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Mike Posner – Bow Chicka Wow Wow (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne)

Tue, Feb 1, 2011 by

Mike Posner Bow Chicka Wow Wow Remix Feat Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne and Mike Posner on the set of the “Bow Chicka Wow Wow Remix” video shoot!

KC just released Mike Posner‘s official “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” remix featuring Lil Wayne. These two shot a music video for this single in Los Angeles last week, and you can view a short video of them on the set after the jump! You can listen and download this track below:

Download: Mike Posner – Bow Chicka Wow Wow (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne)

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  • devante

    first in this thang ya digg!!!

  • Jordan


  • trevor

    is mike gay? like real question..

  • Michelle

    2sexy! Cant wait2 see wayne march 19th 🙂

  • terrance

    third in this thang

  • naheezy

    lil wayne looks like he wearing mascara or some shit like the fuck weezy?
    man i cant wait for dat C4!! C4S GONNAA EXPLOOAD EVEERYWHEERE!!

  • rattyrat262

    is this an old weezy verse b4 prison??

  • terrance

    cnat wait til the carter4

  • Spenny

    Weezy F…

  • Wayyyyyne

    mike posners not gay he’s high Hahah I’m being serious to

  • martian101

    tootles??….stfu mike

  • Vorhees Tokin Trees

    i’m weezy ’till i die, but he dropped the worst verse on this that i’ve heard in a while from anybody…

  • tune777

    C4. Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!

  • marcus

    did this nigga just say toodles?!

  • Name stealin as niggas but yeaaaaa

  • Wayyyyyne

    Less then 30 seconds of a verse and talking super slow cmon weezy what is this???? Can’t wait for c4!!!

  • Lenox

    pretty sure he freestyled thaat

  • You cant ban YM is Shit

    WACKEST GUEST VERSE OF 2011 so far

  • Allex B.

    Weezy is so cute…xoxo

  • Rimshot

    Yeah shitty song but oh well Thanks for the song Danny boy

  • Mikes a faggot

  • TUNE87

    this is nice, now wheres the 6’7 video?

  • this has to be weezy from before he went in prison.. check out his voice on romans revenge, hustle hard, and 6’7 they are different.. he sounded like this before jail

  • yall niggaz who dont like my music can get the fuck off my fansite cuz yall aint no real fans

  • donno about you ppl, but i like waynes verse :D, ya ofcourse its slow coz the flow of the song was slow lol, but lyrics were just the best!!, and dont forget its a remix so his verse will be short lol, but overall its really dope!!!!
    C4 4 LIFE!!!!

  • Vocker shut the fuck up get of my dick smutt u smut as nigga ^^^^

  • Wat up man! my lp sold lyke 5 copies but im not going to comit sucide lyke dey sad on twittr wat up weezy stil fukkin lyke rabbit!

  • 5044life

    well atleast it’s not a c4 song so who gives a fuck!!

  • boom

    atleast he didnt use autotune he used his regular rapping voice

  • oooooo wayne is just to good

  • robizzle

    the old weezy until 08 is officially dead

  • jazmine

    i like this song weezy didnt over due it it’s nice

  • 17thward


  • $$$

    @robbizzle you talkin that bullshit NOW but soon as c4 drop you’ll be eating that same bullshit.this is NOT A CARTER 4 SONG SO Y U SO STRESSED ?LOL

  • robizzle

    haha how can a mans voice be that female

  • sqeakyG


  • H

    @boom I wish he did use auto tune, hope he does on c4

  • $$$


  • boom

    @h NOT ME mack main,twist, drake,and stunna said in past interviews he’s grown and is speaking about more positive / mature thing this time around.but still gonna keep it raw

  • robizzle

    about waynes female voice nowadays
    want him to be this again on pop songs

  • ayoooo

    yeah @boom if he plans on working w/tech9 u know it’s gonna be deep!*pauz*no homo

