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Video: Detail & Lil Wayne At Avalon Nightclub In Hollywood

Wed, Feb 23, 2011 by

Detail brought out Lil Wayne for a night out in Hollywood this past weekend, and you can see some footage in the video above of them dancing in a circle at Avalon Nightclub. Other people in the club that night were: Lil Twist, Lil Za, E.I., Troy Bless, Mack Maine, Cortez Bryant, CJ Gibson, and Short Dawg.

Shouts to IAmDetail!

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  • Jz626


  • Firstttttt! from london too! Weezy is too sick

  • baby_birdman

    What is the name of last song which they play on this video?

  • Not A Human Being

    The Sky Is the Limit

  • baby_birdman

    Not A Human Being
    thanx a lot

  • bryan anders

    Fuck Weezy your partying to much, give us Carter IV

  • Kiid Tune

    Yo Son Google Me Kiid Tune ineed To get sign..Me n Yung brook.

  • ยค Mazin Carter ยค

    Young Mula 4 Eva !!…8th

  • weezy forever

    this is why i call it THE KING…..LISTEN TO LIL WAYNE BITCHES!!!!!! <3<3

    G Unit get lost!!!! Young Mula Baby!!!

    YMCMB 4ever

    btw….we want that fuckin C4

  • Tune Look Like He Having Fun ๐Ÿ™‚
    i Cant Wwaait To See Him March 28th ๐Ÿ™‚
    I Am Music Tour !!! Woot Woot ๐Ÿ™‚
    — twitter: @NyshaLovesWayne

  • Vitamin P

    Ahh come on. this nigga partying too much. Where carter 4 at? This some old bullshit

  • wayne-__-br33zy

    ay3 dat boy w33zy a fool but 4 r3al on sum r3al shiit h3 do n33d 2 com3 out wiit dat Cart3r IV

  • #Reply

    C4 gonna explode on these muthafuckas… YmCmB!!

  • WeLs!

    which is the 2 minute song?

  • like the tats

  • WeezyF.Baby…Please say the Baby!

    @baby_birdman….you’re a dumbass for not knowing that…

    where’s the fuckin 6’7′ video??


  • smfh

    man let the man enjoy his freedom he was locked up . wtf yall espect? c4 is already done according to mack..he’s just not dropping it now! millz said after the tour.

  • mikey

    yeah @smfh i read that too. yall just need to calm down stop acting like this is the first time wayne has made us wait!! remember c3??? he gave us a million feat.’s and mixtapes in sure he’ll do it again

  • ricardo laguna

    sky is the limit and green and yellow green and yellow green and yellow green and yellow hahah YMCMB from venezuela weezy the best

  • cant wait till da day

  • The name of that song is ride for my niggaz not the sky is the limit dumbasses get up on dat Wayne the sky is the limit is another song dumb fucks

  • Holdin it dwn ya heard me

  • YM Playboy

    @Tune>eminem , stupid nigga the song is actually called The sky is the limit. So stfu
    if you aint know shit LMFAO

  • ricardo laguna

    @Tune>eminem the sky is the limit fuckin gay

  • tay Tay

    Tune>eminem youre clearly not a wayne listner youtube or google sky is the limit and ride for my niggas theyre the same exact song you dumbass

  • that is sick. weezy is fucking awsome ๐Ÿ™‚