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Mary J. Blige – Someone To Love Me (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne & Diddy) [No DJ]

Wed, Jan 12, 2011 by

Mary J Blige Someone To Love Me Remix Feat Lil Wayne & Diddy No DJ

Last week, Angie Martinez dropped Mary J. Blige‘s “Someone To Love Me” remix featuring Lil Wayne and Diddy with tags. Now we have the tagless version for y’all, which you can stream/download below.

Download: Mary J. Blige – Someone To Love Me (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne & Diddy) [No DJ]

An unofficial Weezy mixtape titled “The Return Of Nino Brown” was released today also, which recaps all of Tune‘s latest music. You all know I don’t normally post unofficial tapes, but this will be good for your collection just in case you missed some of Wayne‘s records. You can check out and download the mixtape here!

Oh, and we will be getting Birdman and Lil Wayne‘s “Fire Flame Remix” music video this week!

Lil Wayne The Return Of Nino Brown Mixtape

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  • hahahahaha firssssssssst

  • WeezyFan


  • WeezyFan

    we want NINO BROWN STORY 3!!!!

  • Allex B.

    When will be released Nino Brown Story Pt.3????

  • Kai Balduin

    Yeah Weezy Love ya YMCMB

  • Don_Prince

    How to download that mixtape???

  • joachim0512

    Can’t download mixtape -.-

  • weezy forever

    omg so hot…..i love u weezy

  • steph

    i love u weezy, fuckin hot!

  • wayniac number 1

    lol at the pic with weezy in the car

    and he has from dr. dre the head-set

  • Seems like Wiz Khalifa aint the only one killing The Black & Yellow for his hood.

    Rising Icon of 2011- The Gift- Red & Black
    is rocking all over the Maryland area

    it’s arguably better than Wiz Khalifa’s verison

  • Sportz

    When did “Talk Like a Hustler” come out? It doesn’t sound familiar to me.

  • Lil t.k

    Love it 😀 <3

  • the unofficial mixtape is crazzzzy, its really dope

    lol at the dr dre beats head set, wat now is cash money joining interscope? lol


  • Does not look like wayne…
    great song!

  • GrimGrey

    ppl stop takin bull shit.
    pac and biggie got soul i agree.
    but give wayne and em a chance.
    then they die and you fkn bitches say awwwwwww

    fuk this 2014 pac comn bak shit
    wezzyz freed ems alive

    LOng Live Tha “F” Carter

  • Jassy babe

    i cant become a member so i cant download jeeez

  • Dude

    hold up , is that scoob behind wayne… lol .
    ahh scoob your hype crazy .

  • Dude

    if somegets the chance…could yall upload this to a torrent site an put the link in these comments ,

  • Nino brown 3 comein out next week fans

  • Who’s my biggest fan

  • I’m going for the gold my heart is in control my mind is on succeed and I am in the lead

  • klim

    fuck off faker.

  • Ymcmb till I die yes I am weezy

  • 2011

    whoever the LIFE-LESS CUNT is pretending to be wayne please STOP! u look like a lame

  • GoldnBoi

    Thiers an error on the page of the nino brown mixtape, it wont let me download it

  • ayoooo

    i see scoob doo still filming, he’s probably doing a welcome home dvd NOW. and STILL HASNT EVEN DROPPED NINO PT. 3 smfh…

  • GoldnBoi

    Who got to download the nino brown mixtape and if u did how did you do it?

  • Ryan

    I thought the ppl who run this site were better than to send our asses to some shady site askin for my phone number in order to download a mixtape.


  • TAY tay

    wayne and cory gunz should redo curre$y’s micahel knight and call it young money

  • logannn

    Yeah ryan I was thinking the same thing =/ lol.

    There s a few songs on there I don’t think I’ve heard too ill have to look them up elsewhere..

  • Dude

    you can go to datpiff an its uploladed there .

    then in the description it shows a link with ‘deposit files’ copy that link into your url , when there click free downloaed, wait tha 60 seconds , click that download button , tadah.

    🙂 , tha bonus tracks are blends,

  • Birdman

    Eh youngie, what up i just got a diamond bird statue worth 50 Million Dolla$ BBRRRRRAAATTTTT!!! YMCMB.

  • What’s popin stunna word u got a iced out bird statue that’s tuff what u getting into tonight I’m Finna hit the strip club and throw some dallors at these hoes faces

  • Hundred milion dolla$

  • g

    wayne needs to go ham on that H.A.M. beat..hed rape the shit out of that.wordd.