  • josh56

    ummmm@robizzle u must b talkin bout mike and NOT WEEZY cuz if u r ,then maybe you been fuckin’ niggaz, if you know women who voice is that deep! lmfaooooooo *dead*

  • Young money mutha fucka vocker is a faggot bitch

  • 2011

    fuck a hata this is a cool nice song s/o to mike and tune

  • Stan4444

    anyone see the bitch in the background, I give her the dick

  • robizzle


    maybe you been chillin with niggaz with pussys

  • drizzyNweezyFB

    lfmao @drake. quote from that affion cricket spoof. hahahahah

  • rapaddict

    u fake A$$ lil wayne shut the fuck up

  • robizzle

    Im not a hater
    just not a fan of his postjail music except hustle hard


    nigga trippin this song is reallll laid back and chill you can ride w/ a chick to this

  • H

    @boom yea don’t get me wrong I love that raw rap weezy but I how he gona make those hit records like lollipop without autotune

  • josh56

    @robizzle u mad pussy?? lol u the one on here bustin nuts of other niggaz voices.hahahah FAG

  • robizzle

    Well but im not riding on weezys dick and think everything he drops is good music
    gay ass fag

  • Uh uh uh uh uh youngmulah baby uhuhuh youngmulah babyy

  • josh56

    @H i’d pefer without myself.but wayne said he always tries to make his next better than his last so i think it’ll b no autotune anymore.

  • My vid for this song look like a tv shoe bow chicks wow wow

  • Keep it dirt like I’m lyien in a ditch

  • josh56

    @robizzle bitch just because i dont agree w/yo dick in the booty taking ass dont mean im “dick ridin”. and who the fuck still say’s “IZZLE” lol

  • 30504

    hey @robizzle you want his old shit “buy his old albums” *jay z voice*hahahahaha

  • robizzle

    lol very close to make me love
    which stupid bitch calls her son josh?
    she was high at that day

  • robizzle


  • Uh uh uh young mulahh babahhhh


    lmao nigga called him “dick in the booty ass” (dead)

  • H

    @josh56 I don’t really know why Wayne ain’t using autotune anymore maby because rebirth didn’t get a good reception.

  • young angel & young lion comin soon fuck watch the throne

  • josh56

    nigga josh is a COMMON name wtf is “izzle” ol’ snoop dogg spelling ass

  • robizzle

    Is here anyone who listened to him before lollipop?
    I know you not Josh so dont even comment

  • josh56

    @h yeah maybe but it went gold. so it still did good. but rebirth isnt his hip-hop album (carte’s ,500 degreez, the block is hot) that was more “rock-hop” something he was trying

  • Fresh up out my bid it is liltunechi

  • @robizzle i did i honestly been a fan of wayne since go dj

  • josh56

    @robizzle i been w/weezysince the hot boys days and them sqad up mixtapes.

  • Nina

    I like this song..

  • robizzle

    Then whats your opinion to that high voice he is using now


    “go dj” ?? u just got here then hahahaha

  • H

    @josh56 Anyways c4 gonna be great no matter what. Maby wanye might just put an autotune track on c4 just for me. Lol
    Need that rebirth 2 after c4 lol.

  • Prince Charmin

    We want 6′ 7′ video now plz YmCmB!!

  • josh56

    @H YEAH..

  • i know dickhead thats why i said honestly lol

  • H

    Lead single on rebirth 2 should be R.O.A – rebith of autotune. haha



  • @WEEZYFAN23 go dj came out 9 years ago slime maybe 10 if im not mistaken


    well you”honestly”shouldnt be on here this is for REAL WAYNE FANS not you damn bandwagon jumpers bitch

  • robizzle

    Its not just one song listen to the whack IANAHB

  • yo mama

    hold the fuck up!!!!! did this KLOWN ASS NIGGA just say “go dj”came out 9 years ago 10 if he’s not mistaken. hahahahah yeah you’re VERY MISTAKEN

  • @WEEZYFAN23 i bet u wanna fuck weezy huh i like wayne but dam u a die hard weezy fan i bet youll go crazy if u see him in person lol


    man AGAIN I SAY S-T-F-U ianahb was not wack itjust was a rushed album. it wasnt even gonna be a album it was just a EP .but they changed it

  • robizzle

    I wont shut up until wayne is doing real rap music


    @yo mama lmaoooo yeah man that nigga dumb as fuck!

