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Pictures: Lil Wayne Attends All-Star Event In Hollywood

Sun, Feb 20, 2011 by

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending All Star Event In Hollywood

Lil Wayne and his Young Money artists Nicki Minaj and Drake attended the IMP Entertainment And Steve Marlton Worldwide All-Star Event at Siren Studios yesterday (February 19) in Hollywood, California. We have 5 more photos from this event (after the jump), and we will update this post as soon we get more pics!

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending All Star Event In Hollywood

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending All Star Event In Hollywood

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending All Star Event In Hollywood

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending All Star Event In Hollywood

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending All Star Event In Hollywood

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  • teleleul


  • Collin

    What the hell is Drizzy wearing?!

  • 2nd!!!

  • robizzle

    weezy looking young in the last pic

  • Wooo i Love it 🙂
    Nicki looks Reaal Pretty 🙂 <3
    nd Weezy Always Looks Good 😀

  • erm okay then drake… lool

  • LOL


  • LOL


  • steph

    omg, weezy looks so cute at the last pic!!!!!

    nicki looks so nice ^^

    but drake …. what the hell are u wearing ?

    LOVE U WEEEEEZYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • wayneFAN

    anyone else notice the fact that Wayne and Nicki matched. they both wearin white tees, with a grey hoodie on top thats not zipped up.

  • robizzle

    to be honest wayne looks 500x better without the shades
    he shouldnt wear those

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin


    lol I was gonna say the same thing.

  • LOL

    drake was kind of OVER dressed..but nice pics

  • 2011

    wtf this is all the pics??

  • weeezyyyieyy

    wezzy rocking crap eyewear i got the same damn 😀

  • ricardo laguna

    this is great the sweater is too awesome weezy drake looks nice Austin Powers in Goldmember hahahaha weezy is the best from Venezuela wants tha carter 4 YMCMB always the best

  • not a homophobic but drizzy look super flamein wow

  • #Reply

    Man I did walk in here looking like the muthafucking man of the year… YmCmb!!

  • lol cool pictures but drizzy looks really now on fred flintstone:P

  • Sandzz

    What the hell was drizzy thinking lol?

  • crystal9850

    Love, love Wayne he’s looking good!! Oh and so does Nicki!! Drake – ???

  • eddie

    Saludos desde PERU… weezy el mejor!

  • ricardo laguna

    @eddie soy venezolano hermano haha viva el poder latino en hahahahahaa

  • adotapp


  • lol its like drizzy was where that suit and thinking with his self “daaaamn tonight amma look so fresh in that party”, then went and founded that everybody is wearing casual, and he was all like “shit man, not again -_-” lol 😀

  • daknite

    why does drake always wear gay a** suits

  • FU

    @ Danny M
    You are not better than YMCMB with that promises.
    Where is the rest of the photos???
    And what happened to the Detail Interview you fucking liar.
    There was another interview you wanted to do too but it never came to that. SMH

  • YeahBaby

    Haha Nicki is almost Drake’s complexion lmao

  • hmmm

    is wayne going bald?? looks like his hairline is receding..

    look at the last picture on here, notice how the cracked line tattoo on the top of waynes forehead no longer reaches his hairline.

    now look at this picture from early 08, you see that same tattoo REACHES his hairline. wayne might be going bald…

  • uuh

    what the F!@# is Drake doing in his life man? WTF is that hair and his custum. Man get an haircut !!

  • Yanna

    i love nicki’s hair.
    drake & weezy = drizzy XD haha.
    kidding.. LOL!

  • paddy


    no homo, but ur right, alltough some glasses look gangster on him like the Ones From the carter 3 photoshoot or da da da music video

  • paddy


  • robizzle

    yeah the pilot sunglasses were tight like on Drought 3 cover if u know what i mean
    he’s wearing those on 6’7 video

  • tune777

    @hmmm Wayne is not going bald. Look at the recent pics Danny posted

  • mo

    lol drake looks like a fagggg

  • robizzle

    its because his hair is braided in these pics
    he got more fluffy hair with unbraided dreads so the crack reaches the hair

  • Wayyyyyne

    Hey @DannyM please answer this! Do you know when the 6 foot 7 foot music video is coming out? And do you know if or when the 2nd single for tha Carter iv is coming out!

  • Jdflu

    Yea when is the 2nd single coming no rush but when you find out Inform instantly

  • Danny M

    Hey guys! 6 foot 7 foot video has been postponed until April. Production issues. Carter IV singles will be out January 2012 🙂

  • Wayyyyyne

    2012?!?! I thought tha Carter iv is coming out in April!

  • younglynxmuzik

    I wonder what happned to Tha Carter IV

  • tune777

    Wow @wayyyyyne. You really think that’s Danny M?

  • Wayyyyyne

    @tune777 I was just making sure

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @Wayyyyyne sorry but he doesn’t know when its coming out. and guys that is not the real Danny M. the Carte IV is coming out in April as far as we know.

  • Gabbby

    Wayne looks so CUTE in the last pic. <3.

  • Ms.Carter

    LOOK @ MI HUBBY!!!!<3

  • Danny M

    Wow impersonation?? Lol I’m not informed when then the 6ft7ft video shall drop but but I’ll update the site instantly when it does

  • Danny M

    Also please I’m tring really hard to and adjusting to being an alleged Japanese ballet pimping dogs with woman names they all claim to be alive but their still pooping out the ashes from yesterday’s jog rolling on 4 wheelers without fasten belt with a monkey giving my freezer of Popsicles lipgoss preparation of a impress nosejob by lOl imperative fool

  • ???

    Dodge browsers like phrat boy whatever that is by
    The way sorry Danny M I’m lost my identity b4 I lOst a mirror

  • ???

    Jackie chan is a sin

  • paddy


    Yeah I got a those aviator glasses 2……. Because I’m Flyyy . Lol

    Those gold rim granny glasses that Wayne wore in one of his Weezy Blogs were lethel lookin 2… No homo.


  • Andy
  • sick pictures. everyone looks fresh. even weezy dose to 🙂

  • joey p

    what kind of sunglasses is wayne wearing

  • dot

    wow dude even looks sober

  • b.blaze

    Wezzy swagging out……….love the last pic my niggar looks cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!blahhhhhh

  • edgar

    yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOO WOO;)

  • Allen

    Shout out to my nigga BOW WOW!!!!
    Weezy….stop playin and release the Monster on the Game!!!!
    YMCMB All DAY!!! C4!!!! Lets GO!!!!!!

  • niggawhut

    nicki’s tits look smaller

  • aaww to cewt look at my wayne baby lookin sexy as allwayz yall juz dont kno wt i wanna do to dat sexy ass man

  • brooke

    nicki loooks suppperrr pretty with that hair. and wayne and drake look SEXY as usualll!;)

  • brandy

    que onda wayne soy dee mexico aver cuando vienes de gira por aqi te admiro muchoo sobres pues

    viva la young money

  • hey!wat a nic photos,i wish

  • bloodbro

    in the fifth pic that dude looks like he’s fucking drake rofl!