  • Young mulahhhhh babaayyyy

  • Ight g ^^^ i’m bout to kill dat ham beat

  • Vocker

    Am i te only one who got that mixtape from that website??
    Yo ppl don’t do what they say when they yell you to sign up, put your info and in the number just put a fake one, I wrote 1234….. Like that, then enter, it will get you in the same phone number page, then just close it ad open it again and you will have an account called account beta, I guess it’s just for a month or something, anyway then just download it and this time it will let you
    And enjoy the mixtape 😀

  • I just got a tattoo on the bottom of my foot it’s a 1000 dolla bill I walk on money

  • weezy is got bur he is illumnati he is masonic , so im starting to have my own rap because no nega is real i tink 2 pac was

  • Kadafi_213

    i never go for this unofficial mixtape’s they always fck things up but this a well put mixtape thanx… i hate this fake Lil wayne/Birdman brother he spoiling the site

  • Birdman

    Yo Weezy i just got out of surgery from a couple hours ago. My body is 80% diamond. Im basically a big walking diamond and i just got diamond rims on my bugatti. BRRRRRRRAAAAATTTTTT!!!!

  • Birdman

    We tha bizness

  • Word stunnA I just finished rapeing this girls mouth

  • She liked it doe

  • Bgfl bad girls for life

  • Derrick Brace

    Is that really lil weezy and birdman?

  • Yo stunna u seen gucci manes ice cream cone tattoo on his face it’s funny as fuck

  • Streak,chips and soda watching niño brown 3 ya gonna see it next week stay tuned

  • Fehinho

    Volg me op twitter @fehinho

  • Birdman

    Nah Weezy but er time im with ma Mane Gucci he be creepin on all the lil hoes at the ice cream shop. I bet when he eatin pussy he shove some ice cream up there brrrrrrraaaatttttt. Yall made up with Driizy Drake yet after that fight?

  • doof

    Uggh, y’all are stupid as hell! Bird & Lil Wayne are over. It’s over.


  • Jason704

    I posted the link but its awaiting moderartor lol.

  • Drizzy Drake

    i love nicki minaj.. and i rep that ATF just in case you need to be reminded aaagggghhhhh

  • Birdman

    Eh Drizzy you need to be up in tha studio homie i need to buy more old and diamond cause im a ……Big…Spendaaaaa BBRRRRRAAAAAAATTTTT!!!!! YMCMB

  • Drizzy Drake

    you spending my money Birdman.. but am still young money tell the magazine stop asking me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lil Twist

    Man the more I listen to 6 Ft 7 Ft, the more i realize its just the best shit out there. But i wanna tell my fans that today i just grew a pair in my boxers and my voice sounds kinda funny. POPPOPOPOPOPOPULAR BABYYYYY

  • joe

    yo i love you lil wayne damm you have to come to lebanon rly man i will be the first person man plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • joe

    yo i love you lil wayne damm you have to come to lebanon rly man i will be the first person man plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzman u have to come to beirut all lebanon will be their man i swear plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i love you

  • GCS


    haha libanon
    shu chara alek hahaha

  • Drizzy Drake

    hey Lil Twist you gotta stop hanging out with Justine Bieber men, you cant be with a guy whose video has more dislikes then likes come on now…. hang with me cuz i know way too many people here right now that i didn’t know last year!!!!!! uuugghhhhh

  • WeeeeeeeeezYYY

    Does anybody know what camera Scoob uses?

  • njd

    welcome to my hooooood!!!!!!!!

  • Lil Twist

    But me and Beiber have this male bond thing goin. we just sit alone in his room and lip snyc to his music. its very passionate. But hes my dog!!!!!

  • YeahBaby

    DJ Khaled single just dropped Ft. Wayne & other artists
    The title is called “Welcome To My Hood” – No lie

  • waynee

    he aint lieinggg

  • J

    What beanie is he wearin

  • Drizzy Drake

    ok lil twist thats homo oh and by the way go hear DJ KHALED SONG “WELCOME TO MY HOOD” IT SUCKS BESIDES THE CEO LIL WAYNE!! I SHOULD OF BEEN ON INSTEAD OF PLIES!!!!!

  • Kuba17

    oh my god. dj khaled just shouldn’t make all hes sucks so much fucking cock that song BLOWs

  • Lil Fuckee


  • Cory Gunz

    its cory gunz in this bitch like where them hoes at!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicki Minaj

    I just made poopy in my size XXXXXL panties and had mangina sex with Gaga

  • Allen


  • Ricardo Laguna

    soy un gran admirador de lil wayne desde hot boys e incluso desde the bgz duo y es el mejor en estos momentos esta en un nivel musical tan elevado q es el rey d ela musica es increible y este mixtape esta increible wayne 4 life tha best

  • Kadafi_213

    this is alright but t-pain is kinda annoying spoils the song a lil but still i cool song.

    Dj Khalid – Welcome to my hood (FT Rick Ross, Plies, T-pain & Lil Wayne)

  • ryan

    Tune has his headphones cord in backwards in his Beats Pro.

    I guess it doesnt really matter which way you put in the 3.5mm cord, but the orientation wayne is using it is not how the manufacturer meant for it to go.

    the stretchy part was meant to go in to the input of the hardware.

  • Cory Gunz

    ^ shut the fuck up trying to sound smart #FAILED

  • ryan

    ^ go get on some more shitty beats cory

  • We will never forget you Real LiL best rapper alive

  • real lil

  • twifti

    yeah :d

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