  • if its 2011 what does that mean stupid ass it came out 2002

  • H

    What’s your guys favourite weezy song ever? Me personally has to be 3 peat… Yeaaaaa

  • robizzle



    hahahhahaha *dead* lmaooo you have NO FUCKIN LIFE. dedicating your “life”to wayne and he living his. im out

  • tune

    @bloodgang PLEASE JUST KILL YOURSELF!you’re making yourself look bad

  • robizzle

    good sense of music nothin less biatch

  • my bad yall right it came out 8 yrs ago 2003 but still i fucks with wayne and im a big fan im just not a lil wayne dickrider like sum of yall muuuufuckas

  • 17thward

    ayoi bet @bloodgang is a white kid that only know wayne from mtv n’ shit.smfh fake ass fans try looking up the block is hot ,let em burn (hotboys album).catch up clown

  • yall dumb how im i makin myself look bad u dnt even know me godam its just a fansite yall niggas is dickriders

  • sean

    robizzle has no life spread the word.hahaha i bet you hype while you typing huh?haha

  • tune

    @bloodgang stfu and go watch 16 and pregnant bitch.HA!

  • robizzle

    you allowed to kill yourself


    HAHAHAHAH “16 and pregnant”

  • na im not white im from ny and i fucked with the hot boyz but juve was the dude i fucked with until wayne stepped his shit up and did his solo shit nigga listen to that wayne freestyle when he was 12 (im baby d from da grove)

  • sean

    @robizzle you’re allowed to fuck yourself with a broom pussy

  • lol 16 & pregnant how u sound mi nigga go fantasize about weezy when u go 2 sleep @tune

  • Fuck this hole page y’all all gonna burn next year 2012 is comeingg hahahahahahahahahahaaa

  • 17thward

    *sideye * nigga you seen lil wayne’s “behind the music” on tv that’s how you know bout that gtfo you aint foolin nobody.LMAO

  • robizzle

    fuck lil tunechi (lock him up again)
    give weezy wee back!
    i’m out

  • ayooo


  • 5044life

    yes @robizzle we ALL know you’re “out”the dont have to say it lol

  • lol no thats how u know about that u homo u want wayne to buss ur lil cherry nigga u aint 17th ward u bitch ass nigga

  • YM/CM

    lol @17thward i was just about to put that.nigga think he slick homie lol

  • Asoma Ben laden will take over this world before 2012 hahahahahaha if the world don’t he will end this word hahahahahah die mutherfuckers hahahahah die die die die hahahahahaha

  • 17thward

    man shut yo fake gang bangin ass up. only blood you be around is the bloody maxi pads yo mama leave on the bathroom floor. you pussy bloodclot

  • how yall #1 fans of a nigga that kissed a man on the lips and got like 4 fathers and talk about blood this blood that nigga int no real nigga skinny jean wearin ass nigga

  • jazzy

    *D-E-A-D* @17TWARD….lmao good one


    @”lilwayneisbi”we know that’s one of you fake ass niggas that’s been arguing back. stop frontin.smh

  • 17thward

    @hell yeah @weezyfan niggaz is lame

  • bloodgang’smama

    i suck dick

  • That’s how we roll hahahahahahaha

  • shotta

    niggaz is hoes all on waynes dick if u dont like him then y u here? pussy ass niggaz hiding behind a username n’ shit

  • @ lil wayne is bi u took 5 min out your time to type that lol u lame ass ni55a

  • robizzle

    I like wayne for having done great music in the past 10 years
    but what hes doing now is just unneeded trash in my eyes
    it has nothing to do with hating just showing my opinion

  • @lilwaynesbi that how we roll bitch



  • bryce

    hahahahahahaha they were right bout you. you really dont have a life.u said10 mins. ago you was “out” and look at ya.smh


    lol @bryce i know right!

