Kadafi_213

    this party sure looked dry as hell……..mnaaaaaaa i should of stepped in you know how kadafi do….

  • dave

    so lil twist thought wayne was gonna hook him up with some pussy but what he didnt know was that wayne was just offering up his own lil pussy hole

  • Loyalty

    Awww Happy Belated Birthday Twist!!! 1-1-11 How cool was that?! Anyways, Mr. Carter is looking good as usual mmmhmmmm!!!!!

  • Don_Prince

    This party looks dry as hell lmao YmCmB!

  • bloodbro

    do u mean kadafi the president of libya?

  • Ayyeee lil twister look kike a virgin smh. Now i need 2 find me some pussy!

  • rick

    Ahh, to be young, rich, dumb and full of cum.



  • lol

    @dave mother sucks dick spread the word

  • 2011

    @rick how much do u get paid to HATE?? oh i know NOT A DAMN THANG.. SMH

  • dave’s mother

    yes i do suck dick, but ONLY if the skin is pulled back

  • ashleyB.

    —>southdallas thank you!! niggaz have nothing better todo than dick ride


    just to let YOU HATERS know twist got a black benz for his b-day.. choke on that broke ass clowns

  • Oooh Wayne look so sexy all that I Can say is mmmmm mmmmmn goooood. I love u baby.

  • c4

    @rick ya mama mouth was full of my cum last nite .. so stop frontin fool

  • jazmine

    weezy looked good w/ his button up on. &imlmao @ @dave’s mother

  • ricardo laguna

    happy b day twist I want your solo album This it is ace hood of the last photos?red cap? where are chuckee drake jae millz tyga nicki minaj shanell corey gunz t streetz birdman young lloyd mack maine gudda gudda the young money family ? only weezy is the birthday of the lilttle twist should be everyone’s birthday and they are a family u.u .from venezuela

  • rickybobby

    @don_prince couldnt have been that dry if lil wayne was in there *pause*

  • rika

    (ricardo) shiiid i wouldnt need/want anybodyelse BUT WEEZY @MINE

  • dave’s mother

    anybody wanna fuck??? 0___O

  • weezys’ girl

    wayne look nice in his dress shirt…YMCMB

  • And young jeezy I wish and find me im waitin on that ass baby I’m in California.

  • mikey

    fuck them dick eatin haters uptop , happy (g)-day lil homie and lol at @dave mama

  • dave’s mother

    seriously me and @rick ‘s mama will both do you. two for the price of one

  • 5044life

    lmaoooo ^^^^

  • dave’s mother

    ok well what about handjobs?? any takers there?? :/

  • ricardo laguna

    @rika I now can understand is that weezy is the best but are a family and should be all together as it was in nicki’s birthday and the birdman tyga all birthdays were always together I do not understand that this may not

  • no4lyfe

    lil twist do need to get him some pussy.. sohecanseethatchildish old ass mohawk aint hot and so he can get some BASS in his damn voice!! but anyway weezy looked healthy and full of life.that’s good

  • rika

    @ricarodo maybe that had other things to do… shows/tour/video shoots/..idk. but they still a family

  • bill613

    lmao @dave’s mother

  • Tanzania lil wayne fans

    Lukin smart n sharp weezy……Damn YEAAHHH ur the business…believe DAT

  • king

    lil twist is a herb and his music sucks

  • LilTunechi23

    dam bih i thought Twist wuz like 16 cuz it still sound like his lil ass aint even hit puberty yet lol

  • @rekhotzo

    neva say neva 2da hand dt feed u! Wayne ym is urz im proud 2b ur fan .. Ym fam ddnt myk it cz dy tourin. Careles world nd cole world nd adas dnt knw

  • dallas214

    wats gud south dallas h h p highland hillz in dis hoe

  • Allex B.

    Wayne is so sexy!!!I was lmfao at his laught!!! YMCMB!!!!

  • unkown

    @rekhotzo learn how to fucking spell bro


  • Future Wayne and Ace Hood collabo please??? 😉

  • I hate all my fans fuck y’all all of y’all all of y’all are bitchs!!!!!!!!

  • @lil wayne you spelled Bitches* wrong idiot

  • YungNizzy14

    Ha thts a bet Weezy should hook hit up wit the hoes he fuck wit Twizzy becomin a man ya digg YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shyt sexxii lil twist doin it biqq from day one luvin what yhu do iz ma job and ima keep on luvin it tew yhu hit it cuz i’ll wait (luvin yhu alwayz lil mzz swagger)****

  • Killa Kay

    yo i know this is off topic but is that a heart on the side of Weezy’s eye or am i tweaking


    yes @killakay cuz he got “love on his mind”

  • Weezy F

    all wayne hatersz get off weezy F F spitters dick

  • ricardo laguna

    @rika you’re right and it is true no matter what happens they will always remain a family because it would have been better than they were in their birthday as the safest and q have had other more important things to do but I would have liked because they were on your birthday but it’s true because you’re right as well are the best in the world hahah

  • joeasia

    Lil twist if u want sum real pussy hmu on fb joeasia torrence ily boo hmu luv ya

  • Tha Carter IV

    Could Anyone give me a 6 foot 7 foot explicet link with no error on it b/c when Weezy says satusfied with nothing I hear a error or something?

  • Kadafi_213

    @bloodbro nah im not as ugly as that motherfcker lol im from South Africa homey

  • ej

    YMCMB in dis mothafucka, fuck tha hatin ass clown-niggaz juss sum secret lovers wit nuthin else to do nd beef wit niggaz yall even lno smh but twizzy killd it i read >> bostonnnn

  • youngave

    lol lil wayne was clowin terrance j

  • happy birthdat liltwist

  • Tony

    heyyyyyy daves MOOOMMMMYYY
    wanna suk my llil weewee i doont gooot ne sperm yet
    my ballz ddnt drop yet but i can eat ya pussy f’good in the hood
    cuz im a bloooooooooooooooodd i wrote tht shit swagga on a zillion trillion
    and a billion

  • TonyTheTurtle

    im a bitch

  • PimP

    alexis wen u sukin my dick bitch

  • BestRapperAlive#2

    @Alexis, when yu suckin my dick too
    I heard yu give tht hot head and everybody call it global warming yo

  • North Philly

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    Yea, bitch its me
    My name freddie
    I like cookies
    And i get no puss c

    I’m only 24
    but i kno how cook
    in ma dirty kitchen
    makin my corneded bread

    i’m too fuckin nice for tis game

  • AnotherNigga

    Yea lets run a train on that bitch

  • NextNigga

    Come on bitch reply back

  • 5thNigga

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  • 5thNigga

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  • North Philly

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  • TheMan

    @Alexis, pop dat pussy and shake dat ass!

  • Lil Chuckee


  • Weezyfan

    где видео??

  • Aleckazee

    Happy Birthday twist

  • yo lil twist happpy belated b-day and holla at weezy for me

  • djraheeem

    happy birthday, wishing you long live and prosperity boy.keep it up boy.make a collaboration with nicki minaj,bow wow and justin bierber

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