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Lil Wayne Selling Out Arenas On “I Am Still Music” Tour!

Sat, Feb 5, 2011 by

Lil Wayne Selling Out Arenas On I Am Still Music Tour
Penn State students camping out overnight for tickets to Lil Wayne’s I Am Still Music Tour stop at The Bryce Jordan Arena in State College, PA on March 30th

Karen just sent over this image and news that Lil Wayne is selling out arenas on his new “I Am Still Music” tour quickly! Like we previously reported, the tickets for Tunechi‘s US tour were available for purchase today (February 4), and already Weezy has sold out at the Bryce Jordan Arena in University Park, Pennsylvania and the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York. Wayne sold 10,000 tickets within an hour of going on sale at the Bryce Jordan Arena, and over 11,000 tickets in 30 minutes of going on sale at the Nassau Coliseum. You can view the tour dates, locations and arenas for Tune‘s “I Am Still Music” tour here, and you can purchase tickets for the shows from TicketMaster.

Also, I know people keep emailing and asking me about why some of the tour dates are not available on the TicketMaster site yet. All I can say is that they are still getting worked out and will be availabe soon!

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  • Alex

    FIRST niggas

  • Bs&Nino

    Wayne has crazy hype …
    I wanted to go, but the nose bleeds cost 81 dollars ._.


    Hmmm alll i see is WHITE people..!!

  • tre4t4
  • wayne going big again!!!

  • getawayfromthedoorNIGGA!

    Post the ‘Home Run’ video!!!

  • H

    Green and yellow, green and yellow, green and yellow!

  • H

    @xcuse my charisma – I have to agree. Wayne blowning up. C4 2 mill 1st week.

  • tunechi

    @danny put the homerun video up, yer late its on worldstar already!!!

  • Nigga way in houston N kant get no tickets smh



  • kronnick

    ***WEEZYFER Says:
    February 5th, 2011 at 12:32 am
    Hmmm alll i see is WHITE people..!!

    …yea just in the middle of farmland pennsylvania.

    check that philly show, silly ho.

  • nicky f babyyyy

    got my ticketsss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YMCMB ALL DAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LIl Wayne

    when do tickets go on sale for the show in Atl at phillips Arena?

  • tre

    detroit tickets need to get available

  • capitostatus

    I got tickets to the Nassau Coliseum because I had a code for presale tickets. Level 100 corner seats. Shit is gonna be serious…

  • kronnick

    according to Nicki Minaj… All shows should be available by 2/19… check ticketmaster!

  • Emo

    Selling out a tour. Sweet sour smell of life seeping away before our very eyes. But for real, those tickets are expensive.

  • Tory Lanez

    Weezy you need to come out boston mane… Leggooo YmCmB!!


    cant wait till he comes again to Amsterdam.. think he will come only when he is licit to smoke Kushhh <3

  • dang all ready, that’s what’s up. this is crazy 🙂 i need to buy my soon.

  • Rimshot

    nosebleed sections in Vancouver, Canada are $200.00 and in the US theyre 80 bucks fucking garbage i aint goin

  • Tanzania lil wayne fans

    is Tanzania in the list of Tunechi world tour……hopefully

  • suraj

    i hope he comes to amsterdam soon.weezy f

  • Lilduke1

    got my tickets,,ym young mula young money all day

  • thrill

    I just got my honda center CA tickets from

  • kronnick

    yea well in Canada you get universal healthcare, we dont.

    and your “cops/mounties” are pussies.. here, they are not, they’re aggressive dicks.

    call it even.

  • ricardo laguna

    omg fuckinngg shitt demmmmmmmmm fuck shit cuando gente dios santisismo y yo con ganas de estar hay pero no puedo maldita sea nojoda demasiada gente para ver a lil wayne dios mio

  • studstatus

    chi townn mooo fukaz

  • davebreeSy

    what does white people have 2 do with anything? lmao dumbasses

  • Primetime2324

    Why aren’t the Anaheim tickets for sell yet? Does anybody know where to get them?

  • mae

    when will the april 15th dallas tx tickets be for sale?

  • Yunglilbomb

    loll wtf 80$ for a ticket ??? weezy’s gon get paiiiiiiid for this tour !! i really wonder how much that nigga hold in his bank….he’s gotta be close to that “100 millions dollars” money loll…shit’s crazy…

  • Dc native Wale signed with Rick Ross Maybach Musik!
    will MD native The Gift be next?


    to stay tuned for more information.

  • Aleck Zwolski

    come to australia weezy!!! i know its a bit of a hole but still…

  • Kadafi_213

    he going to premote C4???? darnnit we need the video for 6′ 7′ and the next single .

  • Mez

    I love Lil Wayne, I have always been a fan of his music. But he really should consider on having a concert maybe out of the U.S and besides canada? Maybe Australia for a change, everyone loves him here and i’m dissapointed that he’s never considered on coming down. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t! We’ll be waiting.. LIVE 4 WEEZY!

  • Jassy babe

    my tickets were $145 dollars and thats the closest i could get 2 hours after the tickets went on sale. FML but im so happy to see u weezy <3

  • frenchie

    Still waiting to buy tickets!!!! Does anyone know when the Houston tickets will be available??????

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  • kupcakkes*n*kush

    <3<3<3 lov'n Weezy n da A*TOWN…Atlanta, GA!!!!!! V.I.P 4 MR. CARTER $$$$ I'm so close 2 da stage Weezy gonna smell mii kush! 4/9/2011(((2 xxxcited)))

  • NatalieCarter

    I’m so excited! I’ll be at his Buffalo, NY show! This is gonna be crazy!! =)