  • robizzle

    out for dinner
    muscles need proteins
    well how could yo know that


    making fake pages is LAMEEEEE. that’s like making a burn page on facebook.grow the fuck up. yall dont like him? then leave his FANsite.

  • did yall hear the story about wayne and toya that his mom forced him to fuck her and get a baby and that he lied on behind the music he really suppose to be with sum old bitch name angela

  • Kellls slurp my come and go spit it in ur momys face u hoe bitch I’m on probation so my nurves bad

  • bryce

    nigga gtfo. you was sittingright there on yo computer watching people argue waiting for you que to jump back on the dick.

  • 17thward

    niggaz getting they info from gossip sites now.smfh lol

  • Fact #1 Wayne wasnt in the car in LA it was baby in slim Proof menace said it on the radio and he was shootin a vid with t pain

  • U no we at the top and only heavens right above it owewww


    @”lilwayne” i bet you have more than one account and you’re actually on both right now huh?!smh sad ass go get a life

  • robizzle

    @Bryce I’m at work just had my break
    Well I need a Laptop as a beat producer

  • $$$

    true @lil wayne facts

  • 5044life

    @lilwayne facts yeah even “big paybacc” that was out there w/them said it.

  • lil wayne has been a damu blood for 8 years a damu blood is in affiliation with sex money murder 2 gunz up slime

  • bryce

    robizzle shutup and swallow fag.and i dont mean your”lunch”

  • upt

    fuckin haters man smh..anyway C4 MOTHAFUCKAZZZZ!!

  • robizzle

    It was just to funny to see yall saying I am living waynes life while yall trying to protect his ass in evry comment

  • Fuck all y’all short hair buzz cutt bitches

  • Jazz Toronto

    good one

  • @lil wayne is bi ur right about your 2nd comment look it up on youtube everyone type in lil wayne lied on national tv youll see why he really divorced toya

  • lil wayne actually did have a ghost writer up until carter 2 Proof he sued him for telling the radio station

  • Jazz Toronto

    didnt wayne used to do rap?

  • lil wayne has a diceased stepdad named rabbit a real dad whos not in his life and surrogate dad name brian birdman williams

  • weezyf

    @lil wayne facts
    @lil wayne is bi

    We know you’re the same person, you picture stays the same no matter how many times you change your name.
    So you’ve commented on a Weezy fan site about 20 times, wasting your life and hating on a person that doesnt even know who the FUCK you are.

    Well done, I think Ive never met a person as sad as you before, well I did once meet a guy who stalked a girl for 7 years without saying a word to her, but you my friend, beat that.

  • The bottles keep popin who’s on my hit list hmmmmmi got ten lined who next

  • Jazz Toronto

    @weezyf oO wtf … 7 years???lol

  • Mike smith

    To Danny this songs great and all but man we want to see the 6’7 video make tht shit drop bro it’s highly wanted not jus by me but look at the other comments… Get at me ya herd ymcmb 4 lyfe forreal

  • Jazz Toronto

    @Mike smith

    Danny is just a person that makes a great job of collecting evry information available in the worldwide web
    6’7′ video hasnt even dropped so how can Danny decide about it?

  • weezyf

    I agree with the above ^
    6 ft 7 video needs to drop, wayne haters are starting to forget about the beat that’s in their nightmares coz’ they all know its BEAST.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy saids ‘lil wayne is the best”

    why don’t you worry bout yours, let them worry bout theirs, i got mine!!!!!!!!! lil tunechi or young tuna fish or young lion or weezy f baby and the f is for a bunch of shit haha young mulahh babyyy

  • @jazz shut the fuck up

  • duh thats the point dumbass lol i fucks with wayne lol im just havin fun but the lil wayne facts is true ignore the other shit

  • I’m always red bitch

  • weezyf

    The comments need some fucking moderation, LWHQ should start hiring people to delete comments from haters, create a sort of approval system the same way you can on YouTube.

  • This is great haters keep hatening lovers keep loving let’s keep this page to 300 foment let fuckin go young mulahh babahhhh

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy saids ‘lil wayne is the best”

    @lil wayne facts your stupid dawg for real smh men and thats a fact lmao your picture never change lol

  • @weezyf why should they its only opinions but they do that on drakes fansite

  • Do y’all relize y’all been hatening on tunechili for so long butt he’s still gonna b labeled the best rapper alive for ever forrr evverrrrr

  • @Luiseezy F. Crazy saids ‘lil wayne is the best ur a dickrider for ur name lmao im off this 2 GZ up bloodgang homie

  • @lilwaynefacts lmao u pretty dumb

  • lil wayne facts is funny

  • weezyf


    So you do this on Drakes fansite too?
    Wow, please, go see some one for help, get out of the house maybe? Get some fresh air?

    You sound like a fat nerd sitting on his computer all day doing nothing and probably havnt showered in years.

    You dont know a SINGLE lil wayne fact so remove that name please, change it to: I’m a sad sad person.

    That suits you, dont you think?

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy saids ‘lil wayne is the best”

    @lil wayne facts nigga y’all haters say the same shit “oh your a dickrider” “get of waynes dick” blah blah yall are retard i swear lil wayne has the most annoyin haters i swear we dont go hatin on eminem but yall nikkas do be hatin on wayne and shit fuck yall and no am not saying your an eminem fan i was just giving an example

  • CJ

    wayne whats up mayne, why you gotta go hard on these dudes?? if haters hate just let’m hate and watch the money pile up.. we kno u the best rapper

  • Tunechi

    Ok Twist sent me here and I did not know yall had a fanpage for me lol real talk. Yall really posting up everything Im taking out and everything I didnt take out. Thanx to all my fans for the support and haters…not much to say. Keep sending mail @ weezythanxyou. Be on the watchout for C4, its coming.

    P.S: That was a verse I recorded back in January 2010.

  • drizzyNweezyFB

    that dude @Tunechi forreal sounded like somethin wayne would say. lol

  • CJ

    im pretty sure that is wayne in flesh!! best rapper alive! keep the singles coming! …please

  • J

    Is the remix on itunes yet

  • CJ

    nah dude, thats the beauty of lil wayne he gives his music away for free, just buy his c4 album to support.

  • Bitch front me a pound

  • CJ

    only if we can spark one up together

  • I got pussy comeing to me

  • I need a head doctor

  • CJ

    fafafafire flaaaame spitta

  • Mike smith

    @ jazz Toronto Yo man I’m jus hear checking out this. Site so I culd get some real info on what weezys doing I want the big shit not this bullshit if I wanted a collab wit mike posner I wulda asked drake not Weezy. I’m clearly not the only one who wants this 6’7 video I’m pretty sure it’s done now thts there been some behind the scenes footage. The songs gettin old and it needs to get dropped fast holla at mike smith if ya feel me cuz I kno allota u do

  • CJ

    drake has them dick suckin lips! dick suckin lips!

  • Rimshot


  • FreshaDenAPeppermint

    MAYYNNEEEE!!!!! i check this website like errday for the 6foot 7foot video bruh bruh… im just waiting and waiting to hear another single from carter 4.. ugh hurry up weezy wee.. “they want that carter 4.. bitch its comin soon” his verse on that acehood track is the best since he been out

  • I’m serious

  • Kristyle

    Hustle Hard!!!! Check out the link it’s my remix!

  • ricardo laguna

    THA CARTER 4 I cant wait 4 real weezy and mike i Amaizing duo take out cooler than me remix with profesor green would be a very amazing song and the music industry would be an awesome remix that everyone would like to profesor green weezy t he best from venezuela nro 1 idol the best this song is amazing 4 real weezy the best Y cant wait c4

  • nextTUNECHI

    sweet stuff…i swear haters don’t just get it…u’all just making this dude better i swear.

    @Lil Wayne keep this shit up and i might not be able to beat you, great job

  • Rimshot

    Young Money we poppin, I eat these rappers Anthony Hopkins

  • Rimshot

    Want that Carter 4…Bitch its comin soon

  • Rimshot

    We are not the same i am a martian

  • bloodbro

    this is that kind of song that was supposed to have autotune

  • weezy forever

    omg i cant wait C4….this song rulllzzzz <3 loove u weezyyyyy

  • KadafI_213

    well laid back track i can see myself blazing it when im blazed fck…why are we dying to live when we are living to die …. stay safe all the haters and fans

  • joachim0512


  • GCS

    OMFG the 2 single is a pop ingle yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    weezy gonna hit the top of the charts again (:

  • loulia al khatib

    i hate u mike posner
    WEEZY F FTW!!!!!!

  • Lil BoY

    Weezy Going to kill all with C4

  • gr8

    posner went to my school this shit is crazy


    the post prison wayne sounds too smart


    i miss the old dumb wayne prison made him too smart

  • Fly Dungas

    i saw mike posner and i was like eh but this aint a bad song at all
    and wayne doesnt sound like a bitch at all dickwad

  • Tun

    dnt upload dat wack ass shit! wanna listn to sum real weezy shit!

  • Ooooo I’m just too good

  • WeezyFan


  • LilZuu

    Let’s talk about the music…this is my first time blogging on this website, and you’ll never read any of my blogs that ain’t about the music. I been bangin Lil Wayne in da tapedeck since he was in the Hot Boys, and to be able to watch Wayne develop and grow into the superstar that he is today has just been awesome for a true music fan. Tune gotta few years on me, so for me his music has grown as I’ve grown over the years and I truly appreciate the effort he puts into his work. His body of work is arguably the biggest and best by any other artist in the world, it is quite astonishing.

    So the music: This song with Mike Posner – decent sound this Posner guy is laying down – this is the first Posner song I have ever heard, I’m not overly impressed but the hook is extremely catchy and fun. Wayne’s verse – absolutely makes the song worth listening to, he gives us that slow “I Am Not A Human Being” flow of late which is loaded with swagger and percise delivery. It’s not easy to rap that slow on a beat that isn’t traditional hip hop and make it sound good, Wayne makes it look easy.

    Lookin forward to dat Carter 4

  • Chris

    Well Said LilZuu.

    Ive also been a wayne fan since hot boyz. His music is apart of me now.

  • robizzle

    the song is still lame to me
    and so is ”weezys” voice

  • BMjR725

    thiss song is from the summer without weezy. it was a pointless feature waynes versey was too short

  • @V_Doe_

    wud up Tune! Wardy from Canada checkin in, track is good man keep ’em comin homie. ALL U BATCH ASS NIQQAZ GOT UR HEADS LOOSE! YMCMB 4 life! fuckers

  • Real and smooth!

  • Lil Wayne Haas Me WEAK. #Whooaa. iGotta Go Take A Shower Now 😉

  • i already requested it on like 5 different station


  • juliet

    this song is beast!! i love it…my sisters absolutly HATE lil wayne and thy

    like it…this song wil probably iht number oe on billboard 🙂

  • gabos

    he should be in in Prison 4 life…couse he kills every damn song he is in

  • kronnick

    @ROBIZZLE…. he aint singin to you nigga! pussy, money, weed. not: robizzle, money, weed. move on ——-> www.(yourfavoriterapper)

    unavailable? smh, shit outta luck then.

  • sqeakyG


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  • jason

    Hay mike baby, while listining this song i could feel that a 5 year old baby singing a song. lov your voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also i like………………………